At the cemetery, the grass is bleeding

May 23, 2012 21:44

Wonder herb caused a stir among residents of the village Victorovca.

Mystical story from Nikolaev! Woman kosivshaya the cemetery grass, saw from the plant is bleeding. Local residents told — there buried witch. Biologists, in turn, argue — in nature there is such a herb, which Juice — red.

She works at the cemetery for years. Tatiana says: have never been afraid of the dead, but that all changed in one day. Woman mowing grass and suddenly saw the plant beginning to bleed.

Tatiana Morar, found bleeding grass: thought stabbed lizard. When looked

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Where did the social technologies

May 20, 2012 13:03

A minority

The conclusion that the majority of obedience is, of course, sadly. As a consolation we can present the results of an experiment conducted classic French social psychology, Serge Moscovici. Conditions of the experiment resembled Ash: I had to say what color colored card. But this time the "decoy" were only two of six. And this couple was genuine dissidents. Rather obvious they persistently called blue green, etc.

While dissenters were in the minority, they were able to move the view around. After a series of experiments led Moscovici factors that determine the success of

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Mysterious sounds in the sky

May 16, 2012 19:31

Recently the media are more likely to report that in different parts of the world from the sky was a strange sound. Just a few weeks ago in Germany and Canada, people heard a growl and buzz, drifting down from above. At the same moment, a kind of echo on the streets included car alarm …

Angel blew his trumpet?

In Germany, the witnesses have made even a small video: low clouds shrouded the sky, and the sounds that accompany the visuals are reminiscent of a very loud hum of the wind in the pipe. Even

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Can the trees to hear, see and touch?

May 7, 2012 9:00

Scientists believe that the world of plants, including trees, have senses. Despite the fact that the trees do not have a complex nervous system such as, for example, a human, they can "feel".

When the seed germinates, develops into a plant that blooms and gives the fruit — this means that it is sensitive to environmental conditions. Vegetable boom that occurs in the spring, shows that plants are subject to precise cycles laid down in the genes. Trees are not only tactile sensitivity, which has been known for quite some time (try to squeeze the

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Tips fate: look for him!

May 6, 2012 18:38

They lie in the flight of birds, the noise of the market square, scraps of conversation of strangers, lyrics from afar … a sign of destiny — everywhere! To see them, feel — so to hear their fate. Get a chance for personal happiness and success, your personal treasure map. It would be nice if the signs of destiny did not hide from us. Say, look at the green light, and there is flashing: "Throw the job, start your own business." Or get out of the house and we find under the bed of the old

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Elusive fish lightning fly by science

May 5, 2012 19:05

For modern scholars skayfishi unfortunately only available in the form of computer models or rare pictures … (illustration from

What you need to these creatures? Why are they hiding? No one knows. We only know that they are everywhere, but to see and touch them brought a few. These creatures appear often, but they could not be classified as follows: it is not clear — it's fish, birds, or worms … The most important thing — it is unclear whether they might pose a threat, and if so — what kind?

These strange

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Foreign voices in the cockpit Tu-154 was … weird!

May 3, 2012 19:31

The news, if timed to the second anniversary death of Polish President near Smolensk. Warsaw District Military Prosecutor's Office (reported channel TVN24) gave Russia an update transcripts of negotiations in the cockpit. New experts, unlike the past, including Polish, heard voices on the tape Air Force Commander Andrzej Blasik. "It has called into question the fact of his presence in the cockpit, and the consequences of the thesis that the commander was putting pressure on the crew, forcing him to land the plane despite the thick fog … Moreover, the authors of the new examination concluded

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A visit to another unreality

May 2, 2012 10:48

Legendary psychic researcher Vladimir Safonov was one of the few for whom the door to another world was always open …

Real World — diverse and subtle in its unity — only that part of being perceived by our consciousness. However, the principle of symmetry requires to recognize and opposite reality — unreality, which is called the "other world."

Information … out of nowhere, not random coincidences, flash foresight fatal predestined fate, the frequency of events … — not all of it is not a bouquet? Comes uncomfortable guess: maybe it's true, we live in a

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Resentment and forgiveness

April 30, 2012 13:29

Recently, more and more physicians are inclined to believe that the source of the most dreaded diseases, including cancer, are our grievances which we Holim and cherish for years. Some are offended by the fate-villain for what life had not, as we would like. Others — to friends, betrayed them. Third — sweet, departed to the other. Fourth — the children, were disappointing. Many people save up for years to hurt his neighbor, who declined to give money to the debt, and on boss is unfair to dismiss them from work … When a person is

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The world needs a new source of knowledge

April 28, 2012 22:25

We are in the "red zone" universal risk. Constantly intensifying confrontation and antagonism to the laws of nature has led us to a giant crisis. The laws of nature — is an existing relationship between the phenomena of nature that we do not necessarily feel, but which obey absolutely.

Let's try to substantiate this claim risk. The crisis — the result of improper functioning of modern society. It is not accidental impact of the crisis occurred precisely in the economy — because it is most important for us. The risk of bankruptcy, decay, unemployment, famine affected

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