Sphinx is older than the Egyptian Pyramids

November 3, 2012 0:11

Egyptian pyramids. Wonder of the World. Great monument of the ancient culture, has come down to us from thousands of years. One would think with them, everything is clear. In all the history books written three pyramids were tombs of the Pharaohs of the Fourth Dynasty.

These classic figures are based on the famous document — Westcar Papyrus, which tells us that Pharaoh Khufu decided to build his tomb, which is equal to the ancient world did not know.

It was built twenty thousand slaves, dragging the stone blocks from Aswan. Pharaoh Cheops rules, according to

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Submarine for Napoleon …

November 2, 2012 7:46

In 1814, after the defeat in the war with Russia, the French emperor was deposed and exiled to the island of Elba, which is in the Mediterranean Sea. However, being able to deceive him oversight of the commissioners, Napoleon in 1815 with the help of his soldiers captured ships stationed in the port, and landed in France. The popularity of the emperor of the people was so great that he never had a serious resistance. Yet, June 18, 1815 his forces were defeated …

After that Napoleon surrendered to the British and was exiled to

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The death of the West is inevitable as the heir of Atlantis?

November 1, 2012 21:34

November 2, 2012 marks 3210 years since the death of the last fragment second Atlantis, know and remember that the truth! Prominent Western scholar Joseph Frank on the basis of scientific conferences (of 1997, Cambridge), which was attended by leading scientists in the world, has created an entirely new picture of the past. Materials in a popular form were presented in his book, "Surviving the Atlanteans." — M, 2008., 384 pages MUST READ! Written with honesty purely scientific skilled positions, supported by the different proofs of different sciences. Contrary amateurish quackery different neistorikov fomenok-Nosovsky with their

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In the footsteps of the contact in the village Derazki

October 29, 2012 6:50

Cases landing of flying saucers and their contacts with the crew in the world of ufology described in detail, but in Belarus so far they are isolated and under-researched. Recently found out the details of another such incident from the early 90-ies of XX century, and is of great value for our region. And September 23, 2012, we organized a trip to the place of the alleged "encounters of the third kind."

The event took place probably in 1992 or 1993 near the village of Derazki Molodchnenskogo district. House witnesses standing at the edge of

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David Wilcock — Will 2012 the year of freedom?

October 29, 2012 1:23

Will we see in the very near future, incredible changes for the better? Will the end of the Mayan calendar in triumph and not a disaster? It's time to share the information I've heard about the major changes that we are about to see. I hope you enjoy!

The guidance calls for a radical change of plan

Many people have complained that since the publication of the last article I did not write anything for a long time. I apologize. There are times when the quality is much more important than quantity. And this is

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Immortality. And we need this?

October 28, 2012 2:10

How to become immortal, eternal life? This question certainly cares deep down all of us. After all, who does not want to spend a bony old woman with a scythe and to live forever?

The Scripture says that man was originally created for eternal life, but because of the sins of his immortality decision was reversed. Apparently, because of mankind and begin the search of the elixir of eternal life. However, unfortunately, we humans are mortal.

But here at the end of the twentieth century dawned on the horizon, though small, but the chance of

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UFO stories

October 26, 2012 18:23

UFO theme already for many years, and yet it remains one of the most popular and topical. We offer you the most striking cases of the appearance in our skies unidentified objects and mysterious creatures.

The aliens do not want to bring Earthlings worries and troubles. Their visit is peaceful and educational purposes


February 12, 2010, Roy Shaw of Devon (England) came out in the evening stroll with his beloved dog. It was already dark. Roy walked with the dog through the quiet and peaceful streets of Devon. He is slowly but

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Twin of the Sun

October 23, 2012 19:55

As is known, the Laplace plane perpendicular to the total angular momentum vector of all the planets and the rotational moment of the Sun. Orientation of the plane should remain the same because of the conservation of angular solar system, due to its isolation from the distant stars. However, experience shows that the Laplace plane precesses with a period of about 36,000 years, which is only possible if the total angular momentum per solar system does not take into account the contribution of the orbital angular momentum of a massive body, which has a circulation of

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Northern Shambhala — unknown land

October 22, 2012 3:50

This September marks the 90th anniversary of the expedition of Alexander Barchenko the Kola Peninsula. It was the most mysterious expedition of the Soviet era. All material on it is still stored in closed archives. The famous explorer and geologist Alexander Horowitz over fifty years studying and collecting all available information about this campaign. He agreed to share information with our correspondent.

Nuclear and psychotronic weapons of ancient

— Alexander, who and for what purpose, organized this expedition?

— According to the information I have gleaned from a variety of public sources, in September 1922,

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Ground is riddled with tunnels

October 21, 2012 22:40

Mysterious underground tunnels found on all continents. Experts are convinced that it is a very ancient man-made structures. But still do not know who built them and for what purpose.

Moves under the world

Polish researcher Ian Paenk argues that system of ancient tunnel covers the entire planet, including the ocean floor. Tunnels as if burned in the land. Their walls are hardened molten rock that looks like glass. Modern humanity like tunneling technology is unknown.

The oldest tunnels, whose age is estimated at about one million years old, found in 1965 by Argentine

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