Stephen Hawking compared the coming of aliens to the bloody discovery of America

January 6, 2012 16:55


The famous physicist urged not to communicate with the aliens. The famous British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has called to do the colonization of space, but avoid contact with aliens.

"Come into contact with an alien civilization — a very risky business. If aliens decided to visit the Earth, the effects can be comparable to those that occurred when Europeans discovered America. For indigenous people of the Americas is opening a disaster "- said Hawking.

However, he believes that in order to survive, humanity must take space colonization, as our planet in the

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The bunker Wolfsan No bombs fell?

January 6, 2012 12:18

In 1940 in a remote corner of the forest Mazury Lake District, where converged once the border of East Prussia, the Nazis occupied Poland and the Soviet Union, seven kilometers from the ancient town of Rustenburg (now Kętrzyn), turned accelerated construction under a thick veil of secrecy. Here in record time, in absolute secrecy was built mostly military headquarters of Nazi Germany "Wolfsan" — "Wolf's Lair".

"Wolfsan" — is about 80 different buildings, located on a relatively small wooded area. Among them, seven heavy bunkers, several medium and dozens of light, named barracks. They were a

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Flying ball of light seen in Estonia

January 5, 2012 3:01

Flying ball of light seen in Estonia Reuters / Scanpix

Tuesday night at 20.18 in Southern Finland saw a glowing ball of considerable size — he was flying through the sky for more than ten seconds. According to the society of astronomers Ursa, body on fire over the Narva. Delfi page in Facebook, as well as the comments on the article in the form of letters began to come to us evidence of readers who claim that they have seen on Tuesday night in the sky, an unidentified glowing object.

Readers reported seeing

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January 5, 2012 0:34

For many years, researchers have debated the ghosts with physicists and skeptics of the existence of ghosts and phantoms. But until now, neither one nor the other agreed.

Recently, I met up with her boyfriend, with whom in the 80 years of the Commission met in the paranormal at the Geographical Society. The former chief engineer of a large research institutes now worked there as a security guard.

-I have an interesting story for you, — said a familiar — we caught the ghost, more precisely, even a couple.

-Let us — without much enthusiasm

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Difficulties in the way. Spiritual crisis

January 6, 2012 10:58

The rapid development and distribution of all kinds of esoteric spiritual practices leads to the fact that more and more people passed through a spiritual crisis or spiritual transformation of the individual. Now many people are thirsting for knowledge, are looking for a new spiritual path. Who am I? Why should I? Where you came from? Where am I going? And when the person no longer meet the answers from the government, education, society and religion, he hits the road. What the traveler can encounter? What pitfalls await him on the Way?

The concept of spiritual

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Clubs for dreamers or hackers dream

January 2, 2012 12:54

According to psychologists, dreams — is the key to our subconscious. They are associated with our unresolved issues, fears, desires. Parapsychologists, in turn, recommend that people always remember their dreams and write them down. In addition, they say, you can learn to manage them, and thus to change their lives for the better.

First of all, it was a dream can tell you what daily life must be addressed. In the dream before us, it is usually worth some task. Deciding it, we can find solutions to real problems in real life.

Some claim that

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Unknown station in Earth orbit

December 31, 2011 21:25

In the video, captured a very unusual, even for experienced UFO, an object with 5 pairs of wings, two of which retracts into the body, among the clouds. According to the well-known group of researchers Third Phase Of Moon. This was filmed at an altitude of 100 km above the Pacific Ocean in the distance of 27 thousand kilometers from the International Space Station. We can neither confirm nor deny this. If it is, indeed, was filmed in Earth orbit near the ISS, then rotate around the Earth 2 stations, one of which

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Yekaterinburg flew over the fleet UFO — VIDEO

December 28, 2011 15:58

December 4 over Yekaterinburg residents noticed several glowing objects that flew over the city a short time. site reports that the luminous objects in the sky look like a UFO, and judging by their number, it was a whole fleet of alien craft that flew over the city.

Recall that in the spring of this year, residents of Yekaterinburg also took the bright lights in the night sky for an unidentified flying object. Actually flew over Yekaterinburg Russian rocket "Soyuz", who based military satellite into orbit. As a result, residents were

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What is mental magic?

December 28, 2011 3:48

Each definite thought produces a double effect — emits vibrations and floating form. The very idea is first opened clairvoyant sight as vibration of the mental body, and it can be as simple or complex. If the thought itself is simple, there is only one frequency, and only one type of mental matter is subjected to strong impact. The mental body is composed of matter of several degrees of density, which we usually divide into classes, sub-plans accordingly.

Each of them in turn has many divisions, and if we can conventionally delimit the degree

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Electric light in the darkness of millennia

December 27, 2011 10:23

When Howard Carter's archeological expedition finally reached the burial chamber of Tutankhamun, the researchers were impressed not only treasures intact tomb, and beautiful frescoes that decorated it. The complete absence of traces of smoke from the torches on the bright paintings researchers to the logical question: what is the coverage of his "job" old master paintings of sediment in crude plaster?

After all, these figures are in the depths of whole rock monolith of the Valley of the Kings. It is quite obvious that the artists work in the dark … and could not prove the

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