Continuous change of dimension of human life. On the death of

Late in life, when a person dies, "the teachers' council" decides it the fate of the transition to the higher world, or, as our ancestors, he passes three ships: the court of conscience, the court and the court of the Ancestors of the Gods. Where he pass a test and control for all subjects and most importantly — profiling exam Lessons (Rock), a task for which he gets when embodies the soul passes through the stars of the Hall certain God-Master, the subject of which he defined as thing for him. No wonder our ancestors said that the stars in

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What is the end of the world

Heat. Who fights with humans

February 23, 2004 to the press leaking sensational details of a secret group of American scientists report commissioned by the Pentagon. Quote from the document: "It is a fundamentally new situation in which national security is not threatened by an external enemy that can be fought with weapons, and the elements, which can not be controlled."

Based on the data from this report, declassified British newspaper "The Observer" published a frightening prediction: climate change over the next 20 years could result in a catastrophe that will take millions of lives due to global natural disasters. And

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Flying Ship

Chimney sweeps Ivan falls in love with the princess of fun to the king-father wants to marry a rich man Polkan. Fun agrees to become his wife who will build a magical flying ship. Good Water helps Ivanushka build a ship, secret missions in which he learns from Babok-Jezek, but the simplicity gives Polkanov … However, the good and justice triumph: Ivan and Fun fly together on the ship, leaving the greedy and treacherous king Polkan.

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Who should be the president of Russia in 2012, and lead the country out of the crisis?

Voting continues!

Russian slavery

The working conditions of the bridge builders across the Eastern Bosphorus Strait study law enforcement. Photo from

Builders objects of the APEC summit earnings and unhappy life.

December 1 was scheduled protest of workers who are building the bridge on the Russian island to the summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in 2012. However, builders persuaded their claims in writing, the company's management, subcontractor. State Labour Inspectorate in the Primorye Territory in conjunction with prosecutors launched a probe of information on wages.

JSC "USK MOST" in 2008 by decree of the President of Russia

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VG Zhdanov — The Mystery of Russian honey

Mystery of Russian honey — honey and lecture about its beneficial properties. Zhdanov detailed account of bee products: Perge, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, etc.

In the Chelyabinsk region have found traces of ancient Hungarians

Consecrated matrimony birth of the Great Race

Usually young couples determined by the will of the Old Gods in the Holy merrymaking-dances on ancient holidays in Bright Day God in the highest, and Kupala Day God Perun, but it was not mandatory, because young people are entitled to create their own destiny.

During the holiday of young men and women lead dances around the fire, laid out in the form of a solar symbol, and Kolovrat Posolon. Youths lead dances around the Sun Fire Kolovrat and girls' dance moves around Tierra Posolon backwards.

When the dance flow around Fire characters, Priest or community elder reads anthem

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