Secrets of Levitation

November 15, 2011 0:45

In London recently, a large gathering of people has played one of the miracles related to the phenomenon of levitation. British magician and illusionist Stephen Frayne, comparable in popularity to his American counterpart, David Copperfield, walk on the surface of the water without any special tools to nogah.Istselyaya prayer seriously ill, often losing weight, floating in the air is one of the most venerated Russian saints — Seraphim Sarov

The show took place at a large gathering of people in the Thames opposite the House of Commons and House of Lords. Stunned spectators standing on the

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Secret files. Levitation. Subtle world

November 19, 2011 22:40

Subtle world is revealed to the person who released from the body, according to the degree of expansion of his consciousness and preparedness to stay aboveground. All generalities relative. All individual experiences are different for each spirit. All radiation is seen through his own aura and painted it. The wider consciousness, the richer and truer perception. Need a complete detachment from all earthly things, and complete emancipation of the habits of the earth and gravity, to take more or less true. And the fact that there are completely unavailable and impossible for

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Treated right thoughts and intuitions

November 14, 2011 0:09

Each person in a sense, his own doctor, the psychologist Anisa ZANEEVA. Developed intuition helps us to correctly assess the state of their health. Some doctors believe that the trust should only diagnostic equipment. But after the time of Avicenna, and especially Hippocrates never heard of ultrasound and computed tomography, and in the definition of the disease is not wrong …

— Anisa Maratovna what actually is intuition and the medical intuition different from the patient's intuition?

— Doctors mostly rational people, and the basis of intuition, they are usually referred to as knowledge and

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Gods were experimental animals of a higher intelligence — Australian scientists

November 13, 2011 23:46

Centaur. Photo:

Images of gods with animal heads and human bodies are found in different nations. It is possible that these creatures — the fruit of alien genetic experiments. Joint Australian-American expedition that studied cave paintings of primitive people, in Australia and South Africa recently found more than five thousand images of the Stone Age, among which there are half-human, half-animals sketches: a horse with the body and a human head or the head of a bull and a human torso. Drawings of these unknown creatures made at least 32 thousand years ago.

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Wormhole — a corridor of time

November 12, 2011 7:56

Astrophysicists are sure to have a space tunnel, through which you can jump to other universes, and even later. Presumably, they were formed when the universe was in its infancy. When, as the scientists say, the space of "boiling" and curl. This cosmic "time machine" gave the name of "wormholes." From the black hole "hole" is different in that there can not only get there, but to go back.

Time Machine exists. And this is not a statement of science fiction — four mathematical formulas that have proved in theory —

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Lake Monsters Labynkyr

November 10, 2011 17:30

Although officially it is considered that the inhabitants of lakes, seas and oceans are well studied, but experience shows that this is not the case. Thick water depths are keeping the countless secrets, and people still only touch them. Yakutia is a small lake Labynkyr, which is known chilling tales. Residents of the village, near the lake, say that in the depths of the waters there are very mysterious and aggressive creatures. One day, the stories of local residents, one of these creatures to shore and chased fishermen Yakut. The outcome of this chase was fatal

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First obtained a direct image of the disk of a black hole

November 6, 2011 5:23

Using the Hubble Space Telescope was first obtained an image of the quasar accretion disk. Quasar is a bright cloth to a disk, which is sucked into the black hole at the center of the galaxy at a rate such that it begins to glow. This study was applied innovative technology of gravitational lenses — celestial objects that reinforce signals passing through them. This allowed astronomers to directly measure the size of the first disc, and the temperature of its different regions. The accuracy of observations of individual grains of sand equivalent discrimination on the lunar

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In China, rice make blood

November 2, 2011 16:42

Chinese biologists turn ordinary rice seed protein "factory" that produces albumin — the main protein component of human blood, have developed a technology of extracting protein from this "bioreactor" and published their findings in an article in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Albumin — is the main blood protein produced in the human liver. It has the transport properties, delivering to the organs and tissues of fatty acids and some medications. At the moment, albumin, which is used for medical purposes is extracted from donated blood. As they note, the patient can

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Astronomers have proposed to look for alien light of their cities

November 2, 2011 9:31

A composite photograph of the night of the Earth. NASA photograph

Astronomers Abraham Loeb of Harvard University and Edwin Turner of Princeton University have proposed a new scheme of searching for extraterrestrial civilizations. They presented their results in a preprint posted on the website Currently, the world's only major project to find such civilizations — SETI — relies on the detection of radio signals aliens. However, the development of optical technologies in the world shows that advanced extraterrestrial civilization could hardly use the radio waves that could be registered on the cosmic distances.

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What to expect from a leap in 2012 dragon

November 1, 2011 10:23

Year of the Dragon will come January 23, 2012 and will run until February 9, 2013

Astrological forecast and beliefs. An extra day in the year is a lot of rumors and prejudices that reason often outweighed the negative side. The strength to change the calendar, given the earth's rotation around the sun? No. But reconsider their own attitudes to the near future — in our hands. The more that the coming year in the Chinese calendar — the year of the dragon, and this figure in China is always open carnival!


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