Hyperspace: not the same as in the Star Wars

January 17, 2013 10:47

Hyperspace, it appears, will not look as it was shown in the famous sci-fi movie "Star Wars"

Kind of "Millennium Falcon", which is dispersed to superluminal velocity, in order to make the "jump into hyperspace", became one of the most iconic and memorable moments of the trilogy of "Star Wars." However, students from the University of Leicester have made calculations, and found that in fact Han, Luke and Leia would see the light coming from the stars in the outer side of the spacecraft, gradually stretched into long, thin strips.

Four students, led by Dr.

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Alien, born on Earth

December 11, 2011 14:05

One day he told us that he once lived on Mars

It is noticed that on our planet increasingly were born especially gifted children who received the title "Indigo". One of these "Indigo" — a child named Boris — live in town Zhirinovsky Volgogradchine. A boy was born January 11, 1996 and is already 4 years old and a passion to visit famous places in the anomalous zone Medvedetskoy Ridge — Blue Mountain, that near the very Zhirinovsky. Why so? Yes, you see, to him it is the required energy needs.

Parents Boris, cute,

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On the moon, discovered an alien spacecraft

December 10, 2011 3:30

Interesting videos and pictures of UFOs on the moon were found on the network, what is the crashed alien craft or another duck? That is the question that evokes the minds of thousands of researchers evidence of the presence of UFOs on the moon … I present to you an overview of these pictures and video clips.

Pictures of image reconstruction of unidentified objects on the Moon

In the pictures taken during the first

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Wightman Vaitmar, Wim …

December 10, 2011 18:57


Vimal is not fictional fiction, but a real fact of the existence of high-tech tools peredvizheniya.Rassmatrivaya recent progress from a position letatayuschih devices, to some extent, it can be concluded that humanity has reached certain results. We have learned to fly in the air. We have learned to carry more freight by air. In the space to put a man. From the standpoint of the modern man, it looks like progress.

Vimanika Shastra

But in addition to this position, there is always the position of the elapsed time from

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Voyager 1 leaves the solar system

December 7, 2011 11:58

NASA interplanetary automatic probe "Voyager 1" flight which lasted 34 years, went into the hitherto unknown to scientists in the area within the outer boundaries of our solar system — the heliopause, where the flying of our star solar wind meets the interstellar medium. The new zone is a kind of cosmic goo, where speed flying from the Sun of charged particles (solar wind) fell to a minimum, the particles themselves seep into space, and the magnetic field under the influence of external pressure superimposed on each other.

Everything speaks in favor of the "Voyager 1"

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Consciousness is a living substance

December 5, 2011 23:33

Consciousness is a living substance, which can and is able to reflect and build. Consciousness — the cellular structure, which acts as a peddler of information in the universe. Information is concentrated in the core of the universe. From there it descends along the flow, changing the structure of the prior, which is omitted. Further movement of information, ie dropping to a lower plan possible through the realization that deflated. That is the law of the universe. The entire Universe is self-centering system with interchangeably bonds, which controls all the processes in the universe. The core

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Russian sensation — Aliens in uniform

December 5, 2011 23:19

Soviet secret service in search of a deadly weapon. They were taught to shoot down aircraft with his mind, and to interrogate the enemy across the ocean. Secret Files of the General Staff. Where did super-soldier of the future? Aliens under the scalpel of intelligence. Which laboratory derived from Chumak Kashpirovsky? Location really vzyalsyaznamenity alien from outer space?

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How to build a beacon for aliens

December 5, 2011 23:50

And a letter from the pedestal crying, "I Ozimandiya. I am the king of kings. Power to my little place in the world. " (Percy Bysshe Shelley, photo Byrd on a Wire.)

Somewhere in space, the 36 light-years away in the constellation Hercules, series of 1679 of frequency-modulated signals, stretching up to 50 million km, carries a message from Earth.

Broadcast from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico took place in 1974, American astronomer Carl Sagan enthusiast and founder of SETI, Frank Drake. They hoped that any intelligent alien can understand that 1679

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Transition — a change-energy change in the frequency of vibration

December 5, 2011 0:51

Transition — a change-energy change in the frequency of vibration. Everything vibrates, and these vibrations are amplified, and we should too — if we get this frequency, we enter into a new world where everything is possible, everything is happening — because our vibrations respond — What is inside, then the outside — and vice versa. Indigo children and adults and hundreds of thousands of these can all — bending iron, read heels, ears and armpits not see the eyes, the ears do not hear, smell, not the nose. Change the structure of materials, travel ideas

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Little Pedro is the messenger of the other worlds?

December 3, 2011 19:02

They often come across the golden sand, but the amount was so meager, that about any development of the field was not the question. Suddenly our heroes thought they had stumbled on a gold mine. Gold miners were digging it, but the rock was too hard. Then the friends decided to blow up the bedrock and laid a hefty portion of dynamite.

As it turned out, and this time the miners were disappointed — no gold they found. However, the explosion of rock broke away from a huge block of stone that covered the

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