Born twice …

October 15, 2012 1:00

The great religions of the East — Buddhism and Hinduism — are taught that the death of man in the dust becomes a material substance — his body. The real content of human nature — the spirit, the soul — the sequence of transitions to new, successive body shell and lives every time a new life on earth, but in a way completely different person. Such a transformation, rebirth of the soul in another body is called reincarnation and, from the point of view of the major religions of the law defining the destiny of

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Bridge Barton makes contact

October 14, 2012 4:56

Research voices from the other world by means of magnetic records turned 30. With mixed feelings, probably met this date in the afterlife Friedrich Jurgenson, founder of research, now called transcommunication.

For readers who are new to the information on the research of the other world, explaining that using a conventional tape recorder can be contacted with the dead. And not just a tape recorder. For example, the president of the Luxembourg group of researchers ITC Maggie Harsch-Fischbach, in April 1986, following the direction of "out there", obtained by radio, successfully used in their experiments

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Reiki energy — charge of their own hands

September 9, 2012 4:26

Ancient art of healing the sick through the transfer of energy through the hands of every year is gaining popularity across the globe. The Japanese character "Ray" can mean something comprehensive, absolute or god. "Ki" — generic term for life-force energy. Thus, the "rails" (Reiki) is approximately translated as "healing energy that exists in nature." The easiest way to use the energy of Reiki can be noted, when we put a hand to any sore spot for himself. The ancient Taoist practices argued that by doing so, we unconsciously direct the flow of energy "ki" in

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Mathematicians have proved the existence of parallel worlds

October 7, 2012 23:32

Theory of science fiction gradually become the property of science. A team of scientists from Oxford University has shown that parallel worlds do exist.

The theory of such worlds first appeared in 1950 in the U.S. (the author — Hugh Everett) and explained the mysteries of quantum mechanics, the controversial scientists.

In Everett "mnogomirnoy" universe, each new event possible and causes separation of the universe. The number of possible outcomes is the number of alternative worlds.

For example, a car driver sees a pedestrian jumped on to the road. In reality it

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We all live here! ..

October 7, 2012 1:08

Left — lifetime photo Friedrich Jurgenson. Right — the image of Friedrich Jurgenson taken on television researcher from Germany Adolf Homes. This is the first color image taken with the "other side".

Radiomost with "those" light

Good news just want to spread more widely, attract the attention of many. The more so because it comes to such significant matters as life after death. I do not know who would be absolutely indifferent to research in this area: no matter what, but all of us "out there" will be … So any discoveries associated

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Classified material nature. Rain of fish

October 4, 2012 21:16

In a remote area of Australia's fall from the sky fish. Other fish rose from the grave.

In South Africa, more than 50 animals, similar to the killer whale strandings.

At the highest point in Italy for the sheer wall of the dam power goats roam, not subject to the laws of nature.

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Energy Vampires

October 1, 2012 1:31

You can believe and not believe, accept or reject the vampires. But this will change nothing. They exist. And they — among us. Vampires are different in nature, but their essence is the same. They drink someone else's life, feeding her. Sometimes this involves the direct consumption of blood, as the most brilliant impersonation of the current in the human energy. There are also those who are called "energy" vampires. People are communicating with which you can lose your strength, will and energy. With that, one way or another, almost every sign.


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Tablets of pre-Christian Russia

September 29, 2012 23:43

Slavs — is the oldest, the large family of nations, which is proud of its history. Unfortunately, modern Slavs, the Russian people have very little knowledge of how their ancestors lived in the pre-Christian epic times. Information about the life of the Slavs in ancient times almost not taught in schools, and even in the history departments paid not much time.

Very few people from the Russian people know how their ancestors saw the world, what they believed. Therefore, for our people is of great cultural significance famous "Veles book" (another name — Vlesova book,

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Mysterious mountain photo is nowhere to be found

September 29, 2012 21:07

Mount Karasov mentioned in almost all references places in the world where there are paranormal. Arkhangelsk Region, northern Russia, and almost imperceptible to the eye illusion of antiquity. Outskirts lost in the woods of the Arkhangelsk region Nyandoma town. Karasov high stone mountain, at the foot of which lies a clear blue lake. All the hills around are covered with modest northern vegetation, and this — rising frightening naked hill.Photographs taken from the top, visible geometric nature of the embankment.

And, even with the naked eye, you can catch the moment when the mountain Karasov

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The sky lit up with unusual rainbow Ufa

September 29, 2012 21:23

Such a rainbow — a rare occurrence in the city. Yesterday at about 5:00 pm in the skies over Sipaylovo an unusual iridescent glow. Ufimtsev could admire it's easy. portal to see a specialist to determine the nature of an unusual phenomenon. Initially it was assumed that this halo — an optical phenomenon that can occur around any luminous object, such as a lantern. However, after verification of the sun at this point it became clear that hangs over Ufa unusual rainbow.

— The most amazing thing that could be seen only a piece

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