Esoteric camouflage dedicated

March 14, 2012 14:05

Esoteric artistry is the shield, mask, veil, which allows energy holistic person look in the eyes of people like them. It usually brings ever if some integrity has already been formed and it should "pack."

The primary cause of esoteric artistry in recent decades is that in today's world there are more spiritually advanced people, yoga, spirituality, living in the world in terms of communication, and the people around do not know about it, are not prepared for the unexpected appearance in their environment beings with a new quality of consciousness and non-standard abilities.


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In the sky in Kazan had a strange glow — VIDEO

March 11, 2012 10:32

In the sky, Kazan, an unusual glow. For several days, end of the world can be seen above the shopping center "XL".

And if you equip your camcorder or camera phone, you can see a glowing sphere, surrounded by rings of different colors, covering almost the whole range of colors. If you look at this phenomenon, without any equipment, you can see a very bright star, which moves in a certain framework and changes its color from bright white to blue and even taking color of flamingos.

One witness, who was one of the first

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Chinese monks and their spiritual world

March 11, 2012 8:15

Chzhunnanshan mountains, the abode of hermits. Photo from

In China, the ancient land of the great sages, there are still people who do not consciously use the fruits of civilization, trying to enrich their spiritual world more than the material. This hermits who live in the mountains, doing spiritual practices and almost no contact with the outside world.

More than 20 years ago, the translator of the Buddhist canon, the American Boat Bier specially came to China to find hermits. His journey he described in his book "Orchids empty canyons", so many know

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Dolphins are people too

March 11, 2012 12:02

Dolphins give people the rights offering to U.S. researchers. They believe that these mammals have sufficient reason to treat them as his own kind.

© / Cayusa / cc-by-nc

Environmentalists urged to adopt a "Declaration of the rights of whales," the provisions of which will comply with international and national law. Many of these amazing creatures in the Red Book, to destroy them is prohibited. However, even the contents of dolphins in captivity is unethical and unacceptable, consider zoozaschitniki.

Tables unusual decision was taken in Vancouver, Canada at the annual meeting of

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In Brazil, fell from the sky a mysterious ball

March 6, 2012 20:19

The nature of the mysterious place has not been established.

In the state of Maranhão in northeast Brazil fell from the sky a mysterious metal object in the shape of the ball. As reported by the Brazilian media, ball diameter — about one meter, weight — about 30 pounds.

The incident took place on February 22 in the village of Dos Riashu Rokos. The ball fell in the early morning in the yard of a local resident Jose Mendez. First, there was a heavy thunder-like explosion. When the man went outside, he discovered the mysterious

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The revolution in astronomy recognized the existence of extraterrestrial life

March 6, 2012 10:10

Kepler found a bunch of planets in one constellation of the Milky Way. And if you look to the other?

Scientists believe that only in our galaxy — the Milky Way — there may be hundreds of billions of planets.

Scientists preliminary results of a fascinating study, which has recently become very fruitful. Specifically, has mapped the Milky Way, and counted the number of open exoplanets — that is, those who are outside the solar system, orbiting other stars — near and far. And it turned out that the number is, well over a

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Scientists have discovered bats that form permanent couples

January 27, 2013 7:05

Such species in nature is extremely small, and among the bats have not been observed. Usually males and females of bats live at large colonies and enter into relationships only in the mating season, and finding a place for hibernation. However, colonies of bats form "water bat," which they found in Yorkshire. Radically different from the rest. This is not about monogamy in the usual sense, but scientists from observations noted: females of this species allowed on his roost not all males, but only a well-defined range of "elite". It is not clear on what

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Doubles — the aliens from the subconscious

February 28, 2012 0:03

Energy twins — a very strange phenomenon. Researchers have accumulated a lot of evidence about the meetings with people in a certain place at a certain time, just could not be — one hundred percent probability. And these people were not just similar to its original appearance — were identical to their voice, manners, habits, all knowledge and consumer information. So where did they come from, these twins? And that allows them to be born?

Ghost in the role of Santa Claus

Most experts believe that a double — man-made copy of its own energy, to

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The Science of Immortality

February 23, 2012 2:12

In 1992, the sensational news of the seventy-old woman from the Japanese city of Fukuoka is not on the TV screens and the front pages of newspapers. Because of this oversight Senagon nurse took a large dose of the hormone drug, thus it suddenly began to grow again teeth blackened gray hair and wrinkles disappeared on the face and body. After some time, the restoration of the Japanese women menstruation cycle, looking younger, she married again, and was even able to have a baby. After hearing about this miracle, many Japanese and Japanese

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February 22, 2012 20:40

The film tells the story of human chakra system. According to Indian tradition, their 7. Detailed account of the purpose of each of the chakras in English is provided with Russian subtitles.

Next — an interesting article about Voice effects on the chakras (Taken from here).

Technique to restore the balance in the system of chakras by voice has been described by three thousand years ago in Ayurveda — the Vedic system of healing. In most cases, the impact on the chakras comes to singing mantras, but may also include some harmonically related

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