Unknown pyramid found using Google Earth

August 14, 2012 16:51

In the valley of the Nile with satellite images of the woman found buildings, which until then no one had seen. "Sitting archeology" — so this type of research conducted, not rising from his chair. It's practically a virgin land. Now the pyramid, one of which is even more famous pyramids of Giza, called "Pyramid of Google."

Maritimes archaeologists exploring mysteries cemetery Jurchen

August 6, 2012 17:26

Unique finding maritime archaeologists. They first discovered the ancient cemetery Jurchen. Before that such discoveries did not do any in the Far East or China or Korea.

Previously, historians have studied only single mounds. Now they have an idea about rituals of the ancient inhabitants of Primorsky Krai. Avid hunter at that time brought home only grouse — and an old piece of tile. Discovery lay in the closet for almost ten years. This year, out of curiosity, Vadim Kulesh stopped the excavation of an ancient Buddhist temple and saw that he was covered

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She dug up, and immediately began the earthquake, alcoholism and suicide

August 6, 2012 12:00

Altai Princess, "in fact, is not the ancestor of the modern peoples of Altai, and extract it from the land of mummies could cause natural disasters. About the real stories of unique finds said one of its authors, academician Vyacheslav Molodin.

Tattoo on mummies "Altai Princess"

How to find your princess

Mummy "Altai Princess" was found on the Ukok plateau in the far south of the Altai Republic, at the junction of the borders of Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia and Russia. Today it is a plateau has been declared a World Heritage Site. The discovery was

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Earth is changing

July 31, 2012 12:48

The media is constantly duplicated film about the end of the world. End of the world this year will not be. That's right! According to "The outlook on the restructuring of the quantum world," the year 2012 is energy-heavy. Because this year, finished the plasma forms in the atmosphere and the inner worlds of the planet to readers, especially those who have recently started to get acquainted with our information, I dedicate this post. It is for them, I will do a retreat and go back to the explanations. Inner worlds of the planet to exist

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Baikal swamp … UFO against!

October 12, 2012 0:56

Baikal shore. Photo: angara.net

Echo long war

After that a long war of the gods, in detail described in religious tracts of different nations, in which the participants were UFOs, our planet captured defeat the dragon, aliens, known in different religions under the name of the forces of Satan. They look like bipedal reptiles that are very similar to humans. Almost all people are called it the word "dragon". Today, some of them known to us as the "men in black", which interfere with

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Earth is flat, round, hollow

July 24, 2012 8:54

Ramtha: "Those who firmly believed that the earth was flat, never dared to walk to the edge to make sure the back, because they were convinced that it was flat. Those who believed that it was round, floated around for many, many times. They believed that the earth was round. But they did not know whether it was round. It was flattened, cracked at the seams, was flat on top and bottom and empty inside. But those who believe that it is a solid, will never know the other, because they would never

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Parallel Omni-Earth — Kingdom of Fairies, Elementals, Dragons and Unicorns

July 22, 2012 8:50

Lands of other measurements. Image: fanparty.ru


We have talked many channeling the amazing quality of life on Earth. And we tell you that no matter how you live and love in the world, you get the benefit, to develop, thanks to the greatness and wisdom of Gaia. Earth, Omni-Earth develops an amazing way to expand, called Ascension. This is — an amazing time, and 2012 will mark the amazing changes your perception of reality and the opportunities around you that used to take it harder. You will not admire the splendor of your

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Inca roads that survived the Spanish

July 19, 2012 20:53

Peruvian archaeologists have discovered chetyrehkilometrovy stretch of road leading to Machu Picchu. He goes along with the familiar main road. Land diverted from it in a place Chakikkocha (Chaquiccocha). Level Inca technology is amazing: it's retaining walls, and drainage channels, and bridge, and a long staircase, and even a ten-meter tunnel.

The newly discovered site of the ancient road is at an altitude of 3600 meters above sea level. According to the news agency Agencia Andina, landscaped road to high technology of the time. In particular, it has retaining walls 10 meters high, drainage canals,

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Revenge of the ghost children

July 16, 2012 15:38

Not every child is expected in this world. Alas, the history of mankind knows a thousand ways resorted to by women to get rid of an unwanted child.

Middle Ages

From the novel by MA Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita" we remember Freda, who became pregnant from a host of cafes, "gave birth to the boy, took him into the forest and put her handkerchief in his mouth, and then buried the boy in the land." Even in the world of the beyond Frida doomed every day to see on the dresser the same scarf with

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U.S. worth fear themselves

July 10, 2012 18:29

NPP "Fermi-1" — the place of the nuclear incident, entitled "China Syndrome." Photo: playgrounddetroit.com

During the Cold War, they were all afraid that the United States and the Soviet Union will begin a nuclear war. But are much more likely to be killed by the U.S. own nuclear explosion. Here are a couple of serious accidents that occurred in the United States. Broken Arrow (Travis AFB, 1950)

During the Korean War, the U.S. military and politicians are seriously considering the use of nuclear weapons. In August 1950, 10 B-29 bombers took off

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