New Slavic civilization and human migration

In 36 issue of "Economic Newspaper" published a draft "Great sokrestie continents," which has developed the International Association of "Ways of the great migrations of humanity." First proposed joint international study on the migration of people from continent to continent, from the earliest times to solve practical problems of today and tomorrow. The main purpose of the raised topic — to determine which values of humanity is in the XXI century. It is therefore necessary to study multifaceted aspects of life of the peoples of the law from the perspective of the unity of the three worlds: the natural,

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The mystery of the Karelian sledovikov

In Europe found a lot of so-called sledovikov — stones with imprints of hands or feet. These marks on the stone is rumored to saints or deities. They vary both in size and associated ethnographic evidence, and even the nature of the images themselves.

I wonder what these unusual stones, really? This was explained by the famous Karelian ethnographer, vice president of the society, "race" Alexei Popov.

Stones of the Russian North

— Alex, why his research did you choose Karelia? — The fact that Karelia, which is located in north-west Russia, can be called a complete megalithic region,

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Sudboplavanie conscious — to the masses!

You have not started to develop control of their lives by thinking and hide from this valuable skill for empty, but very "important" tricks?

You try to not even think about the mental energy latent in your potentials, your role in the universe?

You believe in the fundamental unknowability of the age-old question?

You persistently ignore rare but wonderful event and guiding signs, synchronicity, and prophetic dreams?

You brush aside the apparent materialization of your deepest wishes and fears, the apparent return with interest of good and evil?

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Slavic code boom


I know almost nothing about the real arrows. But I know the folklore, some genres that literally filled with archery, for example, the epic, many arrows in plots, and it is not easy arrows of Cupid, a powerful fire attack passion, in the mythological and the songs of the South Slavs yunatskih Forks excellent command of the bow and arrow as Polanica our epic not only in one of the tales mentioned old wise woman who is able to be used in the event of military small arms. Just as there is still a pagan ritual

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Dismemberment of Russia will begin from the Far East

Fellow of the analytical agency on condition of anonymity, shared the results of a study of short-term development of Russia, based on public statistics, and public sources of information. Give the talk in an abridged edition.

Why did you decide to tell everyone about this study? Certain information not intended for publication?

— This is a personal decision. Want the results of the analysis to know more people.

Have you been told who's the customer?

Of course not. Client — a little-known foreign companies, which obviously is more serious player. After talking during work with foreign colleagues, we realized that

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Another look at the history of Russia. Alexander Prozorov

The war against Russia is already very long and very, very successful. Of course, not on the battlefield, where we are all always beaten and hurt a lot, but where the West has always won and continues to win — in the information wars. The main goal — to show the inhabitants of our country, that they are stupid mindless trash, not even a second-rate, but somewhere 07.06 level, without past or future. And it almost proved — even the authors of many patriotic articles agree with this approach completely.

Examples? Please!

Example 1. Hedavno we celebrated the 1000th

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Prices and salaries in Russia at the beginning of XX century

Prices and salaries in Russia in the early XX century, devoted a lot of articles. But all these articles on prices and wages in pre-revolutionary Russia, are very different in content, depending on the time of writing.


If you wrote an article in the Soviet time, then it goes to explicitly focus on the miserable wages, especially the working class, and are terribly extortionate prices for food and other consumer goods in the Russian Empire at the time. If the article has a start date of 1990, then it will contain the opposite of the dizzying growth

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Large dental fraud. Fluoride concreted your pineal gland

How often do you brush your teeth? Most likely, one or two times a day. And how often have you thought about what substances are found in toothpaste, which you use from day to day, month after month? Perhaps, just as I do — never. If like me, you rely on the recommendations of the "Dental Association." And in vain.


After I caught the eye of the information about the dangers of fluoride, I really thought about the fact that never before I did not have even thought about how to read the box structure of toothpaste.

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