Floods in Guizhou, China

In Guizhou province, district Wangmo, rivers burst their banks due to heavy rains, which have replaced the abnormally severe drought. 14 people were missing.

Came to the aid of people united forces rescue firefighters and soldiers.

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Drought in China has been replaced by rainfall and flooding killed 14 people

In place of the drought in China came torrential rains and devastating floods. Chinese authorities have evacuated from the flooded area in the south of China, Guizhou Province, more than 60 thousand people. The most hardest hit south-eastern regions of the country, in particular, in the province of Guizhou. According to local media, the flood claimed the lives of 14 people, thirty-five people are still missing, reports BBC BBC.

Drought in southern China, which lasted from the fall, were severely tested residents. But no less distress brought downpours. The banks came several major rivers, powerful streams of

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For last night lightning struck the territory of Denmark 18,000 times

As reported vesti.ru, nearly 18,000 (ie 17 702) lightning strikes were recorded during a thunderstorm broke out in Denmark on Tuesday night. This was reported by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

The main blow fell on the island of Zealand, which is the capital of Copenhagen. There were also heavy rains. Because of lightning burned several houses. As the duty meteorologist WIR Matiessen Olaf, "for a short time rainfall reached 30 millimeters."

Storm is the result from west front of cold air, which met in the country with a warm and humid air. In the coming days

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In northern Brazil was the largest in 35 years, flooding

In northern Brazil due to the strong over the last 35 years, flooding regime was introduced disaster, AFP reports citing the local government.

Floods Rio Branco in the state of Roraima has occurred due to heavy rains. Now the water level rose by ten meters. Previously, the record was considered the level achieved in 1976, which was 50 inches below the present one.

Due to flooding dozens of communities were cut off from the outside world. Seven villages completely disappeared under the water. With the threat of erosion of state government blocked all major highways. In addition, experts expect

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Japan underestimated tsunami hazard for nuclear power plants

Japanese authorities underestimated the tsunami hazard for its nuclear power plants, according to Reuters, citing a report of the IAEA experts, on a visit to Japan.

On it informs RIA "Novosti".

According to the newspaper VIEW, March 11 in Japan, there was the strongest in the history of the country's 9.0-magnitude earthquake. The earthquake moved the island of Honshu by 2.4 meters, reduced terrestrial day by 1.6 microseconds and shifted Earth's axis by about 15 centimeters.

This was followed by a tsunami. According to the Institute of Geography of Japan, tsunami covered a total area of 561

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Hundreds of people were rescued from the floods in the state of Montana, USA

The number of residents of the state of Montana in the north-western United States, forced to flee from the coming floods has risen to 200 after overflowing rivers flooded homes and roads and bridges, according to reuters.com

Because of the rain and snowmelt flooding across much of Montana, prompting Governor Brian Schweitzer declared a state of emergency on Monday.

Authorities send fresh water and food for the victims, who on Tuesday were without electricity and communications for more than 24 hours.

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Floods in Northeast Oklahoma, USA

Floods in Northeast Oklahoma, USA

Indonesia is filled with water

Regional Agency for Disaster Management (BPBD) reports — a record number of floods recorded in three rural areas of Indonesia.

According to their reports several villages were flooded, fortunately they were no casualties, but the homes of local residents were under water for a long time. Now water is gradually receding.

Samarinda city, located in the province of East Kalimantan and a half hour after the shower was under water. Because of the inability of the vehicles formed multiple plugs. The water comes up, adults, to their knees. According to people flooding occurred due to siltation of the ditch at

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Streets turned into rivers Labinsk

In the Kuban are trying to stop a wave of floods. There are flooded for 5 areas. That night, the water came in Labinsk. People had to escape to the upper floors of buildings.

Labinsk river left its banks Kuksa. Residents of flooded basements, through the yards rushing stream. But nobody is going to go away — fear of looters, protect the things that raised in the attic. Waiting for the water goes down, but it just comes. This woman lives by the river seventy years, and did not recall such a flood.

Now here wait another

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Flooding in Serbia, Kosovo


As soobschaeyut RIA Novosti, hundreds of people were evacuated due to floods in eastern Serbia. According to the police, because of incessant rains in the region, and the melting snow from the coast came out a few rivers. As a result, more than 300 homes and a prison in Zajecar, located on the border of Serbia and Bulgaria, were flooded. As the Serbian police, dozens of prisoners were taken from the flooded prison.


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