Terrible floods killing of Bolivia (video)

In Bolivia, because of prolonged floods killed 10 people. In addition, about 10,000 families were left homeless.

According to news channel 24, suffered the most northern regions of Bolivia: the rivers overflow their banks, in places the water floods the entire communities.

Due to the catastrophic situation, the government of Bolivia declared a state of emergency. The rainy season is forecast meteorologists in Bolivia last until mid-March.

UN warns of the threat of widespread flooding in Central and Eastern Europe

UN warns countries of Eastern and Central Europe, the threat of flooding, which will be caused by the melting of ice and snow, so abundant in this season in the entire European region. Those most at risk of flooding prone areas along the Danube River, where already the first signs of spring thaw.

The representative of the secretariat of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Denis McClean warned that flooding is likely to be most widespread in the last 10 years. "In a period of severe winter that killed hundreds of people, identified a number of shortcomings in the preparation

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Flooding does not let the north-west of Australia

In the coastal town of Bundaberg Australian water level continues to rise. The water in the local river reached a height of 8.9 meters. 75,000 residents are still unable to return to his home. In evacuation centers housed 1.5 thousand Australians watched in horror what happens to their home town. It is known that during the floods killed four people. Stormy sea breeze drove to the coast, the Gold and Sunshine huge amount of foam, promoting its deep flooded streets near the beach communities. In Burleigh Heads foam managed to cover walkways and picnic areas, and in some places

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The number of victims of abnormal weather in Bulgaria has reached 47 people

The death toll in Bulgaria due to abnormal weather phenomenon has reached 47 people. According to local media, 37 of them — victims of severe cold, and 10 — the devastating floods in the village of Beads in Haskovo region, which took place last week.

In 23 regions of Bulgaria today announced an increased level of risk in relation to the new snowfall and strong winds to the west and north. Plight persists in the south in communities Harmanli, Svilengrad and Lover / all Haskovo region / where to continue rescue and emergency repair work after the flood. Meteorologists warn

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Kiev authorities fear that can break through the dam

The capital is now considered a catastrophic scenario — because of warming, which forecasters predict in the last week of February, the dam will burst Kiev HPP, and people have to be evacuated.

Discussed the possible consequences of floods Kiev officials. "This year the weather will suit us more than one test, when the snow begins to melt — said at a meeting of the Headquarters for Emergency Kiev head KCSA Alexander Popov. — First of all, we must clear all drains and drainage system of the city, because if the melt water will have nowhere to drain,

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In Venice for the first time in 80 years frozen canals

In Europe, there are very cold. In Venice, Italy for the first time in 80 years frozen canals filled up with snow in Rome Colosseum. In other European countries, too, came a snowstorm. Snow in France and Austria. In Croatia, the person died because of snow.

Europe is experiencing resistance to new temperature records. In Venice, Italy for the region because of the unprecedented cold frozen canals. This is not seen in 80 years. But despite the cold, the traditional carnivals not canceled. The annual celebration started yesterday. Season opened the so-called "holiday on the water." However, in such

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Ecuadoran almost died from the cold during a severe thunderstorm

Severe storm, accompanied by hail, collapsed at about 15:00 today in the capital of Ecuador, especially in the northern part of the city. Downpour nearly caused the death of a man stuck in his car in the area between 10 August and avenues Orellana.

Rain accompanied by a sharp drop in air temperature and when rescuers got to the vehicle, the driver has demonstrated symptoms of hypothermia, he was hospitalized. The streets of Quito became a full-flowing wild rivers, several ramps were flooded, most of the traffic lights stopped working.

Employees of the National Water Supply and Sanitation (EPMAPS)

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Regular flooding in the Philippines

As the rainy season in the Philippines is far from over, rainfall, falling on the State, continues to grow. They continue to increase the area of the areas subjected to flooding or at risk of flooding. In the south of the Philippines floods death toll has risen to six people, five of them drowned and another died of electrocution in the aquatic environment.

More than 150,000 Filipinos were forced to evacuate to shelters prepared (there was 48 661 people), or temporarily relocate to their loved ones are not in the south. Rescue services said that after the flood, there

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Australian cyclone moved to Cape York

Torrential rain brought by tropical storm Oswald, continues to be the strength of a large part of the northern suburbs of Queensland. The cyclone brought down the first category, all accumulated precipitation on the area between the two populations of Australian Aborigines and Pormpuraav Kavonyama. In settlements further north, such as Veype, wind speed during the cyclone reached 90km / h

In Kavonyame rainfall damaged the runway of the local airport, in connection with which he has temporarily ceased to function. Plunged into the water almost all the major roads near the city, which always gives local people a

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Bulgaria weather paralyzed

A wave of severe weather caused a lot of flooding, power failure and serious problems on the road near highways across Bulgaria, according newsera.ru

Due to the heavy snow and strong winds, power supply transformers 4000 were disabled — resulting in half a million people in the country remained without electricity.

Downpours and melting snow caused numerous floods — especially in the eastern and south-eastern Bulgaria. "Record broke the" area of the city of Sliven, where over the past 24 hours has dropped 100 liters of rainwater.

Employees of the dam "Ivaylovgrad 'Adra River, which is located a few

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