Free energy, which we refused

In the late 80-ies of the XIX century, trade journals devoted to science related to electricity, predicts ways to get "free electricity" in the near future. Amazing discoveries relating to the nature of electricity gradually became commonplace.

Nikola Tesla demonstrated "wireless lighting" and other wonders associated with high frequency currents. Never has the future did not expect so much. In 20 years there will be cars, airplanes, movies, audio, phone and radio. Victorian era opened up new horizons for the world. For the first time people are inspired, in imagination utopian future in which the most advanced means of

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The last card Reptiles — alien invasion

Humanoid dragon and reptiles living in underground cities in the world, hands of the World Government strenuously prepared script "alien invasion" in which demonic aliens will be presented as a "savior."

To strangers was something we "save" World Government diligently brought our planet to ecological disaster.

For this purpose also provides bombs — is built hydro and nuclear power, especially located on a geological fault, so that their destruction in the event of strong earthquakes lead to the destruction of towns and large areas of radiation contamination.

Moreover, the impact of Nibiru on the gravitational field of the Earth,

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Krasnodar Krai. Our Bermuda Triangle?

Do you often have a headache, and always a bad mood? Do you know what was there before, which is now built your house? Does not surprise you that your neighbor in the cottage ripe harvest, and you have — all the plants died? Why is this happening? Perhaps to blame the curse? In this series of "mysterious Russian" film crew tries to work out whether there is energy storage land, as the curse of the ancestors actually act on the human body, can prove their existence from a scientific point of view and are protected whether they are those

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Journalists have estimated revenues of the ROC

Russian Orthodox Church has recently become one of the major newsmakers. "Missing" hours patriarch, expensive cars and other "worldly pleasures" ordinary Russians have caused a lot of different issues. Magazine "RBC" conducted its own investigation to find out what today holds that the ROC and the spread of its business interests. In the list were a luxury hotel, bank, building, delivery vehicles BMW, as well as large and small plants.

According to the publication, the annual income of the ROC from donations and other sources is 100-150 million dollars in cash. Some of that money invested churchmen

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Mysteries of Machu Picchu — one of the most unique cities

Machu Picchu, which means "old peak" — one of the most unique cities. Sandwiched between the two peaks and edged peaked crown forested high mountains, it is situated at an altitude of 2280 m on a steep slope above the valley of the "River of the Sun" and is buried in the Urubamba white clouds and dense fog.

Why did the Incas decided to settle in this remote place high in the Andes, is still unclear. Of the settlements along the roads of the empire, manages the territories endowed with complete autonomy. Perhaps, Machu Picchu was built

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GMO policy. Quotes from the book by William Engdahl, Seeds of Destruction

GMO policy. Quotes on the book by William F. Engdahl, "Seeds of Destruction. Secret Agenda of Genetic Manipulation "

"Food — is power! We use it to change behavior. Some would call it a bribe. We do not care, we do not intend to apologize. "

Catherine Bertini, Executive Director of the World Food Program, a former adviser to the assistant U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

"… For foreign investors charm scheme was that, compared to conventional agriculture production GMO soybean needs more workers. In reality, due to the economic crisis, millions of acres of farmland major banks were bought under

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Cancer cells kills weed Mediterranean


The collective work of scientists from the Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, the University of Texas at San Antonio and the University of Wisconsin to develop a new cancer drug, has given good results. In their study, researchers used a toxic substance thapsigargin obtained from Thapsia garganica Mediterranean plant weed. On its lethal properties were known at the time of Ancient Greek civilization, and the Arab caravans mushers this plant was was strictly forbidden, as the plants die from camels.

In laboratory studies, the researchers received the drug. The original name of the drug G202 and

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From the history of the cucumber in Russia

Chief Lukhovitskii cucumber. Photo:

Cucumber — annual herb. Family — pumpkin, race — Cucumber. View — ordinary cucumber (Cucumis sativus). Immediate family: pumpkin, melon, squash, watermelon. In terms of botany, cucumber should treat … berries (fruit type is defined as a melon or false berry), but, nevertheless, with a culinary point of view cucumber usually perceived by us as a vegetable.

Cucumber is known as a vegetable for thousands of years. His birthplace — tropical and subtropical areas of India and China, where it still grows wild in the woods, throwing trees like vine.

It is

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Slavic heritage. Answers to questions

Do anger against the enemy? What is meryachenie? From what is sad and how to get rid of it? What does the word "witch" and who they were? What will happen after the summer of 7520 (2012)?

Is there a ceremony releasing the soul of plants, animals and people? When and where you will see the star of Mary? What do the names of modern Tatiana, Nicholas, etc.? If Simulation starts of invasion, as distinguished from our psevdonashih and not ours? These and other questions are answered by the head of Old Russian Old Believers Church —

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Americans already hosted on Russian soil

Collage © KM.RU

What do the owners of the "Russian magnesium" on land they inherited — it is unclear …

Sad example of foreign investment, which we crave power, can be observed now in Asbestos Sverdlovsk region in a project "Russian magnesium" (construction of the magnesium plant). On the ninth year of the project, when control of it went to American business, all life stopped there, and of the staff were only a watchman guarding the unfinished industrial building, located on two plots of impressive dimensions.

The Americans fired all the workers from contact with the local authorities

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