Day of cosmic history. Star door. Aired 08/03/2012

March 10, 2012 5:14

Day of cosmic history — Star Door (08/03/2012) There are people who say that they — witnesses or even participants in experiments with bio-robots that can travel through time and space. However, the governments of countries which allegedly conducted similar experiments, these experiments deny … Why?

Ghost Forest

January 29, 2013 3:06

In the woods near the town of Alloa, Scotland, appeared ghosts! Mysterious translucent shapes appear and disappear in the shadows and highlights, attracting photographers and tourists. There was no bloody battles or treacherous murders — ghosts populated nearby woods sculptor Rob Mulholland.

Rob creative uses translucent acrylic Plexiglas. Its easy to cut, it is difficult to break, and it also has a wonderful property to distort the reflection of light in such a way that gives the effect of partial invisibility.

At some point before the man in a forest appears

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Extraterrestrial life form found in Primorsky Krai

March 8, 2012 16:58

It fell to Earth in the form of red rain

Primorye is known not only fish, forests and summits with bridges. It boasts of the fact that attracts abnormal and unknown.

In addition to the wonderful, mysterious animals, luminous balls that have seen only a few, in Primorye appeared phenomenon called "red rain".

According to the story of Primorsky biologist ufologist Valeria Brier, this phenomenon was observed in the Primorsky Territory twice. He decided to find out what was falling on people's heads.

"I consulted with microbiologists who enjoy simple organisms. At the moment, I

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Flight to another world

March 10, 2012 6:42

What happens to a person after death? This question is still not given a clear answer. With the statement that the physical death of all ends, vehemently arguing all who believe in the existence of an immortal soul. They present evidence to prove who visited the other world, the stories about all kinds of miracles. Some argue that they were able to not only see the world beyond, but also to get in contact with its inhabitants.

One of those witnesses is forty-four Nikolay Voloshin elk-Petrovsky. He is convinced that everything that happened with him

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Secret areas: Space Earth Chronicle

March 3, 2012 8:32

Secret area (aired on 03/02/2012) Destined to a future? Some researchers suggest, there is a mechanism that controls the world from space, while others are convinced people — the master of your life …

Humanity lives in Space Bubbles

March 1, 2012 17:39

Point, or as it is called Grossman "Bubble mankind," is a sphere whose boundary — the first radio transmission.

The fact that we exist in a space known diameter of about 240 light-years, is widely known in private. Mankind is a very modest place, not only in the universe, but also in their home galaxy, the Milky Way. It — place — we have astronomer Adam Grossman (Adam Grossman) in her blog — a small yellow dot. Its diameter is only 240 light years away — really pipsqueak compared to the whole of the

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Unsolved world — Atmosphere

February 21, 2012 19:14

In the empty darkness of space, surrounded by the planets and the cold vacuum, the planet Earth as an oasis of life. All because of our protective cocoon of gas. This protective layer of air takes the form of what we see on the ground. It protects, insulates and supports us, it carries the water on Earth, and is a shield from cosmic radiation strikes and deadly …

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Super-Earth — a lost world?

February 21, 2012 18:52

Sverhzemlya — a special class of planets, consisting mainly of rocks and Earth-like in structure. They are superior to our planet by weight, but still significantly lower than the mass supergiants. One of the known planets of this type located in another solar system, is the planet of Cancer 55 e.

In 2011, with the Canadian space telescope MOST were discovered planet transits Cancer 55 e on the stellar disk. Period of revolution around the star is 17 hours and 41 minutes, semi-major axis of the orbit 0.0157 au, eccentricity 0.07.

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UFOs and big politics

February 19, 2012 13:25

In recent years, information on there that is being hidden fact communicating with aliens, it was more than enough to do.

China last couple of years suddenly began to pour in the media until now top secret information. Who and what is heard about the UFO over China in some 1985? Even professional ufologists did not have accurate information.

And now — please: in December 2008, Beijing unveiled a record UFO, 20 years is stored in the deepest secrecy. In Britain, the publication of the so-called X-files have been delivered in a big way, dropping them

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On the motion of celestial bodies

April 15, 2012 15:27

The author reveals the true image of the movement of celestial bodies, showing how they actually move in space, considering the spherical region is not in a vacuum, and the space as it is — is never ending.

The official description:

If you think that the theory of the Earth's rotation around the sun — it is a proven fact that you are sadly mistaken. In this theory, so many inconsistencies that it has long been located on the same shelf with Darwin's theory of the origin of man from apes. Someone

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