Christmas frost arrives in central Russia

Frosty weather will come to the central regions of European Russia for the Christmas holidays, in some areas the temperature will drop to 23 degrees below zero, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

On Thursday and Friday in the CFD will remain mild weather, which began the New Year. Thermometer readings will be from a small "minus" to close to zero.

From Saturday will increase the inflow of cold air masses, and Sunday will start at lower temperatures. On Saturday night in most of the districts the temperature dropped to 10.4 degrees Celsius in the north in places up to

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Roshydromet promises extreme cold on the night of Baptism in central Russia

On Saturday night, January 19, when Orthodox Christians will celebrate the Epiphany, and many will swim into the hole in the center regions of European Russia expect an Epiphany frosts — the temperature will drop below 20 degrees, according to RIA Novosti Chief of the Situation Centre Roshydromet Yuri Varakin.

"On Saturday night we look forward to the Central Federal District, particularly in the east — is Yaroslavl and Vladimir oblasts, as well as the north-east of Moscow region — temperatures down to 20-25 degrees. Similar weather is expected in the east of the Tver region, in the Ivanovo region

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In Krasnoyarsk fails asphalt

Belinski at Krasnoyarsk, capitally repaired last year, this morning failed asfalt.Prosedanie asphalt coating was on the extreme right-hand lane when driving in the streets of the city center, near the shop "Navigator".

Recall, for street reconstruction in the past year building inspection office and residential control Krasnoyarsk Territory at this place fixed the failure of the asphalt and the company "Krasavtodorstroy" engaged in reconstruction, removed the defect.

After the opening of the street director "Krasavtodorstroy" Andrey Dyakov said that "the warranty on the pavement — 10 years."

At present the reasons sagging asphalt installed. It is supposed to eliminate,

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Elves with green hair

In early spring, so want of fresh greens, warm wind and sun. But while outside gray slush, and the leaves do not even think to break out of the kidneys, can only dream about. But we've got something to celebrate the first day of spring at least in order to make it come sooner.

You can buy a bunch of flowers, however, overseas buds can not recall the stupefyingly smelling cherry blossom, warm, sunny Russian spring offensive And the heat will not bring any flowers. But here's to cheer up quite humanly — just to settle on your own windowsill

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Wall fell in the river

Yesterday at 11:30 am in the regional center of Sapper bridge collapsed abutment on the river and fell Lipovka part carriageway road. By pure chance was walking along the road at this point the teenager was hurt.

Here is what the "N" witness of the incident, our colleague, the journalist Valentin Bayukansky.

— I crossed the bridge over Lipovka and heard behind me a loud noise. He turned and saw that part of the retaining wall and the road collapsed into the river. New asphalt, which put about two months ago, broke into large pieces that have fallen into

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Bulgaria. Pernik residents in a panic because of a rusty river and dead fish

According to the "Standard", the residents of Pernik in panic. Today, in the middle of the day in the river Struma forth water rust color and a lot of dead fish to the top of the belly was on the surface.

Regional Inspectorate of Environment is taking frantic steps to identify the source of contamination. Suspicion fell ironworks, power distribution station and enterprise conducting excavation work to replace the pipeline.

Bulgaria news on-line

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More than 110 tons of mercury waste was taken from the Altai Republic

Bailiffs in the Altai Republic, CHECK export from the territory of the former mining and metallurgical complex in Ulagan 110 tons of hazardous waste containing mercury, said on Wednesday on the website of the regional management FSSP Russia.

Rosprirodnadzor in Altai Krai and Altai Republic in early April, explored territory Aktashskoye refinery toxic mercury waste, which is located 11 kilometers east of the village Aktas Ulagan. The plant revealed violations of sanitary-epidemiological rules and norms storage of mercury waste.

In particular, the waste is stored in an improper container in the clear. The mercury content in the soil and

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Weather in St. Petersburg during the SPIEF be lukewarm

Weather in St. Petersburg during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum to be held June 21-23, will be moderately warm, possible short rains, told the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Director Roman Vilfand.

"The prevailing temperature in the next week (in St. Petersburg) and 25 degrees. Daytime temperature of 20-25 degrees, with precipitation expected on June 22, the probability of rain is 75%," — said Vilfand.

According to him, the rain associated with the area of low pressure that came from Scandinavia.

"It will fall out in the night of 4 to 6 millimeters, a little, but the umbrella with you necessarily

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Hail in late May 5-10 cm layer

Novosibirsk region. Tatarsky. Grad.

Decembers freezing rain — an unprecedented phenomenon

Freezing rain, which was held in late December in Moscow and led to numerous power outages and transportation problems, there has been in the region for the first time, told the head of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

"In the Moscow region actually freezing rain this length — it lasted four hours — was celebrated for the first time" — said Vilfand.

He added that there is evidence of a similar event in January 1971, but such serious consequences had never observed.

Vilfand said that a layer of ice, formed after the "freezing rain", of 2.5 centimeters. Felled 50,000

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