Secrets of the Maya Underworld

December 20, 2011 4:08

Maya is one of the greatest civilizations of the world, on the Mexican island of Yucatan Maya built cities, temples and palaces. And we still do not know how they lived. Carved wood rose again and nature poglatila many questions left unanswered. Such a mysterious absence of any river, prokticheski all ancient civilizations were formed in floodplains, but Maya does not even streams. The only source of fresh water lake which is called Maya sinotami.

BBC Wonders of the Universe — Destiny

December 19, 2011 4:17

Who are we? Why are we here? Where did we come from? This is the most fundamental and eternal questions that we can ask. And it is an integral part of human nature, which seek to find the answers. We can trace our ancestry for hundreds of thousands of years before the dawn of mankind.

But in reality our story extends much further — it starts at the beginning of the universe. Our universe was born about 13.7 billion years ago, and today it is filled with more than 100 billion galaxies.

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Wolfhound. Aryan alphabet. Legend of the progenitors

December 14, 2011 20:26

Along with the power of knowledge Aryans worshiped. Arias by knowledge not understand abstract esoteric and philosophical theory, which in our time a great many, but the particular technology to achieve certain goals.

We Aryans had developed written and there was a very specific script that has a vague resemblance to known now runic signs. All members of the genus known typeface characters alphabet, but used it differently. Ordinary members of the family, for example to "write" only on the ground or on the sand. Apply the same runes on more durable materials were entitled

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Aryan magic. How to find the Golden Eye

December 14, 2011 18:18

Golden Eye — The mystical power, which has many nymphs Aryan magic. Golden Eye can see almost any spell (his or someone else's) entirely and take a picture of it completely. Ordinary people just like not normally like that. Even if they think they can do that, which might be either an illusion or a subconscious self-deception. Although about one person in 2,000 is born with golden eyes, and five more are developing spontaneously before puberty. In the post-pubertal age alone to achieve this almost impossible.

This method allows to train your mind to the perception

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Rock crystal — magic stone

December 11, 2011 17:14

Rock crystal devoted legends, he attributed all kinds of magical properties. And even today, sometimes it is difficult to figure out where it ends and begins speculation profits. The real facts are so intricately intertwined with the fantasy that they can not be separated. Judge for yourself.

It is difficult to imagine that until the eighteenth century, the worlds greatest scientists were convinced that the rock crystal — it's ice, petrified for many thousands of glaciers in the towering mountain. To all, finally, believe the unbelievable, "kristallos" * — not petrified ice,

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Shamans and Shamanism 2 series

December 11, 2011 13:14

Shamanic practice is related to the primitive magic, however, the difference lies in the fact that magic is directed to the artificial change in the world at will, while the shaman tries to rely on natural forces, and often can not resist them.

Shaman is a guide rather natural forces than the converter world, and treatment given shaman of bringing the customer in accordance with the nature and spirits.

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Magic and life — places of power in Russia

December 11, 2011 12:47

Magic and existence — space forces in Russia

Places of power — the geographical area on the surface of the Earth, being in which the husband feels special. People of faith call such places "namolennye" mysticism — zones of enlightenment, the skeptics — the magnetic fields of the Earth. And they are never left in his own right to the nature of the power spots far away has not been studied.

On effects for the person they are positive or negative. Some people give

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Twelve months in Kiev: the snow blossomed rose (PHOTO MIRACLE)

December 10, 2011 1:45

Flower bloomed of December! Photos from the personal page on Facebook Ksenia Goncharova

Beautiful flower bloomed in the winter as in the tale.

Kiev surprised miracle of nature — of December in Pechersk Lavra came real spring.

On the territory of Kiev attractions blossomed beauty-rose.

Recall Rose — is not the only manifestation of the warm winter. As previously reported, in Kiev blossomed here and seals, and in Chernigov — flowered pansy! All this is now sprinkled easy first snow.

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To see a hallucination, the willpower

December 8, 2011 15:37

People who are susceptible to hypnosis can actually see in black and white in color simply by focusing and auto-suggestion.

To see things, we will not take psychotropic drugs or have mental problems. Hallucinations can do to force the will, especially if you are susceptible to hypnosis. Researchers from several European universities conducted an experiment: the volunteers showed a gray picture and asked to "fill" it with a color. Eleven test were highly susceptible to hypnosis, the other seven did not obey him.

The hypnotic state is characterized by a strong degree of

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UFO explosions

December 7, 2011 14:52

The foreign press cited a number of explosions of unidentified flying objects. The most famous occurred in 1957 over the coast of Ubatuba, near Sao Paulo (Brazil), and reported, in particular, in the newspaper "Soviet Culture" (1988 January 16). Characteristically, this explosion is listed in the Encyclopedia Britannica, which does not allow itself publish unverified facts. Detail the bombing in 1957, was described in the Brazilian newspaper "Globo".

Group of fishermen on the coast of Ubatuba saw shiny disc flying at high speed, which then began to fall into the ocean. When the disc is

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