Vatican believe in aliens

November 23, 2012 5:21


The Catholic Church has made a number of very sensational statements concerning extraterrestrial life. Director of the Vatican Observatory — Jesuit priest José Funes — admitted the existence of other civilizations beyond Earth, RIA "Novosti". "Until today, we have found no evidence that extraterrestrial life exists. But in the universe of billions of galaxies, each with billions of stars, you can not knowingly exclude the existence of life, "- he said during a conference held in Rome on the initiative of the Catholic Church. Funes called attention to the fact that the

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So what lies on the seabed near the Japanese island of Yonaguni?

February 16, 2013 18:47

VLADIVOSTOK. February 16. VOSTOK-MEDIA — "Yonaguni Monument" — a massive underwater formation, found near the Japanese.

Yonaguni Island, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands. The origin of this object is the subject of dispute — scientists do not know whether it is a completely natural formation, or has an artificial origin. In appearance the object is similar to architectural structures, and seemed to have a very specific architectural designs reminiscent of something stepped pyramids of ancient Sumer.

Centre underwater finds — stepped subject 42.43 meters and a height of 183 parties to the 150 meters.

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Rat-cyborg taught touch infrared light

February 14, 2013 19:43

Rat on the platform with infrared devices remuneration (top left). Their structure (center) and infrared (right). Eric Thomson / Rafael Carra / Miguel AL Nicolelis

Researchers at Duke University in North Carolina have provided rat sensors that transmit excitation to the somatosensory cortex, and taught them to perceive infrared light. Work accepted for publication in the journal Nature Communications, and its summary can be found on the website or in the researchers NewScientist.

In the experiment, the animals were on a head mounted infrared detectors. Their data is passed to several neurons in the

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Participant of the show Battle of psychics, End of the world has already begun!

November 12, 2012 7:44

What disasters threaten Russian cities in the near future.

Photo by:

In the Kazan branch of the organization "Kosmopoisk" engaged research of anomalous phenomena become increasingly turn residents who dream the same dreams about the end of the world. In these dreams, the city is a huge wave that washes away. What it is: the mass hysteria in anticipation of the coming end of the world supposedly December 21, 2012, or a premonition of real danger? Scenarios on how events will develop a possible apocalypse?


Maria Petrova, head of Kazan "Kosmopoisk": —

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Strange thing. Large fault (11/09/2012)

November 10, 2012 2:00

Scientists suggest the: continents are moving towards each other. And soon they are at a great clash. Africa crash into Eurasia. A strong impact will a series of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions …

Ancient computer

January 14, 2013 11:57

"The first computer world: the clue Antikythera Mechanism"

If in 1901, it is not found, no one would have believed in the possibility of the existence of such a complex mechanism. He would have been a genius, whether it is even easier than it is. This is a story about one of the greatest discoveries in history. This corroded bronze object — a device for predicting the future. It was created 2000 years ago in ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks created an amazing device, which was essentially a mechanical

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Scientists have proven the existence of life after death!

October 30, 2012 21:53

Experts managed to prove the theory that each person has a soul that remains live after cardiac arrest.

According to the anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff, which is one of the study authors, the human soul is something more fundamental than the conventional neurons. That is, the consciousness of the universe always existed, it is possible that from the time when there was a big bang. As experts say, when cardiac activity stops, the information that is stored in the brain does not die but keeps "its way into the universe." This may explain that the people

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At the official photograph of Mars have found an animal

October 26, 2012 20:14

Users are wondering what kind of creature lurking among the rocks: a guinea pig or a prairie dog? Or just a strange stone?

Some suggest that this is just another proof that the images are not from Mars, Mars, and made somewhere in the world.

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Ghost in the car park

October 21, 2012 1:47

Seeing the record made by security cameras carpool, workers were shocked.

Nerehta (a town in the Kostroma region) discusses an unusual phenomenon, which recorded a surveillance camera at a depot located in the street Chernyshevsky, the newspaper "Nerekhta true."

A strange image on the film company did find the owner Ivan Borovikov when browsing surveillance camera recording, made in the parking lot in front of a motor depot a few days before — 10 October. On the record clearly shows that at about 22.30 on the driver's cabin of a

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The collapse of the Volga

October 15, 2012 1:24

This was in the late eighties. I was still in school and was interested in astronomy. One day it occurred to me in a notebook to sketch the trajectory of flying over my house and satellites during their flight. I stared at the starry sky, and finally — here it is! I take a notebook, write the time I draw. And then something happened with the satellite was wrong.

Flying a short distance, he stopped, ran to the other side, again freezes, and then did the sky began to write intricate bends. I knew from

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