Conspiracy Theory Ways of heaven

October 28, 2012 2:33

Kashchei death — by the end of the needle, the needle — in the egg, the egg — in a duck, duck — a hare and rabbit — in the trunk. Chest that is suspended from a tall black tree on a black mountain. What does this mean?

Why kill Kashchei could only broke a needle? It is an allegory, or still the real information? For what distant lands traveling fairy tale and what the secret is encoded in Russian folklore? Where Pushkin and Ershov learned about the technology of the 20th century?

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(ONUA.ORG) — The death of the rover

February 7, 2012 15:42

When twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity arrived on Mars in January 2004, they were, as expected, they will be there a few hundred yards and spend ninety days.

Seven years later, the hardy robots turned out to become two of the greatest explorers of the Cosmic Era, broke dozens of miles, through the hostile deserts, climbing mountains, climbing in and out of craters, and cheating death many times. But received the sad news that while Opportunity continues to roll, Spirit has reached the end of the road. The film tells the

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Secret area. Amazon. Survivors of the Apocalypse

January 27, 2013 2:11

Black humor our ancestors amused scientists

January 29, 2012 21:59

Akkadian inscriptions discovered more than 3.5 years of age, which are riddles. As it turned out, the ancient inhabitants of Mesopotamia were not averse to make fun of their rulers. Recently, scientists have been able to decipher a number of inscriptions on tablets written in Akkadian language that is more than 3.5 thousand years. Tex they remained incomplete, but several signs point to the fact that the author was likely inexperienced scribe, possibly a student, whose identity is unknown. Under assumptions of scholars, he lived somewhere in southern Mesopotamia in the Persian Gulf.

Research complicates

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Secret Space (UFO FACTS)

February 7, 2012 16:03

Strange thing. Charmed universe

January 21, 2012 12:09


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UFO over Singapore

January 15, 2012 15:49

UFO — Sits on the ground. Dreamland

January 13, 2012 14:12

On the ground, there are no secret who is not known to the base, where testing of unidentified aircraft. But what they have origin — earth or earth?

The government strongly hides the existence of these objects. Maybe all the witnesses saw only new aircraft, developed earth scientists? Or is it all the same aircraft of extraterrestrial origin? What is the government hiding from us? What information it has? What hides in their hangars trade secret base DREAMLAND?

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Curse of twins Titanic

January 12, 2012 0:05

A year before the apocalypse

January 7, 2012 5:48


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