Why in Russia did not give the broken flowers

Our ancestors knew authentically that plucked a flower trying to survive, and remain uprooted and power begins to actively vampire life energy from the environment. Fall under the distribution of everything: people, animals and plants. That is why healers never dried plucked flowers, herbs and spices in a residential area.

The famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga refused to accept in his home of a man who by his nerazumeniyu brought her a bouquet of flowers. "Why talking about the death of my house?" — She asked. If anyone would still like to give her flowers, she could not bring them into

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Architects of life

Millennia, centuries, years come and go, but people hardly changed. In old pictures, we see the same faces, radiating love and pain, tenderness and repentance, love and kindness. But do not capture the pictures that surrounds the thoughts oppress or elevate thinker, King, the cook. Who winds near the headboard of the hero, which the angels fly on the field after the fight?

No, everything remains the same. Witches, sorcerers, mediums, magicians still lead their invisible war for the rights, which themselves are not fully aware of can, trusting his great patron, hiding behind a "teacher", not knowing in what

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Teles! Yave, Zhare, Navier, clubs, Kolobov, Dive, Light in the tales, fairy tales,

Each man had a child a special magical charm of hearing and reading of Russian folk tales. Characters traveling the fabulous world, performed feats and fell into a variety of adventures. For millennia, the parents told stories to their children, because their stories reflect the essence of centuries-old wisdom of the people, Inheritance and awakens in the child a deep consciousness of the world truthful.

Ivan Tsarevich the gray wolf. Viktor Vasnetsov, 1889

But the mystery of Russian folk tales continues to play out here and now in our world and in our bodies, and this can be

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Stone Grave: unseen plants and old women

Mountainous country in the middle of the vast steppe. Fragrant clear air rings and scores spirit.

It is a miracle created by nature, and caring people around here have preserved an extraordinary beauty. Reserve "Stone Tombs" is celebrating its 85th anniversary.

"Go here expedition, first discovered this unique place, then invited eminent biologists have made findings" — the director of the reserve "Stone Grave" Viktor Sirenko.

Reserve history began with 2 plants, which biologists have found in this tract. Yarrow naked and cornflower can be seen only in summer and only here.

"They have found in the reserve during his

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Old Russian language. Forgotten Depths images of ancient drop caps

Letter — a brief explanation and description




— As (a).God lives on earth sotvoryasha. But there are other underlying images:primordial, source, single, single, man. The images, like, different, but they are the same. The image could change if a different image, telling, had a different structural significance. And that the two interact, they had to be coordinated. And so were the images which read, and in between the matching images. Now we just vowels and consonants. But when they say the vowels in modern man is no question — and what

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Old Faith — a return to native roots

Night of Ivan Kupala, the ritual burning of Carnival, a subconscious belief in omens and superstitions … There are still those atavism that has left deep in the minds of our ancestors and paganism, centuries ago Set on a hill in Kiev wooden statues of idols as Perun, Dazhdbbog , Horse, Stribog, Mokosh, Simargl and eager to worship them?

But apparently, after the Baptism of Russia and as long domination of Christianity, "the old faith" should be firmly buried under the sands of time. No! Paganism, or, rather, "Neopaganism" literally in the last few years it has become a

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Air — fuel of the future

In the fuel tank — the air? In fact, why not. After all, conventional engines of cars running on gasoline, is very simple.

In the combustion chamber is fed fuel mixture, which is expanding at ignition, pushing the piston. Further work piston with a variety of different mechanisms is transmitted to the wheels.

If the mixture does not burn fuel, and create pressure that will push the piston using compressed air? It is quite possible. Absolutely no difference that will push the piston, above the wheels began to turn.

Thus, no fundamental limitations to convert the internal combustion engine

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SLAVIC WEDDING. Advanced Uryadov

Some forms of Slavic pagan wedding favorably to the "classic" medieval Russian wedding that more accurately reflect the current prevailing gender relations: partners in most cases themselves, without the help of parents, find each other, living together is possible and before the official ceremony, sometimes organize weddings and be paid by the individuals not go, not their relatives, etc.

All these facts were reported in the pagan Slavs, for example, "the period of the great migration of peoples," the older generation had their historic homeland, and energetic young people to master new territory and, therefore, very happy with

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Modern working life is like in Russia?

Currently, the situation of the working class in capitalist Russia very poorly lit, including the left and the press. This is largely due to the fact that in both capitals, industrial production is declining. However, materials of the working of the provincial plants also nobody publishes. In this regard, it is important to give a brief description of the work, some of the features of psychology and attitude to his own work on the example of the modern working of any industrial enterprise. For this purpose, quite suitable smelter workers numbering about 4 thousand people. Running the author of this

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Rats are dead, and the young people continued to have fun

To the 20th century music was mostly positive and provided the people a positive therapeutic effect. That all changed in the 20th century, when the development of civilization began to appear destructive styles of music. In the mid-20th century humanity, a new disease — the craze for rock and pop music. Scientists have found that this music is more harmful than helpful. It reduces intelligence zombiruet person is kind of addiction. And the music scientists called "music-killer" (or "music addiction").

The reason is that it uses sverhgromkie sound, which, according to studies, have a devastating effect on any living

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