Ornithologists have found drunk waxwings near Petersburg

Ornithologists observe the behavior of birds in St. Petersburg and its suburbs, revealed no abnormalities in the behavior of the waxwings, which, according to media reports, behave inappropriately because fermented rowan, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday Sc.D., Chairman of the St. Petersburg Georgy Ornithological Society socks.

The day before in some media reported that in located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland Sestroretsk waxwings, after eating fermented rowan, stopped flying in a straight path, hit a snag and fall to the ground.

"We are watching them. Okay. On the northern shore of the Gulf are always large concentrations

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What will help crafter?

Embroidery — is a great hobby that requires a lot of concentration and perseverance. In fact it is quite hard work. A cup of tea can help fill the energy while you work. Your favorite work in conjunction with a good drink can be a better way to spend an evening or weekend. Tea knowingly respected for so many centuries in a row. This drink has a very ancient history, but in spite of this, it has not lost its relevance, but rather bought it. On Tea price today may be very different depending on the type of drink.

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Scientists caught in the Sea of Okhotsk 12 belugas for dolphinariums

Scientists Pacific Research Fisheries Centre (TINRO) caught in the Sea of Okhotsk, 12 dolphins, whales, which will soon become residents of Primorye dolphinariums and foreign countries, RIA Novosti Head, adaptations of marine mammals TINRO Igor embankment.

"Beluga whales were caught in the Sea of Okhotsk during the expedition and delivered to Vladivostok on the vessel" Bukhara. "Three of them will be living in the dolphinarium TINRO near Nakhodka, others are designed for aquariums and dolphinariums other regions and countries. Specifically, a few of them go the Dolphinarium Sevastopol "- a spokesman said.

According to him, almost all the animals

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In Australia, data stolen half a million bank cards

In Australia, hacker attacks have been more than 500,000 credit card numbers. Thus, it was stolen more than 25 million Australian dollars. According to the newspaper Sydney Morning Herald, hackers from Eastern Europe to Australia stole approximately 500 thousand credit card numbers. Through these actions they have committed fraudulent transactions in excess of 25 million Australian dollars.

In the Australian Federal Police said that in the case they are working closely with police in other countries. According to the newspaper, we can talk about a hacker group, which is also involved in the burglary and theft of accounts online restaurant

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In Khakassia earthquake, Abakan is not working relationship

Earthquake of magnitude 5.5 occurred on Thursday in Siberia. The epicenter was located about 170 kilometers south of Abakan and 195 kilometers from Kyzyl, told RIA Novosti chief Alert Geophysical Service RAS Marina Kolomiets.

According to her, the earthquake was at a depth of 15 kilometers. Push came to 8.35 MSK.

"The strength of the earthquake at the epicenter, according to the calculations, was 6 points. Jerk felt in Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Minusinke, Kansk," — said the agency interlocutor.

The last major earthquake in the region proishlo October 27, 2000, while the magnitude of the tremors was 5.3.

According to

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The Philippines and the United States are struggling with the consequences of floods

Chernobyl birds turn into mutants

Birds living in the vicinity of Chernobyl have the weight of the brain for five percent less than the same birds in other regions of the earth, according to BBC.

This discovery has made a team of scientists from Norway, France and the USA. The researchers studied about 550 animals belonging to 48 different species of birds. They concluded that the mutation is directly related to high-consuming background radiation areas. As they note, the reduction in brain size decreases cognitive (cognitive) ability of the animal.

Last year, a French professor Anders Moller published the results of a thorough analysis

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Problems at the top: Seal

The outer layers of Earth's atmosphere, where the satellites are flying and have, in fact, begins space, experiencing something out of the ordinary. They were compressed and compacted, and then suddenly some unknown reason started to expand again.

According to new data, the outer layers of our atmosphere lose density from year to year, and this process will continue in the coming decades, changing working conditions orbiters. Perhaps this phenomenon — a consequence of the accumulation of greenhouse gases

Engaged in studies of the upper atmosphere, John Emmert (John Emmert) observes: "We have seen very strong compression

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On the coast of the Baltic Sea near Kaliningrad — the invasion of jellyfish

In the sea off Zelenogradsk and spit you can see thousands of very beautiful animals.

Last weekend our coastline near the Curonian Spit Zelenogradsk and there were thousands of jellyfish. Adults and children walked for hours along the shore, looking at the surf line in the water for a few occupants of our parts. Every now and then you could hear the children cry

— Mom, dad, jellyfish! Look out! I caught a jellyfish!

And a happy child extends to the parent palms marine miracle, shimmering in the sun umbrella gelatinous pinkish color, with dark horseshoe in the middle. In

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Rain paralyzed the airport and caused flooding in the capital city of Ecuador

Prolonged heavy rain, accompanied by lightning, which erupted over Quito yesterday evening until late at night, triggered flooding in several areas of the city. Residents of the capital of Ecuador also complained about the cold penetrating to the bone — the last weeks or even months in the mountainous part of the country a similar phenomenon in the evenings and at night has become a routine. Capital International Airport Mariscal Sucre for an hour (18:00 to 19:00) to suspend its operations, eliminating the booms and landing. Airline Aerogal premises were flooded — the water level rose by 40 cm


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