Disease — a reflection of the stress and anxiety

November 27, 2011 12:56

Any of our experience — resentment, anger, distress, joy — is displayed in the form of changes in the body. Stooped posture, muscle clamps, habitual inclination of the head, shoulders or hips sag — traces of trauma and experiences. Attention to the body, to his posture, helps in many situations.

Here's an example: you have to make an important call. If you sit on the edge of a chair with minimal support and strained legs, and his voice will be shaky notes, you'll sound awkward, slipping into the begging tone.

If you call before that

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The correct attitude

November 27, 2011 12:52

Have you ever had the idea that we — the artists of his own life? Have you ever thought seriously about what the person who most influenced your life — it's about you? Just depends on you, what colors you choose for your web life.

So the world, that the world we live only in the present. When we remember what happened in the past and think about what will happen in the future — all we are doing at the moment of our lives. In no other way. Therefore, the present is the

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Labrador ghost inhabits the former airbase

November 26, 2011 19:55

British pilot Guy Gibson — a living legend, entered the history of the 2nd World famous as the commander of 617 Squadron RAF. "Dam Busters» (Dambbusters) — so called pilots of the squadron, who in May 1943, a brilliant operation to destroy dams in Germany. Those who knew Gibson, say that he was a gentle man by nature, and a great lover of dogs. Guy was very fond of his four-legged pet — a black Labrador. Shortly before that legendary May operation code-named "Spanking" dog was found dead in the air base. Many people believe that

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Diseases time

February 22, 2013 22:36

It is known that people caught in an extreme situation can sometimes inadvertently change, slow down time, thus helping himself in a critical or even fatal situation. Nature has given us a great ability that we can sometimes take advantage of a lifetime. (Most people do experience it only once, at the time of death.) We never for decades is not something that "train", even "include" do not try this his unknown ability. But in fact for a time in idleness any body atrophies! After lying in bed for a year sick already learning to

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The battery will — learn to charge

November 24, 2011 13:21

These people are called lucky. Envy them, and so for the eyes vilify. They are equal and try to wriggle their trust. They rise out of deep poverty, disability and other factors. They own the hearts and minds of millions of people. They live a bright and exciting. They have no time to hurt. They are really happy.

This is not a rare success — this is natural. They all live in different ways. Identical to only one thing — the steps taken to success. All these people have a common quality.

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Yellowstone supervolcano

November 22, 2011 22:53

Scientists certainly do not believe in the end of the world or the planet Nibiru, or a disaster of universal proportions. Simply, they were surprised to find that a huge volcano under the U.S. somehow awakens. And so they were surprised when their scientific calculations were that the eruption of the supervolcano will happen in 2012! Scientists do not know what would trigger this eruption: can the magnetic field of the planet Nibiru, could suddenly superpowered solar flares, aliens may provoke it. But scientists have calculated the how this will end: the whole territory of

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Durable luminous substance

November 22, 2011 22:24

A research team from the University of Georgia (University of Georgia), USA, says that she was able to create a material that can emit light in the dark for more than two weeks after exposure to the sun just a minute. Details are published in the journal Nature Materials. The Group believes that the material will be used in the military and will be the basis for a new highly efficient power solar cells. Also, scientists believe that this material is weatherproof and can be used in medical diagnosis. The basis of the new material went

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Reincarnation — machinery retracting areas

November 20, 2011 15:10

The method of combining the spheres of consciousness and past personalities This technique work I taught my friend Shaman West when we were practicing in the elements of death in the cemetery. However, do not worry, you will not need the night drags on the grave (though there it gets a bit better because of the presence of specific energy). It can be done quiet room with minimal light. It is better to practice at night — in the right state enter easier.

1) Take a sitting position, pay attention to relaxation.

2) abstracted (disabled) from

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The prediction of the elder contemporary transition to a different reality

November 21, 2011 14:55

In the year osmnadtsatom, that way in four hours, only a glimmer of dawn, you'll see the sky vortices — prominences trail. He is in the form of visual images, the panorama will openly — you will see that God is not an icicle and the memory is not deprived. So enchanting sight appear before the gaze of humans, even if you are blind, vision otherwise demonstrate to you.

And then the shrill cries, as if the nerve is groaning in the heavens asunder fiery tent and they will cover all the spectators on the thief.

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Astrophysics seriously looking into space wormholes

November 18, 2011 21:31

Astrophysicists are sure to have a space tunnel, through which you can jump to other universes, and even later. Presumably, they were formed when the universe was in its infancy. When, as the scientists say, the space of "boiling" and curl.

This cosmic "time machine" gave the name of "wormholes." From the black hole "hole" is different in that there can not only get there, but to go back. Time Machine exists. And this is not a statement of science fiction — four mathematical formulas that have proved in theory — can move it

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