Tibetan monk announced the impending end of the world

October 31, 2012 14:33

Announced a new date for the end of the world, and it very soon — on December 21. This statement was allegedly — especially for NASA experts, made a Tibetan monk named Oracle Shambhala. True, the end of the world, he predicted, will not be final, and will last for two weeks. But during that time the inhabitants of Earth naterpyatsya fear.

And then everything will be fine. Afraid and stop. Just in December, the Solar system planets line up in a row. Earth will pass through the so-called "zero band". And only

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Secrets of the world. Evolution-reload

January 29, 2012 10:41

Githorn (Giethoorn) — a village with no roads

January 28, 2012 19:55

In fact, in the old part of the village there is a bike path, we'll forgive it the Dutch prefer bicycles boats. Yes, that is located in the Netherlands this locality, which is often called Venice of the North.

If most of the channels in the Netherlands designed to move the ship and a drainage system in case of flooding, the Githorne, these very channels that are a consequence of employment rights. They were formed in places where previously mined peat. The fame of the village occurred in the middle of the last century, when

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Chinese New Year 2012: how to attract happiness

January 20, 2012 18:22

The celebration of the Chinese New Year due to the attraction of good luck in the future. Open during the holiday windows and doors should be let into the house happy, and at night the lights should be lit to indicate the way to happiness and scare away evil spirits.

You can avoid unhappiness without buying new shoes during the Christmas holidays, as the word shoes (??, Xiezi) is very similar to the word (?, Xie), indicating a bad, bad and unhealthy. You also can not cut their hair during the celebration of the New Year,

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Day of cosmic history — UFOs. British dossier

January 14, 2012 6:32

Royal Air Force of Great Britain is compiling files of meetings with UFOs since the thirties of the last century. From time to time, another portion of the documents declassified and discover amazing things ..

UFO orbs over California

January 12, 2012 18:30

UFO over Nalchik 09/19/2011 23-30

October 20, 2011 14:26

British officer took a photo of the march of ghosts in Borneo

September 28, 2012 14:53

Fan of military history, John Talloch despite hardening, resulting in the years of military service, almost speechless when I saw the ghosts of soldiers killed in the Second World War. Traveling to places of military glory of Her Majesty's Army, retired major areas taking photos, one way or another connected with the events of seventy years ago. And on one of the pictures, he suddenly noticed a mysterious silhouettes resembling ghosts.

British officer made the photo "march of ghosts" in BorneoJohn Tulloch / BNPS.co.uk

It was summer 2010 on the island of Kalimantan (Borneo), writes

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Secrets of the world — Secrets Lost Civilization

May 3, 2012 22:18

Astronomers say: three huge unidentified flying object in the near future will approach the Earth …

Night rainbow: mirage or reality?

October 9, 2012 0:02

We always respond positively to the rainbow? daughter of seven colors of the sun and the rain. But who of us has seen a rainbow at night? It would seem that without sunlight, it is not possible.

However, on moonlit nights it happens. This type is called a rainbow "moonbow."

Martin McKenna from Northern Ireland saw a rainbow at night on October 3 in Port Ballintou.

"I was lucky to capture this rare surreal on the Atlantic coast in the Bay Ballitnou" — said McKenna.

"The moon gives enough light that illuminates

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