Dolores Cannon talks about what will happen after the Quantum Shift

December 5, 2012 22:21

Dolores Cannon — regressionist past life and hypnotherapist who specializes in the restoration of the "lost knowledge." She started practicing hypnosis in 1960. Dolores specializes in hypnotherapy past life since 1979.

In this video, she talks about what will happen to mankind after the planetary changes, and what happens to us and nature, and gives simple advice for people who chose their change of life, and not stuck in the old dogmas.

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Energy exchange man-woman

December 5, 2012 1:17

"According to the books, masters tantra psihotreneram, etc., when men and women meet, they become connected (energy) of the vessel. And, according to the law of communicating vessels between them begins interchange (energy transfer).

By nature, man gets energy from the top (the idea), and a woman — from the bottom (power). To implement the idea, man needs power and energy you can only get from a woman. The woman, being a power bank, spending power to act can not, it can only give it, because initially only receives from the transfer. Between male

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How to get to the astral

February 27, 2013 21:26

Yspeshnogo for "output" must have sledyyuschee:

1) Will 2) Desire 3) Place 4) The time of

DURING otsytstvii any of the components do not polychitsya. The desire of most y depzhitsya on curiosity and with temporal ymenshaetsya. Desirable to have the will to excess. Define whether the required number of I suggest some mogy sledyyuschim, CL: Put modeled from a clock smotpite on them and stop all thoughts are … what that Chepez Quaternary you find yourself on the fact that what we thought for a long time has finally arrived

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Crystal glacial waterfalls Svalbard

December 4, 2012 9:01

Svalbard — one of the most beautiful place on earth, where the arctic cold formed a unique flora and fauna, and huge glaciers and crystal waterfalls fascinate anyone who is able to visit.

Svalbard (which translates as the northern coast) — is the most northern part of the Kingdom of Norway, the harsh climate quite confirms this. It is located about halfway between mainland Norway to the North Pole. Svalbard — the wonderful world of blue and white icebergs, crystal waterfalls, glaciers and fjords. It is a system of seven national parks, three

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Gods, animals — genetic experiment aliens

December 1, 2012 0:14

Images of gods with animal heads and human bodies are found in different nations. It is possible that these creatures — the fruit of alien genetic experiments.

Joint Australian-American expedition that studied cave paintings of primitive people, in Australia and South Africa recently found more than five thousand images of the Stone Age, among which there are half-human, half-animals sketches: a horse with the body and a human head or the head of a bull and a human torso. Drawings of these unknown creatures made at least 32 thousand years ago.

Anthropologist from Cambridge historian

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Jumping through time: eyewitness

November 29, 2012 18:58

In early autumn 1971 white Ford pickup pulled up to the pasture near Ponca City, Oklahoma, and stopped at the gate. Carl, Mark and Gordon, three employees of a local company selling fodder, came to this remote place to pick up the trough. And then in '41, they did not tell anyone about what happened.

"We opened the gates of the barbed wire, the castle they were not, and we stopped," — begins the story Carl. — "Circle — private land, grass — above the hood of the truck." Through the tall grass they reached

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Ayynga: the ancient people of Sakha was runic writing

November 26, 2012 8:46

On the origin of the Sakha people for centuries arguing eminent. "Whence comes this unknown, mysterious people, what are its roots?" — Is still not clear. One of the people who are interested in the topic, writer, researcher ancient Turkic language Turkic runic writing Andrew Krivoshapkina — AYYNGA. Today we talk with him about the history of the Sakha people, Runes and religion of ancient Yakut.

Ayynga: the ancient people of Sakha was runic writing

— Andrey, all peoples have their own religion, they all recognize that there is a supreme intelligence that controls all

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Mithras cult of the Sun

February 16, 2013 19:24

Mysteries — Spiritual Synthesis.

In studying this topic, we will treat you as to the historical and esoteric sources. All the streams and sources horonyaschim essence of this ancient worship of the sun.

Mitra is the god of the sun. True God of creation and rebirth "Apokatostazis" which can be translated as the posthumous rehabilitation.

Legend of Mitra says that he was born out of the mountain on December 25, like the ancient Titans of ancient Greece. Cult it was extended from Syria to Britain, almost all over the ancient Roman Empire. Ancient

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Chupacabra is now wreaking havoc in Slonim

November 23, 2012 23:04

Regional "Slonim newspaper" reported on November 21 that an unknown animal attacks on domestic animals closer to Brest. Slonim resident Alexander Bartos said that he found in the yard of his house at 1st Street West, 35 present carnage.

In different parts of the chicken coop lay carcasses of dead chickens. According to the owner, fenced chicken coop wire mesh and he does not understand how a predator could sneak into its territory.

The owner of dead birds do not know that it was a beast, but suggests that it could be the

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In Denver to videotape a UFO flying schedule

November 20, 2012 6:46

Denver resident managed to capture on camera the UFO landing. Experts who have studied the video until a loss to explain the nature of this strange phenomenon, according to the TV station Fox News.

As the author of the video, he saw flying saucers regularly above the center of the capital of Colorado. "Mysterious objects a couple times a week there about noon and 13:00. They fly with a fairly high speed, so to see them with the naked eye can not, however, slowing the scrolling video, we spotted several UFOs. Changing the

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