Flooding in southern Spain

As a result of floods, triggered by rains that had come suddenly withered in the heat of many months of the Spanish land, drowned 10 people, and about 600 people were forced to evacuate. Accident took place in the provinces of Murcia and Almeria in the south-east of Spain and Malaga in the south. 52-year-old British citizen, the number of lists of missing persons in Almeria. Five others missing, fortunately, found alive by rescuers.

Under the pressure of the water gushing from the rivers spilled, was demolished road bridge, which at that time were the car. In some cities,

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The number of flood victims in Spain to seven

At least seven people were killed on Friday in the floods caused by heavy rains in southern Spain, on Saturday, reports BBC Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, citing local authorities.

Rescuers found dead in the city of Andalusia, in the municipality of Puerto Lumbreras in the autonomous community of Murcia. The dead included two children who drowned, were trapped in the car.

Earlier Friday, the authorities decided to evacuate Andalusia more than 5000 people from the flooded areas. Reported six dead.

In the province of Malaga state of emergency. According to the state weather service, a day in the province received more

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In Sudan, flooded refugee camp

The conflict has forced 80,000 refugees from the camps in the Blue Nile State to move to some other camps in southern Sudan. But there they found no salvation, and another attack in the form of floods, nastigshego staff Maba.

All in the camp housed about 109 thousand people, but heavy rains have made the camp virtually uninhabitable. Local rivers spill worsened quality of the roads so that the trains carrying humanitarian aid and food can not get to mabanskih camps sheltered war refugees. In the most critical situation is the most remote camp Jamil, located 75 km

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Thailand after the typhoon and floods threaten China

As the official Thai sources, 10 out of 77 provinces are affected by flooding. To date, the excess water from affecting more than 157,000 people in the country of more than 63 thousand families. Water damaged the 1333 villages of 31 Thai district, located mainly in the central and eastern Thailand.

By Flooding prepared and China. This time the threat comes from a typhoon Dzhelavat that comes close to a. Taiwan. Chinese national meteorological centers already declared "orange" Danger code that precedes the highest "red" code. This decision had to accept the fact that the wind is in the

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British village was covered with sea foam

Once on the northern coast of British swept a storm, accompanied by strong winds, one of the Scottish fishing villages almost completely covered with sea foam. Many buildings and cars were under an impressive layer of foam wind water and coastal sand carried up high enough to wave.

After the invasion of the foam area was ruled by the heavy rains. The New Yorkshire fell 108 mm of precipitation, while the rate does not exceed 47 mm. The level of water gathered on the streets of a small fit flooding. Arrived water caused problems for the movement of trains

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The victims of the floods in the UK were two more people

Two more people — a man and a woman — were victims of floods and storms, kotoryybushuet several days in the UK, according to British media.

North Wales Police said Thursday that 27-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man drowned in a river overflowing due to flooding Klyuedog in Wrexham. According to some reports, they were trying to rescue fallen into the water dog, but no official confirmation of this does not give the police, while considering the death of a young couple as "unexplained".

Earlier, the weather has become the victim of 31-year-old New Zealander who was murdered at her

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Floods in Pakistan and India

Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh in southern Pakistan on the verge of flooding on the scale reminiscent of the summer floods of 2010. Only one had to be evacuated Balochistan nearly 100,000 inhabitants, as irrigation canals and dams along the Indus River, and the water-holding system completely broke down under the impact of heavy monsoon rains.

As seen from the pictures taken satellite systems, a large number of plots of land near the Pakistani Indus already flooded. The depth of water in some places impressive size (in the figure indicates a more intense blue color). Because of the Indus flood

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More than 30 people died in India due to heavy rains and landslides

Incessant monsoon rains and the resulting mudslides have killed at least 33 people in north-east India, more than a million people have fled their homes, said Tuesday the newspaper Times of India.

According to media reports, the hardest hit state of Sikkim and Assam. Livni does not stop for a week, in Assam, a victim of severe flooding in June and July, people are once again forced to move to the camps to escape the floods.

Only in the disaster area was more than two million inhabitants of the north-eastern India. Power was transferred back to the team deal with

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Flooding from a sharp warming will threaten half of the districts of Tuva

Floods during heavy warming will threaten nine out of 17 districts of Tuva, where stocks snowfall this winter to exceed the long-term rate of 1.5 — 2 times, according to Republican MOE.

In the event of a sharp warming spring floods are possible in nine regions of the country: in Todzha in the Kaa-Khem in Chedi-Khol in Erzin in Kyzyl in Tandinskom in Tes-Khem in Pii-Khem in Ulug-Khem district and also in Kyzyl.

MOE did not specify the number of people in the region that could threaten flood.

The regional government said that in April, when snow melts there is

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Flooding in north-west Cambodia

As a result of the flooding that occurred in Cambodia on the border with Thailand, the water coming from the affected about three thousand families from the province of Banteay Menchu. 700 families in Cambodia, most of flood victims evacuated in full force on the hill. Fortunately, no mention of deaths due to flooding of the north-western lands.

Local leaders announced just in case the highest code of danger and mobilize existing rescue groups. If the water level continues to rise, a division of the Red Cross volunteers will be ready to provide immediate assistance. Flood was caused by

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