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The scandalous truth about the project «McDonalds»


Video studio «My Duck Vision». Rather "muddy" the office, create a movie with a strong political slant. Take for granted the information is likely not worth it. But the movie is worth seeing just what to know what is there.

Gaddafi may settle in Belarus

Libya's former ambassador to the UN, Abdulrahman Shalgam sure that Muammar Gaddafi to leave the country soon. This writes the Corriere della Sera.

"Gaddafi leaves Libya in 2-3 weeks. This is the opinion Abdulrahman Shalgama, former Libyan representative to the United Nations and former Foreign Minister of Libya. Back in February of this year, Shalgam called Muammar Gaddafi "my brother", but then condemned him for the killing of fellow, "- said the publication, quoted InoPressa.

"According to him, Gaddafi is negotiating with friendly African countries, perhaps with Belarus to find a solution that would allow him

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Bright children are talking to us

Misha Dudkin talks about what the meaning of life, how to build a new world, as well as reports about their desires as to what will be our world. Positive video, watch everything. Philosophy in order to wake up from the consumer materialism.


Tours of the White Russia


Slavic singer Mlada

Broadcast of 02.02.2011 Slavic singer Mlada Vasnetsov — Creative Workshop guest BOAT. Talk on Native Faith, art, traditions and folklore. Songs performed alike. Presenters: Rodoslav and Margarita Lobacheva ….


In the Kirov region Russian family was denied the right to stay in Russia

In the Kirov region decided to deport from Russia to Uzbekistan whole family. Hope Zakharchenko and her three daughters came to her relatives last year, but could neither find a job, or execute the necessary documents.

"We burned candles, extensions were broken, put in a pan and children wash basin And here in this room, the children slept on the couch, and we're on the floor," — says Nadezhda Zakharchenko. In this house there is no light, and his people — the right to live in Russia. Head of the family hope Zakharchenko bailiffs already out of

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One of the myths Russophobic

GCAP-known poetess shestidesyatnitsy comprador-in pseudo-intellectual circles in Moscow and Leningrad, was quite popular aphorism: "Russia — the thousand-slave." "Deepen" as aforesaid thesis "naiprodvinuteyshie" from "superintendents of perestroika" (can not remember which of them first) — A. Yakovlev and Yuri Afanasiev, "Russia — millennial paradigm of unfreedom."

What Pskov Veche Republic? It existed from the middle. 13th and early. 16th century inclusive!

I'm not a big fan of the parliamentary system. Right after all old Polybius (2. BC. E.): "In different historical circumstances, be fair (and best, we might add), the various forms of government." However, if you

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London 2012

Opening thirtieth Summer Olympic Games will be held July 27, 2012 in London …

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