Rite pull Kalyada on oak and the tradition of weaving recognized intangible cultural heritage of Belarus

Rite "pull Kalyada on oak" Village News Berezinsky area and laying the weaving tradition of red and white towels village Semezhevo Kopyl district recognized intangible cultural heritage of Belarus. This was announced by Head of the Department of the traditional art of the Minsk Regional Centre of Folk Art Vitaly Kasperovich, BelTA has learned. The decision was taken recently at the Scientific and Methodological Council on the historical and cultural heritage. The traditional ceremony of "pull Kalyada on oak" completes the Christmas festivities. 've Upgraded in the 1990s and has since been held annually. The ritual does not die

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Chudinov uncensored. No TV!

Aboriginal paintings in Russia A. Klimenko

Aboriginal paintings in Russia Andrei Klimenko. Film of Paul and Natalie Tulaeva Gudylinoy.

Russian folk costume

Photographs from the collection of Lydia Melnikova "Russian folk costume: Touching the springs." Collection of Russian costume — the result of repeated enograficheskih expeditions to areas of the Irkutsk region.


Collective "Watercolor" in Russian costumes Contemporary dance collective Watercolor. Head Natalya Borodikhin

Kursk and Kharkov province. Russian costume end of XIX century Before going to the fashion show of Russian costume

Choreographic group Watercolors Russian traditional feminine and girlish clothes

Siberian gatherings in OTsNTiD, July 2008. Fashion show of the collection of "Touching the Spring" Lidia Melnikova. Costume Kharkov province.

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The servants of the people will now eyes and the eyes

The official website of the State Duma election results will be available to each deputy. Also in the near future the network has information about MPs, truants and requests that each individual writes the "servant of the people."

This site will tell Duma vote of each member of parliament, according to RBC Daily.

According to RBC daily, surrounded by the State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin, an innovation by open ballot members — the first step in the implementation of the "Open Parliament". "In the future we expect (and still is being actively discussed in the Duma) to develop a

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From Rus to Russia

Russia — the Latin name of Russia. The Americans and British as you know, Russia has called in its own way, again distorted — "Rush." Let us be called Russ, and not the "rushes"!

How to create your settlement — Part 2





















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U.S.: Democracy in Action. Video

In the U.S. scandal erupted because of the situation with a brutal crackdown "Occupy" in Davis, California. Police during the dispersal of the rally sprayed participants, local university students, pepper sprays, reports Associated Press.

In the video, filmed eyewitness and published by all major U.S. media, it is seen as a police officer comes to sitting on the ground and hand-holding protesters without warning starts to spray them in the face of pepper gas.

Police officials explained these actions of his employee that he had no other choice — students are not dismantled the camp in

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Bill Gates, vaccinations and a tax on air

Careful Bill Gates talks about plans to reduce the population — but that is besides his speech?


For any match with a swastika or zigoy be fined and put

In Russia going to criminalize the use of Nazi and a similar symbolism, icons, shapes, greetings, gestures, and other attributes that are associated with the Third Reich. The draft law on the inadmissibility of the rehabilitation and glorification of Nazism before the end of the Federation Council, will introduce to the State Duma.

"Over the last 20 years due attention to this issue has not been given at all. And now there was a wild situation, when the Nazis are rukopozhatnymi, and the topic itself — ordinary. The company can meet someone who says that patriotism is

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