Peter residents wondering: what a UFO flying over a city at night?

October 7, 2012 2:29

In the northern capital are trying to understand what kind of unidentified flying objects in the evening on October 4 in the Leninsky Prospekt? The video, which has provided Fontanke.Ru blogger Alexei commented even representatives of the Western Military District (WEST).

They stated that no military aircraft maneuvers in the sky above the city is not carried out, so that the five flying wedge and then a tunable light points to the Air Force WEST have no relationship. Petersburg to military journalists asked for nothing. The fact that in March, the townspeople have already seen

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Mysterious mummy sends earthquakes and points the way to Shambhala

September 29, 2012 0:50

According to ancient legend, in the Altai Mountains are the gates of Shambhala — the land of immortality. Is it true that the road signs here point to the dead body of the princess? And is it a curse mummy could cause an earthquake?

September 27, 2003 quake caused massive earthquake Republic of Altai Mountains. At the epicenter of the earthquake intensity reached 8-9. Dozens of communities were deprived of light and water, hundreds of people have lost their homes and livelihoods.

Earthquake waves reaching as to Novosibirsk. Local people believe that this

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Mysterious phenomenon in the Ural taiga

September 26, 2012 13:00

Mysterious phenomenon in the Ural taiga, because of which the stones turn into sand, has become a topic of research.

In the Ural taiga, where they found a mysterious phenomenon, due to which melts clay and rock to turn into sand, visited by a group of enthusiasts. The researchers removed the video clip about the campaign, during which put forward their version of what happened. Recall that in July of hunters in the woods Artemovsky district found scorched land within 30 meters, and at first thought that came across the missing plane An-2.

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Secrets of Lake Issyk-Kul

September 25, 2012 15:59

Tomb of Genghis Khan

There is some historical evidence that a big funeral in Ordos Genghis Khan was a hoax, and the body of the deceased ruler, together with its countless treasures were buried in a secret place. Where only the treasure hunters and archaeologists searched for the grave: in Mongolia and China, and Kazakhstan. But old-Kyrgyz believe that the tomb of the great conqueror hidden waters of Issyk-Kul.

It is said that the son of Chagatai Khan took his father's body he rules in the Issyk-Kul land ordered to make a coffin of a

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Water and Earth mysteries of life

September 24, 2012 20:20

In the press, there were reports of researchers repeatedly that in ancient times the Earth had a smaller size, and the speed of rotation around its axis — large compared to today. It is natural that as the size of the Earth and slowing the speed of rotation of the daily duration of time increased. The main reason for slowing down the rotation of the material body (including the Earth) — is to increase its diameter. A good example of this is the acceptance of skaters on the ice, is used to speed up or

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Mysterious phenomenon over the UK

September 24, 2012 19:45

People living in different parts of the UK could see the bright glowing objects flying in the night sky. The phenomenon of the eyewitnesses of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Central England. Some speculate it is a regular space satellite, which was part of the atmosphere, while others believe that it meteorites.

Brian Guthrie, observing objects near Edinburgh (Edinburgh), shared his impressions: "Before I saw shooting stars and meteor showers, but this (phenomenon) was bigger and more colorful"

One eyewitness reported BBC said that the object was a bright golden beam of light, wherein the absolute harmony

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Global warming is back to life the ancient monsters

September 23, 2012 22:29

Scientists have managed to revive life, which in ancient times was frozen in glaciers Atlantic. The experiment had been returned to the life-celled organisms. Their species has not been determined.

According to Kay Baydla, assistant professor of marine biology at Rutgers University (New Jersey), the study is of the utmost importance. The fact is that until now, scientists did not know whether or not frozen in the ice of ancient organisms and their DNA, in principle, be brought back to life, and how long after freezing cells retain vitality.

Together with Professor Paul Falkovski, Dave Merchantom

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Mysterious Russia: Saratov Region. Kites Nest relic

September 23, 2012 13:49

Why is land out from under his feet, and that the sounds constantly hear the locals? What secrets hide Kudiyarova cave and is it true that there is — the fiery serpent's den?

Underwater natural treasures: the new gold rush began

February 10, 2013 19:41

On the ocean floor at a depth of more than a kilometer are treasures in quantities not snivshihsya any treasure hunter: a huge amount of gold, copper, zinc and precious minerals.

Scientists have known about this for a long time, but the ever-increasing demand for such jewelry has caused a real interest in the ocean treasures. Treasures lie in the holds of the sunken ship, but in the natural mineral deposits, and some companies are ready to begin their development in the coming years.

Deposits easy to find, layers of deposits can be found all

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How does the MIP: God — a projection of ourselves, and vice versa

September 19, 2012 11:09

Using your "Golometr" experts from the Center for Astrophysical Research in the laboratory named Fermi hoping to prove or disprove a crazy assumption that the three-dimensional universe in such a form as we know it did not exist. According to them, our universe — just a kind of hologram.

The theory that the universe is a hologram that appears, based on the assumption that not so long ago that the space and time in the universe are not continuous.

They allegedly made up of separate parts of points — as if out of pixels, because

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