USA. The consequences of a tornado

Fourth day continues rampant floods in the central United States. On Wednesday night, the U.S. National Weather Service has announced the formation of the threat of tornadoes in a dozen states — from Texas to Ohio. According to the authorities, as a result of the disaster most affected central and north-eastern parts of the country, where the confirmed death toll reached 140. In Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas, two days after a strong series of storms and tornadoes killed at least 15 people. Disturbing news continues to come from Joplin (Missouri), where rescue operations are conducted after Sunday tornado, which has

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Flooding in the Kuban, six bridges — threatened collapse

In the Kuban cope with the consequences of a strong flood. Rivers burst their banks due to heavy rains that came with the beginning of the week. Hardest hit Masty district.

The most complex flood situation remains in the village Dondukovskoy. Here is meeting Emergency Commission. Now the emergency services cope with the consequences flood. The water level has gone down, it is possible to get to the houses, which were before the cut off from the outside world by flood waters. Confirmed reports that the victims as a result of floods in the south of Russia. But

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Full Moon in New York teased storm

Active atmospheric front, strong wind and full moon — the ideal conditions for the storm. Under threat of New York Manhattan.

For residents of the east coast is the most dangerous active atmospheric front and strong winds from the Atlantic. And if it coincides with the full moon, the threat of flooding is doubled. This situation is not uncommon for the coastal states, such as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) announced a storm warning for the Bronx, Kings, Brooklyn, Queens and northern Manhattan. In these areas, the possibility of local floods

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Floods in Colombia, killing 452 people

On Wednesday, May 18, representatives of the National Civil Defence of Colombia said that the death toll from floods and mudflows in the country since the beginning of April has reached 452 people, and the number of Colombians somehow affected due to prolonged rainfall exceeded 3 4 million.

Rain fell on most of the South American country, to varying degrees, affected by the floods in 1030 out of 1120 Colombian municipalities. Under the water were more than 1.2 billion hectares of agricultural land. Destroyed dozens of roads and bridges, and killed thousands of head of cattle and

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Namibia: the people are faced with a violent flood

Settlements in north-central Namibia cut off from the world of severe flooding

May 7. Severe flooding in the north central and eastern Namibia, may significantly eased over the past few weeks, but even so, its consequences affecting more than 220 thousand people in need of restoration of the old life.

According to the Representative and Humanitarian Coordinator of the UN Carey Ekke about 15 percent of the seven areas most affected by the floods.

Flooding led to the loss of life, severe damage to infrastructure, schools and health centers were closed, disrupting their natural order of work.

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Flooding in southern Mississippi Valley


Flooding in southern Mississippi Valley. Photo: Scott Olson / Getty Images

Flooding continues flooding the southern districts in the valley of the Mississippi River in the United States, according to Agence France Presse on May 17. According to weather forecasts flooding should be fully flooded the city Warren County. Heavy rains and floods have caused the water level in the Mississippi River.

Flooded areas along the entire length of the Mississippi River basin have been observed from Illinois to Louisiana. To prevent catastrophic U.S. Corps of Engineers opened the floodgates Morganza spillway dam, which is

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7 major disaster happened in the world over the past 1.5 years

In this case, they all fit in one year. Recurrence of such incidents — once in a thousand years. This was stated by Minister of Emergency Situations Sergei Shoigu. Today, he took part in the opening of the international salon "Complex Security-2011".

According to the Minister, in particular, it is a natural fires in Russia last summer, the catastrophic floods in Pakistan, freezing rain in central Russia last winter, natural, grew into a man-made disaster in Japan.

"All of this makes the science, production, those involved in emergency situations, to move further and further forward in the

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Mississippi floods south Louisiana

Water overflowing Mississippi River flooded areas in the south Louisiana a day after engineers opened the floodgates in the hope of preventing flooding in major cities.

Residents of New Orleans and Louisiana's capital — the city of Baton Rouge for several days lived under the threat of flooding as it approaches the Mississippi flood.

Opening multiple gateways saved them from the flood, which could surpass in scale flooding in New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina six years ago.

However, removal of the river flow means that instead will be flooded homes and farms along the gutters. Could

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In Colombia — a new wave of heavy rains


Rivers overflow their banks and mudslides demolished entire villages. On the Atlantic coast was flooded the entire city. Under the water, all the first floor and basement. On the road — traffic jams, the machine was sight. They are trying to get by cables and winches. In the north-east of the country is flooded most of the fields. Farmers do not know how to save the harvest and what to do with houses in which to live longer.


Heavy rains there — is not uncommon, but that so

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Kazakh citizens are struggling with Snakes

14.05.11.Ne had residents of the West Kazakhstan recover from floods, as faced with a new disaster — snakes. Officials say the fight against cold-blooded they do not have the time or the money. Now in busy cleaning debris from the Ural River and the corpses of dead animals. However, local residents are not more concerned about the snake, and then, as they rebuild their homes, according to

The water receded from the houses. Now in the private sector as in the swamps. Of water snakes are divorced. Day there are not many, but at dusk the river banks teeming

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