Moscow. Manezh Square. December 11, 2010

Lords shower

The film tells about the fate of the founders of psychotronic weapons, as well as on the areas in which psihozondirovanie used today. Does modern man is free in his actions? How big is the risk that non-lethal weapons may now fall into the hands of those who can use them to enslave mankind? Will pass bill on safety of psychotronic?

Experiments on the effects on the brain a hundred years ago, started Bekhterev, Durov and Kazhinsky. But only a psychologist Igor Smirnov could really get into the unconscious man, read his thoughts and change them. Many

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Why they do not know Russian


The present village miracle

Soviet coat of arms, crosses and domes of churches, riders on horseback, the bride and groom, children, pigeons, cats, hundreds of thousands of forged flowers and some nice flourishes — a feeling that the house created a child's hand. Kirillov Sergey Ivanovich never celebrated on February 23. He was busy, he was always working. Building a house. Built. Of the house is no longer anywhere in Russia. Maybe there is in India, and it seems unlikely. Near the hut on the track Kirillov wide black band worn rubber. This heritage thousands of cars that travel from Yekaterinburg to Nevyansk

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The spiritual path Slav. Naming — VIDEO

How to start a spiritual path Slav? What is the naming ceremony? These and other issues are on our way Faith Ancestors responsible sorcerer Vladimir Kurowski. The conversation recorded in March 7520.


Slavic ritual dance of power (Kvitka)

Craft 4: Bogorodskaya thread

Trehlebov AV (Vedagor) Answers to questions. March 2011

U.S.: Where has compassion?

Russian version. Mysteries of consciousness

Methods to manipulate public opinion. The idea protects the body. The power of the mind and the mysteries of thought. Genetic memory and hidden reserves of the brain. How to live "Methuselah age"? Matrix of consciousness and the Russian idea. Life in the positive.

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