Spider Invasion in Pakistan


Fascinating spectacle worthy of a horror movie. Residents of one of the provinces in Pakistan are faced with an unexpected phenomenon, and now have to admire very surreal look. Because of the most serious in 80 years floods in Pakistan, there is an invasion of spiders. Insects are rescued from high water in the trees, and a few months since their braided cobwebs that those killed due to the lack of light. However, some locals are even more pleased to spiders, as those killed in the region, almost all mosquitoes — carrying

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As a result of the floods in Thailand killed 51 people

The Ministry of Health in Thailand reported that the number of flood victims in the South has risen to 51 people, and more than 300 injured, the fate of a hundred subjects of the kingdom is still unknown.

According to the Department of Meteorology, the situation in the southern region improved slightly due to the cessation of rains, the water level began to subside gradually, to allow for recovery efforts. The Cabinet has allocated $ 150 million for this purpose, as well as to compensate the public, to the south to assist sent 10,000 soldiers.

The difficult situation is

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Flood victims in Indonesia are 13 people

Death toll could be much higher, rescue operations are continuing. As a result of the floods in the Indonesian part of New Guinea island killed at least 13 people.

"The data on the number of victims could increase because the evacuation and rescue operations are still ongoing," — said on Friday the official representative of the Office of Disaster Management Indonesia Sutopo Nugroho Purva.

He told me that last night due to heavy rains overflowed rivers and flooded several villages in the area and Ekadide Agadide. Local residents had to leave their homes to escape the big water.

"We expect

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Mudslide buried alive in Thailand hundred people

This morning, a powerful mudslide wiped out a village in the province of Krabi — destroyed more than 100 houses, about 100 people are still missing.

Evacuation of people in southern Thailand because of the devastating floods and mudslides continue. Today, March 31, the airline Bangkok Airways has made 19 flights to areas affected by the disaster, and removed more than three thousand people.

Thailand sent a naval force to evacuate tourists from the islands in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, which can not get to the mainland because of the strong storms and

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Foreigners in the islands are waiting for help

In Thailand, as a result of severe flooding cut off from the world of thousands of foreign tourists, including more than 600 Russians. On the popular resort island of Koh Samui for several days are heavy rains, raging storm. Closed airports, ferry services interrupted, destroyed roads.

According to the Russian embassy, the lives of our fellow citizens are safe, but they need to be patient and wait for help. For the evacuation of local residents and foreign nationals, the Thai authorities have already sent to the disaster area warships.

Andrey Dvornikov,

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Hundreds of people were evacuated due to flooding in New Jersey. Photo

Hundreds of residents of the U.S. state of New Jersey were evacuated due to flooding, according to USA Today. According to Euronews, about two thousand houses were in the danger zone, when the level of the Passaic River rose to five feet.

In the last week it became aware of two victims of the floods. It happened in Pennsylvania and Ohio, which also suffered a natural disaster. Causes floods of prolonged rainfall and abundant snow melt.

As experts predict, the complex situation will continue in the region for several days. For evacuees run campgrounds, writes Sify.

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Ice in some sections of the river Selenga cut, to avoid flooding

Buryatia was sent to work on the saw cut ice on seven problem areas of the Selenga more than 4.5 million rubles, which should eliminate the extensive flooding of coastal villages in the flood, told RIA Novosti the GUMCHS the republic.

In the main tributary of Lake Baikal — the river Selenga, predicted to flood can form powerful ice jams. Sawing ice held in Buryatia third year, it proved to be an effective and safe measure that significantly reduces the threat of congestion.

"The beginning of works is planned for early March. Total planned to saw ice on the seven

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Flooding left homeless 60,000 Brazilians

Heavy rains from the end of last week, continued in the south of Brazil, led to the deaths of at least ten people. In addition, according to local newspaper O Dia, homes have lost nearly 60,000 Brazilians.

As the newspaper writes, the most affected by the disaster five states in the south and south-east. In particular, the largest number of homeless people turned out in Minas Gerais — where their homes have lost more than 34.6 thousand. Another 10,6 thousand Brazilians were left homeless in Santa Catarina.

The remaining 15,000 people who lost their homes are living in the states

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The number of flood victims in western Indonesia has risen to 24

Due to flooding in the western provinces of Aceh about 24 Indonesians were killed and hundreds were left homeless, RIA Novosti reported, citing data from the Red Cross.

Two days in a row was pouring rain, the river in Tangse burst its banks, for which reason in Pidie was destroyed 85 houses and damaged 15. One of the villages in the district are still cut off risen water.

Rescue underway. According to the Secretary General of the Indonesian Red Cross Budi Adiputro, experience in such an emergency is already Red Cross in Aceh already faced with the consequences of

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Flood disaster and rampant in the U.S.

Devastating flood struck the state of New Jersey. Water flows have flooded most of Peterson, and in some areas the water level rose above the bridge.

State authorities declared a state of emergency. They called on the local police to control the water level and take all measures to evacuate people if the situation deteriorates. The authorities of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Connecticut are also fighting the elements.

The floods were caused by heavy rains in the north-eastern United States.

Over to Louisiana and Alabama swept the devastating tornado. In the affected areas have no electricity, toppled trees, destroyed buildings

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