Aztec city of Teotihuacan was erected not for people

February 1, 2013 5:26

Not far from the capital of Mexico are the ruins of the ancient city, which is already more than three thousand years — the city of Teotihuacan. Once upon a time in this area has developed the Aztec civilization. This finding is surprising because in Teotihuacan have streets, buildings, but completely lacks any traces of human presence.

The main feature of Teotihuacan are located on its territory of the giant pyramids. Struck by the fact that all the pyramids turned to one side of the world, have a perfect face, and the main thing is

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Strange thing. The demons of the sea

April 30, 2012 16:59

Maritime History — an endless series of shipwrecks, which are natural for wars and defies explanation in peace …

10 traps in our thinking and how to protect your mind from errors

April 24, 2012 17:17

Our mind is always ready weight traps and snares for us. If we are not aware of them, these traps can seriously damage our ability to think rationally, leading us in the wrong area of reasoning and foolish decisions. Those of our quality that assist us in choosing the path of reasoning, it appears, lead us to the problems.

Now you will learn about the first 10 most dangerous traps and how to how to avoid them.

1. Retarding trap over-reliance on the first thought

"Exceeds Does Turkey's population, 35 million people? Do you think what

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January 17, 2013 12:36

You know, where we were visited by corn, cocoa, wheat, dates, tomatoes? What they have in their DNA? Where on earth were the seeds of grain? Vegetarianism — a legacy of the ancient or fashion of the day? Then prepare an elixir of longevity? How could the ancient people come up with all this yourself? Myth says — is the art of cooking for people gave the gods. All the mysteries and legends of cooking — in a new documentary series, "Food of the Gods." REN-TV

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Mystical power Masters

April 7, 2012 15:31

Today the life of Mikhail Bulgakov, we know, it seems to be all but questions still remain more questions than answers. And mysteries and hoaxes and paradoxes.

Chupacabra phenomenon — VIDEO

March 29, 2012 17:49

The phenomenon of "Chupacabra." Documentary Sumy journalists kriptozoologicheskoy Kosmopoisk expedition in Ukraine in autumn 2011.

A documentary film about the antics of Chupacabra in Sumy region called "Phenomenon Chupacabra" was filmed by TV journalists Sumy TV "Academ-TV" in the fall of 2011. On regional television premiere was featured January 29, 2012 (in repetition February 29). Finally, in late March, the film appeared on the Internet and available for viewing general readers.

What is a kriptozoologichesky object called "Chupacabra" and what it does in the Sumy region? TV reporters tried to find answers

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UFO over Chisinau

March 22, 2012 10:23

Mysteries of History. Aliens and the secret code

March 18, 2012 18:07

Original title: Mysteries of History. Aliens and the secret code Year: 2012 Genre: Documentary, educational, history, investigation Issued: Russia, OOO TV channel TV3 About the film: Megaliths, related to each other electromagnetic energy. Prehistoric ruins, built in straight lines for long distances. Complex formula, scratched on the rocks as far as thousands of years ago. Who really built the giant ancient structures — the people or aliens from other worlds?

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Patom Crater — Mysterious Natural Education

March 14, 2012 10:55

Sergei Yazev — Director of the Astronomical Observatory of Irkutsk State University, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, member of the Russian Geographical Society.

Day of cosmic history. False intelligence

March 9, 2012 20:44

The brain tells us that the sky is blue, foliage green, rainbow colored. Scientists have recently made an incredible discovery — the brain's lying to us. But why did he cheat?

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