How to build a time machine

April 28, 2012 20:55

Is time travel possible? The world of cinema has always believed in it, giving many options of travel, some of which even cute and funny. But the reality is different from the movie. Stephen Hawking, however, is convinced that a time machine could be built, and explains how.

Stephen Hawking, the renowned British astrophysicist and mathematician, said that all we need is a wormhole, or the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), or even a rocket that flies very, very fast.

First of all, we should consider time as a fourth dimension. All of us from childhood

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Riddle absurd statements enlonavtov

April 28, 2012 21:13

On that day, the owner of a dairy farm Harry T. Wilcox nourished his field. Shortly before ten o'clock in the morning he stopped work and went to check another field, surrounded by forest and located a mile from the barnyard.

We arrived with a celestial body, which you, the people who call the planet Mars

The farmer wanted to see as to whether the condition of the land to start plowing. Going to the field, he saw lying object, which at first took to be discarded refrigerator, and then — for a wing

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Opening Dropa stones and ancient aliens

April 26, 2012 20:56

Mountains of Bayan-Kara-Ula, located on the border of China and Tibet. On the top of a number of interconnected caves. In 1938, the expedition of Dr. Chi Pu Tei discovered skeletons buried in these caves. At first, researchers thought that the skeletons belong to the monkeys. But then they came to the conclusion that a gorilla could not be buried so close to each other.

On further investigation, they found caves icons depicting the sun, the moon, the stars and the Earth cut across the cave. The icons have been combined into the big picture

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The aliens in the universe using wormholes as portals to visit Earth

April 26, 2012 20:48


It is believed that it was the aliens responsible for the formation of human civilization? Archaeologists have discovered the ancient ruins and the image of aliens as gods. Photos of the plates and the stars were found on the walls of caves in different parts of the world. Many supporters of alien theories associated evidence, such as pictures on the stones, sculptures, religious texts and the most famous pyramid as proof that ancient aliens really existed and exist today.

Mythical flying machines described in Sanskrit epics, which were written over two

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Traces of space visitors

April 22, 2012 20:30

Meteor Crater aerial

Craters on the Earth's surface — the beautiful and horrible at the same evidence, which can cause the destruction of the space "alien" when he suddenly unable to fly to the planet.

"Arizona hole"

One of the most famous in the world is the Meteor Crater or Barringer Crater (Arizona, USA). In order to estimate the size of the giant hole over a kilometer in diameter, it is not necessary to hire a plane — enough to stand on the edge of the crater, and the entire crater will be in full

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As foreign-gray in humans Personality bought

April 16, 2012 15:58

The story began in the time of Atlantis, about 12 000 years ago. By the end of the existence of their race, most Atlanteans practiced black magic cults. The authorities were black priests. Atlantean civilization existed 10,800 years before the Earth once again close to the center of our galaxy and the planet Nibiru, where the gods of 12 stages and the Creator of our galaxy called Ra or Rod. This happens every 12 — 13 thousand years: the Earth is a kind of show of the gods, in which solved the issue: can this race

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Yuri Gagarin. Star choice

April 12, 2012 13:47

Yuri Gagarin. Star choice. Yuri Gagarin — the first man to go to space. His feat devoted hundreds of books and thousands of articles, a film, his name is known in every corner of the globe. The new film about Gagarin prepared for display in schools, at the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the first manned flight into space. (Film in Russian and English languages). Film studio Roscosmos

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In the vicinity of Saturns someone talking

April 12, 2012 12:16

Non-human speech is heard on a recording made probe "Cassini". Mysterious signals recorded in 2004, a time when the probe was near the planet's rings giant.

Automatic interplanetary station "Cassini» (Cassini spacecraft) arrived at Saturn June 30, 2004. But, according to NASA on its website in the section devoted to the study of the giant planet, even on approach — from April 2002, when the unit is in 374 million kilometers from Saturn — its antennae began to catch the strange radio signals. They were modulated in frequency in the range of

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NASA: Giant triangular UFO filmed from the ISS

January 31, 2013 0:59

This week on the official website of NASA researchers have found two more photos dated January 12, 1986 year. Another leak NASA UFO around the planet?

The photo captures crisp black regular triangular shaped object in Earth orbit. If you compare the two images, one can see that the object is not a "speck on the window," as some have suggested immediately, but something did move in space.

By marks on the photo you can see that the difference between them is only 17 seconds. The object is moved in this time far enough

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Earthlings are prepared to meet

April 8, 2012 22:58

Humankind in the universe is clearly not alone. But for years SETI different programs have not yielded the expected results. The result of all studies — an oppressive silence. Why?

Obviously, there is a civilization above, below, and approximately equal to the current level of development, but rather a degradation of humanity. Higher order of civilization, we can only watch on the cyclopean, the scale of galaxies, through their impact on the environment. But the trouble: for people, these symptoms are the result of natural laws. A science that we have such that even if

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