Strange thing. The dark side of the force

February 26, 2013 16:22

American WMAP spacecraft sent to Earth strange data: space has vast emptiness …

Created a shoe that would send the owner home, where he may be

September 21, 2012 1:18

In east London, near popular with local hipsters Hoxton Square, on display shoes, boasting not only visually appealing, but also of particular practical value — they indicate the direction and distance to the owner to the house.

Line LED indicates the distance: closer to the green — closer to home, and the range of lamps indicates the direction of movement (photo Dominic Wilcox).

Shoes to help find a home owner, wherever he may be, are on display KK Outlet. KK Outlet — the agency that has its own showroom in London and specializes in

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Dwarfs driven wave: crushing space-time

September 11, 2012 17:34

Watching a distant star as a couple, have seen signs that in its rotation, it really creates a subtle ripples of space-time, long-awaited gravitational waves.

The system was named SDSS J065133.338 +284423.37 (or J0651, for short). It is quite dense and small stars, white dwarfs that were once solar-type stars. They are located very close to each other, three times closer than the Moon to the Earth, and make a complete turn in a matter of 13 minutes. Watching them in the optical range, the team of American astronomers noticed periodic changes in the emission,

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The intensity of cosmic rays

September 11, 2012 13:52

Scientists from NASA have established that the intensity of cosmic rays — streams of charged particles entering the solar system from the outside — reached a record high in the past 50 years, the. Researchers base their findings on data collected by the device ACE, which is now moving in an orbit around the Lissajous Lagrangian point L1 of the Earth-Sun, located between them. According to the researchers, the intensity of the cosmic rays in 2009 by at least 19 percent above the average. Scientists believe that such a high rate due to the low solar

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Dan Burisch on secret projects and underground bases

September 4, 2012 23:18

Subtitles! Button ss

Translator's Note In an interview with Dan often use the term J-Rod, P +24000, P +45000, P +52000 J-Rod — a group of beings from Orion, claiming that they belong to an alien "bloodline people of the future." In simpler terms, they are our "descendants" who visit us from three time periods: P +24000: 24.000 years in the future, P +45000: 45.000 years in the future and P +52000: 52.000 years in the future. They are also called J-RODS, apparently, because the character that they use to represent themselves, resembles

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Hunt for Planet X continued: astronomer from Brazil provided evidence

September 1, 2012 8:16

Assuming the existence of a mysterious "Planet X" got kind of mathematical proofs due to the Rodney Gomez, an astronomer at the National Observatory of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. Mr. Gomez led math proving, in his view, the presence of the tenth planet in the outskirts of the solar system.

The study of variations of small bodies located in the so-called Kuiper Belt — solar system located beyond the orbit of Pluto, the astronomer gave reason to believe, and to calculate the exact weight of the mysterious object. According to calculations by Rodney Gomes,

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Martian space station

August 24, 2012 2:03

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Announcer talks about how the American astronaut David Martinez found on the red planet object that is recognized as a space station.

Interestingly of course … But among American astronauts no one with that name. Encrypted, probably. But still interesting.

(Check the details of this movie … It is not an astronaut and astronomer David Martinez.))) And there is indeed a strange construction. Coordinates on Google Mars: 71 ° 49'19 .73 "N, 29 ° 33'06 .53" W)

Original video: (video is not … David Martinez deleted

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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. Code of the universe (24/02/2013)

February 25, 2013 4:24

What do the letters named Zodiac killer in San Francisco, Egyptian and cuneiform message from space, accidentally recorded radio amateur from America?

Portal in the Gulf of Aden, Cyborgs and Crop Circles

August 24, 2012 17:49

There are people who say that they — witnesses or even participants in experiments with bio-robots that can travel through time and space. However, the governments of countries which allegedly conducted similar experiments, these experiments deny … Why?

Day of cosmic history. Star door. Aired on 03/08/2012. Director and presenter Igor Prokopenko.

Whats more, the Universe, or the brain?

August 18, 2012 14:42

The universe is huge, but if we can provide it with the help of our mind — then does that mean that our brains over the universe? There are several very good reasons for both sides of the dispute. Here we give only a brief excerpt from a large published an article on the subject.

"Of course, our brain is impressive — but should we give him the crown?

Let us listen to the voice of the universe, as recently wrote critic Katherine Schultz, if you fancy a space primitive way, like a giant space

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