Eating killer

Scientists still have much to learn about the structure of DNA, but experts are already in one voice say: the world on the brink of transgenic disaster! Each year, an increasing number of transgenic products. Who turns food into a killer? Why is the creation of genetically modified plants and animals out of control?

Complaints Book of Nature

Cut down a Christmas Tree, hung with toys and sweets — a relatively recent phenomenon. As such, it has begun to spread in the 17th century with Alsace (Germany). And everywhere in Europe and America in the tree houses are established only in the late 19th century, when invented the Christmas candles.

Fashionable custom was originally distributed in the cities, and especially in the higher strata of society. Since the 1840s, the Christmas tree is known in Russia, especially in St. Petersburg, where many foreigners. A number of historians emphasize that the people did not have such a custom,

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Human rights — a look into the world of

World Government. Harvard Project

Houston Project

In February 1985, at its regular meeting brought together a so-called "global shadow government." At this meeting it was decided to destroy the Soviet Union on 52 dwarf independent states and cause them to clash with each other. Why? Experts estimate that by 2015, all our planet's resources will be exhausted. Will be only one

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Change the faith — to change and conscience!

Human thinking — the ability to explore the world in an objective reality. A knowledge — the highest level of human development in its evolution. It is believed that it is not connected to the world of sensory perception of the world and has a social historical nature, and practical human activity determines the level of human consciousness. However, the world of the senses, in other words, the state of mind in many ways, after all, defines the process of thinking. And if the person is open as natural elements, the society, that is the most spiritualized,

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Murderous development 2010 — th

Security and safety are always moving mass science forward. The most original and incredible military innovations of the year make up the final score "Ytra."

Flying "Mace"

The long-awaited breakthrough of Russian military technologies — a strategic missile "Bulava" — in 2010, he successfully took off, twice in a row. Development of an intercontinental ballistic missile sea-P30 3M30 "Bulava-30" began in 1998. The missile can carry up to ten hypersonic maneuvering nuclear warheads individual guidance that can change the trajectory altitude and course. Has a low-altitude flight profile. Maximum range — 8 thousand km, inertial control system, throw-weight (payload) —

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Znich — god of knowledge

Znich — god of knowledge. VB Ivanov. "The Temple of God Znicha"

Znich, Know — God of Knowledge. It aired, instantly moving Stribogovoy force vivifying warmth of knowledge, awareness, responsive movement of which nature produces, as a high fever or even rastoplyaet burns. It is the fire of an internal character. Slavs saw him everywhere he brilliance of the human mind in all who work thereof, is a reflection of his zeal and cold ice, and glitter of jewels, and the thunder clouds, snowy peaks of the mountains, and the beauty of herbs and strength

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Psychotronic weapons. Electronic signs of human exposure

Concealed light or a strong impact on the experiment aimed at PSI and electronic attack, or exposure to cause any disease in any given period of time (time may be 5 — 10 years and over)

— You have constant fatigue or slight discomfort or occasionally it often occurs for no apparent reason — Wake hardly more than fifteen minutes, waking up feeling refreshed

— Waking usually at night for a while, or do not want to sleep at night and during the day you can easily go to sleep — It may sometimes be slight heaviness in the body,

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GMO foods Americans do not want to have, and we?

Recently in the United States banned the growing of genetically modified sugar beet. Experiments have shown that even rats die of sausage, which is GM soy in Russia, so far not all packages are marked to indicate the content of a product of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). But what if such a certificate, — not to buy at all or do not pay attention? With this question, "AIF" addressed to Irina Ermakova, international expert on food and environmental safety, doctor of biological sciences. IE: — The food guinea female rats, my colleagues added genetically modified soybeans — the one that

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HARA — energy center of the human body

HARA — energy center of the human body.

Class warriors, ie managers and advocates a kind of closest to the knowledge of the processes of the universe to the Russian wise men had the ability to move into other dimensions, to influence the minds of others, to introduce themselves to other states, to send wild animals to the enemy, control your body skillfully than today's yoga. What do the ancient manuscripts and manuscripts. Part of this class of warriors who have dedicated their lives only martial arts and military training, passed their skills and knowledge and from generation to

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Confessions of a superman

20 years ago, in January 1991, even before the collapse of the USSR, the Russian newspaper "Free Speech" published "Confessions of Superman", which then could be perceived as a confession schizophrenic. But now, after more than 10 years, it is perceived quite differently — as a rabbi E.Hodos writes in his book "The Jewish Syndrome 2 1/2" — as the greatest tragedy of the content and results of the confession …. One of the last documents "mystery of iniquity" was published in the newspaper "Evening Kiev" September 28, 1992:

"Our time is returned. Yes it from us and not go

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