Powerful flood swallows cities in Chile (video).

Raging in southern Chile powerful floods. Livni has already led to an increase in river: a few hours water overflowed and flooded the city.

As reported podrobnosti.ua, there are first victims who lost their homes.

In southern Chile, complications with other traffic, and in many places it is absent. The country does not operate schools and other public institutions.

On warm days of spring Ukraine (video)

This spring will come to Ukraine at the end of this week. Weather forecasters promise warming up to 12 degrees this Saturday.

As reported podrobnosti.ua, and in the western regions of Ukraine — even up to 15 Celsius.

The heat will last about a week in Ukraine and provoke intensive melting of snow. Although no large-scale floods in Kiev or in areas not expected to be minor flooding of the rivers Danube and Pripyat and Western Bug and the Seversky Donets.

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Azerbaijan again flood

As a result of heavy rains, the water level rose in the Kura River and groundwater flooded hundreds of houses in the Azerbaijani town of Salyan, which is located about 160 km south of Baku. It is reported by Azerbaijani news agency "Turan".

Head of Regional NGO "Democracy Assistance" Emil Mammadov, Azerbaijan MES technology start pumping water from households, however, local residents concerned about the possibility of new flooding with the onset of spring floods.

As noted by "Turan", two years ago in Azerbaijan a devastating flood, the effects of which are still not fully resolved.

Recall that during the

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Floods continue to repair damage around the world

Floods continue to repair the damage to millions around the world. So, in the south-east Avstraliidesyatki thousands of people homeless, and in Ecuador, 20 people were killed in a powerful stream of water.

In the south-east Australia streams of water and mud washed everything in its path, and the water level in the rivers rose up to 11 meters. According to local media, emergency services warned people whose homes are in the area of flooding, so they left the house. More than 25,000 people in this region of Australia were left homeless.

Flooding in several provinces of

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Photo-fact. Hordes of spiders flooded flooded Australia

Australia continued flooding. But local residents are forced to flee not only from the water, but also from the invasion of spiders.

Spiders also escape the coming water, braided sticky web all unoccupied islands flood land. Millions of arthropods braided riparian vegetation dense cocoon.

Coastal field, like a grid, tangled dense sticky web. According to experts, such an abundance of web due to the fact that the spiders are trying to survive the floods, forced to seek shelter from the coming water.

The largest number of spiders found in the area of

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City Manager Barnaul requires preparation for possible flooding

City Manager Barnaul Igor Savintsev Thursday instructed the heads of districts to take the territory under special control for the period due to severe frosts of spring flood threat, says Mayor of Barnaul.

According to the mayor's office, experts predict that the high water this year will be difficult — especially because of the large amount of rain and cold.

"City Manager required to put in full readiness entire bilge equipment, work more closely with management companies to get them to clean the roof rake and snow removal in the courts, and to prevent the ingress of water into basements,

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Downpours flooded east Australia. Video

Three states in eastern Australia are covered by the floods. Prolonged downpours have led to the fact that in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria are flooded numerous small towns and large areas of farmland. Two people were killed. More than 10,000 people have been forced from their homes.

In some areas, for last week fell from 50 to 150 mm. Due to the fact that the rivers burst their banks, closed a number of roads and bridges.

On Monday night, received an order to evacuate 8,000 residents of the town Wagga Wagga, 450 km south-west of

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Flooding in southern Kazakhstan. Video

Today in Southern Kazakhstan was again restless. Despite the flood management and emergency response teams gain, there is the second time in three days, flooded the village and district center Ordabasy district.

The water left the village Koktyube, Batyrata, Karaspan himself regional center, village Temirlanovka. Residents had to urgently leave their homes. Authorities to find new explanations happening.

Flood waters from the mountains quickly overwhelmed local channel, which spilled into the yards and homes of villagers. Dozens of homes and hozpostroek disappeared under the water, all night people took out their children and trying to save the

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Floods in Brazil denied shelter 12 thousand people

In the north-western Brazilian state of Acre declared a state of emergency. The floods hit it 134 thousand people — every seventh citizen of the state. Recall that Acre is located in the Amazon Basin. How to tell the local authorities, currently in shelters remain 11.7 thousand people homeless, according to ITAR-TASS.

The main brunt of the disaster was in the administrative center of the city of Rio Branco. The water level in the river Acre, which is located on the banks of the settlement, has grown by almost 18 meters. Under the water were even traditionally safe areas of

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Photographic floods in South America

Heavy rains have led to flooding and overflow of rivers on the border of Chile, Peru and Bolivia. 16,798 people were forced to leave their homes in search of refuge.

In pictures flooded homes in the floods on 23 February.

Source: Slide news sina

Dozens of people have been victims of the floods in Bolivia

Torrential rains, which in a few days do not stop in the country, caused flooding. Around 10,000 families were left homeless, 35 people were killed.

Brunt of the disaster occurred in northern Bolivia. But the situation is worst in the department

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