China landslide victims were 8 people, 7 injured

Eight people were killed and seven were wounded in Friday's landslide on iron ore mine located in East China, Fujian Province, according to Xinhua news agency.

The incident occurred in the mine, located in Yongding County. The miners were trapped in it descended rocks.

Seven miners were freed from the rubble on Saturday morning. All of them are in the hospital, according to ITAR-TASS.

Amur ornithologists faced with a mystery

The fact that the number of birds listed in the Red Book, began to increase dramatically, but ordinary birds — nightingales, thrushes and buntings — on the contrary, was less. The little gray-headed Bunting — busy day. The bird is a full examination. First — a few pictures from different angles. They then determine the weight, look how thick plumage, measured wing span. He just something 45 millimeters, feet — quite tiny. But even at this size there my ring. "The ring is in order so that we can then track the movement of birds. Such rings are given

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Weather in February in central Russia will be warmer than normal

February in the European part of Russia is expected to warm, but uneven — with waves of heat and cold, the director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

"In the European part of Russia the temperature will be about, in the southern regions above normal values. So in the European territory in February with a warm" — Vilfand said at a news conference in Moscow.

He noted that the month will be uneven, with periods of cooling. However, in the first five days of February, in the center of Russia will thaw.

"After the first decade of the predicted

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The U.S. government authorized the shooting of sea lions

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the USA (NOAA) permission to shoot the sea lions on the border of Oregon and Washington in the north-west of the country, where the mammals are threatened to destroy salmon populations, according to Reuters.

"Hungry sea lions climb almost 225 kilometers upstream of several rivers to dam Bonnvil (Bonneville Dam), located on the border between the states of Oregon and Washington. Lions congregate here and prey on salmon spawning. Terms of state government such behavior Lions may threaten salmon populations, "- said in a statement.

It clarifies the agency to hunt sea lions

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Nano technology in the fight against cancer

A group of Japanese and American scientists have provided the latest device is based on a unique, according to which will not only cut at an early stage in the blood cancer cells, but also preserve them. This mechanism enables the diagnosis at an early stage and to identify the body schema spread of cancer, as well as a small amount of time to analyze a large number of cells.

The latest nano device can replace painful procedure to biopsy, which is used in the modern world to diagnose cancer with metastasis (metastatic cancer). The latest equipment would allow

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Turkey has already found 570 dead under the rubble

The number of victims of the earthquake in Turkey has risen to 570 people, the number of victims has exceeded 2,500 people, according to Agence France-Presse, with reference to the latest figures released by the authorities of the country on October 28.

Five days have passed since the earthquake, rescuers managed to get from the rubble alive 187 people. According to Reuters, referring to the Red Cross, the only way or another earthquake felt by about 50 thousand people.

People left homeless, living in tents, but the tents are not enough. On October 27, Turkey flights arrived with a load

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Solar flares class X 1.1. Video

Active area of sunspots is nearly four times the size of the disk of the Earth. Of greatest interest is a new group of sunspots in 1429, which has a complex magnetic configuration of the "beta-gamma" and had enormous energy.

From the first hours of its appearance on the visible part of the Sun (March 2) observatory fixed M-class event that triggered a wave of ionization in Earth's atmosphere. In view of these facts in the NASA increased the likelihood of M-class flares and 60%, X-class — up to 15%. The confirmation of this prediction was an

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An oil spill off the coast of New Zealand. Picture story

Earlier this month, the Liberian cargo ship called "Rena" found stranded in the harbor, 22 km from Tauranga on the North Island of New Zealand. In addition to the 2100 containers on board the "Rena" was carrying 1,700 tons of oil and 200 tons of diesel fuel. As a result of a shipwreck at sea were more than 80 containers and 300 tons of oil, which immediately spread in New Zealand waters, killing thousands of birds. Rescuers rush to unload the ship as soon as possible to prevent further leakage of oil, while the workers and volunteers continue to eliminate

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In March, Ukraine threatens flooding (video)

Since mid-March in Ukraine may start flooding. In the MOE says it can even be repeated flooding in 2001.

According to news channel 24, in mid-March in Ukraine the water level rises in the rivers Pripyat, Western Bug and the Danube and flood the surrounding area.

Venezuela: 2-mile rift in the state of Tachira

June 16, 2011. Geological fault, which spread to a distance of 2 kilometers, damaged a dozen homes in the village of "El Pedregal" in the municipality of Zorka, and destroyed a part of the local road.

In addition, the damage and brought torrential rains that fell in the capital of Tachira and urban municipalities, according


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