About The Book of Light and the Slavic-Aryan Vedas

The second book in the series "Slavic-Aryan Vedas" included "The Book of Light" or "Harati Light" (Harati means writing on parchment). In the primary source "Harati Light" was recorded Tragami (Daariyskoe letter), but in this edition of the origin was the text written Hariyskimi runes and translated more than 250 years ago. The translation was printed with large reductions (omissions marked dots), which has generated interest among readers, all wanted to know the most complete version of this treatise. Therefore, this article is intended to some extent to satisfy their curiosity. It turned out that the motives

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Stop the land!! — Ill go …

We cry, we groan in the dark, calling out to their fathers. But only the echo of silence can dream it … Ancestors, stop! Even the gods tremble when he saw your deeds. Ground underfoot groans as it hurts to hurt her with his steps after your steps. All the deities of the vastness cry and mourn the fate that befell his children … Stop! The sky is crying fire in our blood, taking the air, cries rend the earth beneath our feet, in revenge for their children. Crying and dying water every living thing that touches her. We

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What is behind the word ancient

You can fill a number of books, based on the known texts and grimoires and put humanity into even more confusing than the original grimoires that carry a faint grain of truth, which is most likely and is not found and nurtured. Else is distracting and takes away from the grain to the side to zamorochit lazy mind — only wishes to receive. It makes no sense to comment on the scriptures, and it will be useful to remove the grain itself, and show it — to enable the emergence in the minds of people who are

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Lessons from the Japanese tragedy

World shaken by Japan's monstrous tragedy March 11, 2011. Devyatibalnogo victims of the earthquake and tsunami on March 20 were more than 20 thousand people. The economic damage is estimated at 235 billion dollars. Recall, the last of the powerful Japanese earthquake in Kobe in 1995 caused damage of 100 billion dollars.

Reactors of nuclear power plants in Fukushima prefecture disrepair. Explosions emit radioactive particles. EU Energy Commissioner described the situation at the Japanese nuclear apocalypse — the level of radiation in the area, even distant from Fukushima — Tokyo, Chiba — exceeded tenfold. The Japanese have forgotten

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Lies about Libya — rot officious media

Lies about Libya — rot officious media. Uprising was not. Evidence of Russian-witnesses …

These figures in world politics and there are not many — perhaps all three of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Muammar Gaddafi. Muammar Gaddafi while once again proves his courage, charisma and devotion to the homeland. Vivat! Jamahiriya, WE soul to you! For very little people got gray, made his way to power, living solely by telepiaru …

"The events we are radically different from what happened in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states. In those countries the people against the

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The Vedas of the universe and heritage of the ancestors of humanity

1. Slavic-Aryan Vedas

  Slavic-Aryan Vedas (the "Vedas"), in a broad sense are not exactly outlined circle of ancient documents and Slavic Aryan people, including both well-dated and have authorship of the work, and transmitted orally and written recently folk legends, tales, epics and etc. In a narrow sense, the Vedas are meant only "Santa Perun Veda" (Book of Knowledge and Wisdom of Perun), consisting of nine books, dictated by our ancestors, the God Perun, our remote ancestors in his third arrival to Earth in an aircraft Wightman 40,009 years ago. To date, the Russian language is translated and published

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Who we are Slavs

Circle of Life — Birth

Slight discharge from the text. Seeing this strange and mysterious figures, for example in terms111,810 years ago, do not panic. The history of human culture, is much older than written in the history books, or something that we argue biologists. Old Slavic and Slavo-Aryan culture, eldest was on this planet, and their history goes back millions of years.

But if scientists all over the world, recognize it, and they have such evidence to date is, they will have to acknowledge that they are completely ignorant, have not achieved anything for the years

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Slavic rites tribal circle. Holidays

Our ancestors were able to celebrate, as we are able to do it and we do. But think about — why or why do you celebrate?

What a strange question. To mark an event, enjoy again something that has been or is now. To not pass significant day humdrum, but was filled with joy, fun and laughter.

Indeed, we want, we take pains to make this holiday memorable for, gave new strength, new sensations, we incur on in life.

Our ancestors, celebrating different events, also aspired to it. Aspired to forces of nature came in, and helped

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Jav, Nav, rules and Praise

Ancient Slavs (guided by the ancient knowledge of the laws of nature, "Reality" (the material world), "Nav" (peace prototype), "right" (the world of forms) and "Glory" (the creative world) — (four-level structure of the world system) — praised "the right "living in truth and called — Orthodox.

Sacred actions that create and maintain egregore were called "mysteries." If we consider the word secret spell ("t" + "ay" + "n") and apply their value, "theory" + ad = da = I + "start", it literally turns out: "I was to have my God." According to the number and types of surviving

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Glory — four worlds of light Slavs

In the religious and poetic representation of the pre-Christian Slavs were four world-light, two of them on the ground and two below it: 1.BELY LIGHT, our light with solid-earth, the sun (Dazh-God), Perun (black cloud-Khmara), moon-month (Makosh) and stars-dawns. On the ground, covered with vegetation, lived dedki, humans and other earthly creatures. Reigned over this light his Creator — God of gods with Santa Svarog pribogami Svarozhich. Our distant ancestors envisioned a white light in the form of a giant dome, the top of which was the heavenly firmament (sky), framed the sky lows our land. "Light" is used

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