For the money, everything is possible: how to sell star names and lands on the moon

October 20, 2012 1:09

In Russia, this business has become a stream. Two weeks ago, caused a scandal at the Moscow Planetarium. The neighbors can count to five major sites that offer money in your honor to the name of the star. And each of the sites says that he has the exclusive rights to the catalog of stars, naming competitors charlatans. Belarus has managed to find only one "star representative," and only one "lunar consulate" — to the "Lunar Embassy" we still have not grown.

I'll give you a star. Any sort of

Crudely decorated texts with frequent

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Aliens in the mountains of Peru

October 15, 2012 0:24

In addition to technical and scientific progress, when the world is opening up new secrets of the universe, mankind is faced with puzzling findings from the past that have no explanation. Space travel becoming commonplace, and there, in infinite space, no one is alien intelligent life. But on Earth, scientists regularly find traces of extraterrestrial civilization.

City above the mountains

A couple of years ago in Peru were found two mummies. Archaeologists excavated on Mount Viracocha, which is in the region of the city of Cusco, the famous tourist destination, which is considered an

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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. Viruses. Another Life (10/11/2012)

October 15, 2012 4:53

In recent years, more and more deadly viruses and unexplored. There is speculation that the viral strains of epidemics develop global pharmaceutical companies to increase investment in the market of drugs. SARS, swine, avian influenza, hepatitis, AIDS — these diseases — a global hoax. Who sends humanity deadly disease? Whose goal is the destruction of mankind? More than 50,000 people die each year from unknown disease? And, maybe, viruses come to Earth from outer space? Been several similar cases — on the ground fell piece of the meteorite, then the residents of nearby

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Strange thing. Next the soul (10.12.2012)

October 14, 2012 21:43

Each edition of the program — it is a separate documentary on one of the most exciting topics of humanity. All events in our world are predetermined and natural. There is a universal scenario in which there is some action. There is some theory that all the time in the world already have everything in this world has been, everything in this world will be, so it …

The scientists were able to establish traces of DNA of dead people, who live in the space of about forty days … It is possible that our body

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Scientists have calculated the exact time of the apocalypse

October 12, 2012 21:00

At the very least, scientists have identified as the planet will die — in the asteroid would hit us.

Probable time of doom astronomers believe April 13, 2029, when the asteroid would hit Earth Apofis.Uchenye of State Astronomical Institute. P.Shternberga Moscow State University (MSU) have predicted that in 2029 the planet will face a dangerous asteroid Apophis (Apophis), which can bury humans.

Recently, astronomers have said that the encounter on April 13 at 4:36 am GMT. Energy containing 65,000 atomic bombs asteroid with a mass of 50 million tonnes and a diameter of 320 meters

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UFO suspended the international airport in Tel — Aviv

October 10, 2012 23:06

International Airport in Tel Aviv, "Ben-Gurion" suspended operations early Wednesday due to the detection on the radar screens of an unidentified flying object. The alarm had been raised to the sky, Israeli fighter jets. Departure of all flights were delayed, and the plane, ready to land, were ordered to enter the waiting area, reports The Jewish

Within minutes of the airport resumed as usual. No details about UFOs is not given. ITAR-TASS news agency said that the object was observed near the air borders of the country. During the flyby fighter revealed

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Sheldons list, or who kills a UFO?

October 11, 2012 23:41

Many researchers of the UFO problem, work on it in the 70's and 80's of the last century, died under mysterious circumstances, and may have been killed — the conclusion reached by the amateur astronomer, a former U.S. government adviser Timothy Hood. He said at an international conference in Amsterdam dedicated to finding extraterrestrial intelligence.

Actually, it is not even the hunters of unidentified flying objects, and on researchers, is fond of finding extraterrestrial life, which included professional and astrophysics … At this point Hood prompted the 30-year study of the sources of relevant topics.


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Rings nonphysical existence of the human soul and their inhabitants

October 6, 2012 19:15

For many years in the Monroe Institute, founder and director was Robert Monroe himself, conducted numerous studies out of body experiences. The experiment involved a carefully selected volunteers, and Monroe himself. Based on the many reports made up the stories of travelers, managed to draw a picture of a world in which the subjects were immersed. In his book "Far Journeys" by Robert Monroe talks about the rings, which are surrounded by our Earth. Rings are not physical existence are energy layers, human souls that is embodied in the earlier physical earthly world. Once we

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HAARP installation is able to manage time?

October 2, 2012 21:33

Brilliant physicist published a revolutionary work that refers to the 30 other scientific papers, indicating that HAARP has incredible power, and has no idea what most scholars of high radiation.

Dr. Fran Di Aquino claims about the ability of a fully functional network of HAARP, activated everywhere, not only influence the weather and geophysical events, but also have an impact on the space, gravity … and even just for a while! Now the network settings has many new features and one of them is almost ready for use at the edge of the world: in

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Jupiter again saved the planet

September 30, 2012 11:49

Clash of giant planets and space blocks imaged amateur astronomer from the city of Dallas in the United States. George Hall's telescope, which had installed a video camera, September 10, 2012 recorded the collision of Jupiter and a huge asteroid. George learned about it only after watching the video. It can be considered a powerful flash in Jupiter's atmosphere, which can be compared in size to our planet.

It should be noted that fans are lucky the second time. In 2009, asteroid impact on Jupiter was able to observe the Australian Anthony Wesley. His

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