Lions three years fed neighbor caught in a trap

December 26, 2012 0:13

Pride of lions in Tanzania for three years taking care of a young fellow, who is slowly dying because of metal rods, a child holds down his neck.

Lion trapped poachers in the reserve in Zambia (photo:

A touching story took place in the family of lions living in Mikumi National Park in Tanzania. Wild animals behave towards in distress kinsman better than sometimes behave some people. Pride three years nursed his brother, clad in metal "collar".

Wounded lion tourists first noticed back in 2009: the animal's neck squeezed noose of iron rods, in

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U.S. Navy at war with aliens? New leak from the military

December 24, 2012 23:20

Back in September 2012, Duff Gordon (Gordon Duff) Editor Veterans Today («Veterans Today, the prestigious U.S. publication dedicated U.S. military veterans and workers of the State Department.) Told the world that are" war on UFOs, "and that China and the United States joined efforts to fight off the coast of UFO in San Francisco. Gordon Duff is usually not prone to sensationalism.

Here's what he had written:

"Asian intelligence report that the combined operation of the U.S. Navy, and China continues to have a full military

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Astral beings are real

February 19, 2013 5:47

Astral beings-beings of the astral plane (the other dimension, the unseen world — whatever you like) with the mind (often — quite primitive) and do not have a physical body.

Some astral beings have the ability to penetrate the human body into energy and feed it with energy. As a rule, the essence of man is not come to nothing. To the entry and connect to the energy of human nature must be a reason — it may be some problems in life, action, event, negative thoughts or beliefs. "Connected" to the person,

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Atlanta. In search of the truth. Climate and the course of history

December 22, 2012 22:07

Between the laws of nature and the social form of the motion of matter there is a constant correlation. But what is its mechanism and where the point of contact between nature and society? This question was asked Lev Gumilev, creating his theory of ethnogenesis. He was criticized and historians, geographers, and biologists. But the question posed by Gumilev, continues to excite researchers. As the planet Earth itself influences the course of history?

Participants: Corresponding Member of RAS, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Senior Fellow of the Institute of Laboratory energy efficiency MEI

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The Bosnian Pyramids. Human civilization

November 5, 2011 19:32

Archaeologist from Bosnia is trying to prove in the center of Europe 40 thousand years ago there was another civilization that disappeared for unknown reasons … In the depths of the pyramid reigns ominous shadow — dimly lit tunnel dim lights. One maze passes into another, twisting spirals.

Underground corridors stretch for 8-10 km. Clearing is a gradual and continued without interruption for five years — the volunteers have to hollow earth and limestone. Cold, steam coming out of his mouth. Water drips from the top. Beam of light from a flashlight

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Mysterious shafts of light in the sky Finnish

December 16, 2012 3:34

A few days in different parts of Finland there is a mysterious sight — bright shafts of light in the sky.

Specialist Finnish Meteorological Institute believes that this phenomenon is due to fly into the air tiny ice crystals, which reflect the light of street lamps. These crystals are usually lamellar form, floating in the horizontal plane and in combination with artificial lighting to create amazing lighting columns. Shafts of light are of the same nature as the more familiar we halo effect — is when the lights appear in the sky circles or

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Girl swept by man-eater

February 18, 2013 2:47

Aktivistka saving the environment from Honolulu Ocean Ramsay made a fearless swim in the deep ocean. Defender of nature grabbed fin giant predator to draw attention to the problem of destruction of white sharks.

Ramsey fell into the water without scuba gear, in a mask and flippers. Seeing a shark diver first let her get used to the appearance of the person.

Girl standing against mindless destruction of marine life, was able to approach the giant predator close enough to grab hold of its fin and ride on its back. "Shark watching

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Secret properties of water

December 13, 2012 3:27

Eugène Scribe, the famous French playwright XVIII-XIX centuries., Whose plays are successfully today, showed the famous "glass of water", the water is likely to have an extraordinary effect on people's lives and world history. I want to show you that a glass of water can have a miraculous effect on your health.

What was not treated people. But before taking the "armor" pills and stuff, try the most simple and true — what nature gives us. What is this? Plain water. This method is based on the belief in the ancient mystical properties of water. Believe

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Secrets of alternative physics: whether substitutes molecules?

February 17, 2013 23:27

Modern man from school accustomed to the fact that all substances in our world are made up of molecules, which themselves have an atomic structure. The molecular basis of the world is now so firmly established in our minds, which are based on even individual brands. For example, perfumes Escentric Moleucles 02 — just that option. Molecular theory literally dominates our understanding of the world. However, there are people who claim that we are not so well know our universe to speak clearly about its structure in different

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People can be recharged energy from other people

December 9, 2012 18:44

A group of researchers in biology at the University of Bielefeld (Bielefeld, Germany) made a breakthrough, showing that plants can use alternative sources of energy from other plants.

Perhaps this discovery will seriously affect the future of bioenergy and, ultimately, provide evidence that people are similarly "charged" energy from other people.

The research team, led by Prof. Dr. Olaf Kruse (Olaf Kruse), first received confirmation that one of the plants — green algae, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii — not only involved in photosynthesis, but also use an alternative energy source to obtain energy from other plants. The

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