Egregornoe connection. Negative programs

June 2, 2012 11:03

Evil eye — is a direct energy breakdown caused to a person as a result of the hard negative emotional impact. For example, with a strong quarrel or showdown. Often the main cause of the evil eye may be envious glance, an evil word. Whammy — the most common energy loss. And if you feel weakness, numbness, withdrawal, anxiety, have worsened the mood, and there was a physical weakness, began minor troubles — you know the symptoms of the evil eye. For the evil eye is characterized by sharp changes in temperature and, insomnia, weight

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NASA was forced to explain about the monolith on Mars

May 30, 2012 16:38

Ufologists insist monolith looks obvious trace of intelligent life.

Picture of the monolith of the University of Arizona

Shocking picture of Mars was made from a height of about 300 kilometers high resolution camera (HiRISE camera), mounted on the NASA probe Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. At the Earth got this picture back in 2009. The U.S. space agency posted it on the site: the University of Arizona (University of Arizona), whose experts are responsible for the operation of the probe.

Enthusiasts — "Extraterrestrial Archaeology", diligently sought out the official images with different absurdities

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Graveyard Phantoms

February 3, 2013 5:17


There is an anecdote about how there are two men in the cemetery. One runs headlong, his hair on end, Hough shaking, and the other asks, "What are you going?" He replied that he was afraid of the dead. "When I was alive, too afraid," — says the stranger. Anecdote anecdote, but on the appearance of ghosts in cemeteries goes mass of fascinating and frightening stories …

Ghostly inmates

For example, in the Scottish capital Edinburgh is an old church Greyfraers, and next to no less ancient cemetery where they filmed a

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Mysterious grandmother at the murder scene of John Kennedy

May 26, 2012 10:52

In the pictures, which show the murder of American President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963, an unknown woman seen with a camera in his hands. Journalists call her Babushka lady, as she was in a kerchief, tied up in the manner of Russian grandmothers … but no one has seen pictures captured with a mysterious stranger.

This lady immediately aroused the interest of special services, because, according to photographs and newsreels, she continued to shoot and after the time when the shots rang out battle rifle with a telescopic sight, fatally

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The death of an alien in Sweden

February 2, 2013 14:45

Sometimes the alien ships fall to Earth

In the mid 70-ies of XX century, in Copenhagen, Denmark, an international exhibition under the motto Karlek eller Kaos («Love or chaos"). Its situated in the historic (XVII century) Charlottenburg Palace. Was there and stand combining Swedish UFO Free UFO Study (FUFOS). Hundreds of visitors daily detained near to listen to a message on developments in the UFO and look at the accompanying slides.

Disaster on forest clearing

One morning, when some of the stand stood a group of students, they were joined by elegant gentleman in

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Tree of parallel worlds

May 24, 2012 0:53

On temporary tree, parallel worlds, the anomalous zones, multi-dimensional space, etc.

NASA hides the huge alien ship

May 12, 2012 18:21

Photo. NASA hides the huge alien ship

Looking through the video recordings made on the equipment space observatory SOHO, meticulous amateur astronomer noticed on the frame object, the shape of which were very similar to a huge spaceship. The man immediately put an entry in the Internet. However, after only a few days NASAzakryla access to the roller.

User nick rob19791 claims that they otsmotrennyh frames around the sun clearly visible object pyramidal shape. Video was posted on Youtube with comments. Indeed it is clear that near the surface of the sun distinguish object

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Beyond Space and Time

May 10, 2012 21:13

Since ancient times, people were familiar altered states of consciousness. Sages, wizards and priests of various cults and religions reach them with specific spiritual practices. This provided great opportunities, not mere mortals …

"Time to Dream"

Australian Aborigines with magic rituals injected himself into a special state called "a time of dreams." In it, they feel as though outside of space and time, see past and future events that take place at a distance. Trans off they are objective and involves subjective taboo channels subconscious. A person who is normally well aware of that spontaneous

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Day of cosmic history — Space Rescue

May 8, 2012 20:27

End of the world will not. Stretch out a helping hand to mankind space rescue service. Who, when and how to have covered the earth from cosmic threats and saved people from self-destruction?

People — the aliens from outer space?

May 3, 2012 20:04

All people are likely to aliens who came to Earth from space. And, so long ago that they themselves have forgotten their intergalactic journey … sensational hypothesis? Certainly. However, it is under a number of studies.

In 1976, the U.S. satellite Viking made unique pictures of the mysterious Martian Cydonia region. In these pictures we can clearly see a set of strange objects, like a pyramid. And, moreover, in the arrangement of the pyramids there is a certain regularity. They are at perfect right angles. Many scientists believe that these objects have an artificial origin —

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