Unknown luminous object over Scotland 29 December 2011

December 31, 2011 11:42

Labinsk photographed a strange glow. A ghost?

July 25, 2012 14:05

Through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman / Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman (fifth series)

November 14, 2011 10:43

The little girl eats glass and bricks

December 19, 2011 0:06

Rare disease, which affects a girl so young, called pica or pikatsizm

A strange and deadly attraction to eating non-food items, which affects young American from Indiana, has turned her life into a nightmare parents, because every day they have held in a constant struggle with attempts daughter "bite" anything unusual. The three-year resident of Terre Haute Natalie Heyherst constantly hungry, but her choice often instead of candy and cookies falls on rocks, sticks, plastic and other non-food items. While baking and pastry she loves.

Several months ago, doctors miraculously managed to save her

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Scientists have photographed a giant squid

January 8, 2013 23:40

American and Japanese scientists have for the first time were able to take video of a giant squid in its natural habitat. Sensational surveys were conducted at a depth of 630 meters with a highly sensitive video equipment. The operators themselves have described what they saw as a living fairy legend of the sea monsters.

The giant squid, which can reach a length of 18 meters and weigh more than a ton, it seems, really was the "ancestor" of many mythical monsters.

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Postscript — a secret book

October 13, 2011 15:24

Boy voice breaks glasses

December 9, 2011 18:02

California boy learned his voice breaking glass goblets. In a video posted to YouTube, the boy makes voice a few vocal exercises.

As a result of a piece of glass flies. Note that the opera singer can break a large wine glass by singing a very loud high note.

The fact that the glass has a certain resonance frequencies. If a singer for a few seconds to sing on one of these frequencies, the vibrations of the glass may be amplified so that the glass will crack.

Boy voice breaks glasses

Reincarnation exists! Data

December 7, 2011 16:50

The power of thought can affect the immune system

January 22, 2012 12:01

The human immune system is subject to consciousness, at least in part. Such a fantastic conclusion reached by researchers from the University of South Australia. Do not you think that it looks something from the arsenal of psychics, magicians, and other Jedi? After all, the average person, if cut yourself, not give orders to his immune cells to rush into the breach and to eliminate the invading infection. Our immune system, fortunately, managed without the leadership of the higher nervous system.

But here's a simple experiment which scientists predict. Some volunteers injected histamine — its our

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Turtles are consistent with each other during the birth

November 30, 2011 14:03

Bordered korotkosheyaya turtle (photo ameliadell).

To make it easier to get out of the nest and crawl to the water, leaving the turtles laying eggs one at a time. Thus those who lagged behind in development, just before hatching sharply accelerated and catch the rest. Aquatic turtles during the breeding eggs buried in the sand by the sea or the river, the sun provides warmth developing turtles. By the time of hatching, however, before the newborn faces two serious problems — to get out and crawl to the water. Cherepashonok must first dig a

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