Astronomers reach new frontiers of dark matter

January 10, 2012 12:17

For the first time in the history of cosmology, astronomers were able to reach previously unexplored frontiers of dark matter. Remind those who have forgotten that dark matter — a hypothetical form of matter that does not emit electromagnetic radiation, and does not interact with it. It is this property of the form of matter makes it impossible to directly observe. But it is possible to detect the presence of dark matter created by its gravitational effects. Although the detection of dark matter could solve the problem of dark matter, which is an abnormally fast

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Steam coming from the Sun

January 9, 2012 15:57

Middle view of the sun on the last day of 2011, showing an impressive set of projections with sunspots AR1389 on the eastern segment of the star. Courtesy Efron Morales Rivera, Puerto Rican Observatory Jaicoa. This breathtaking image of the sun was Efron Morales Rivera of Jaicoa Observatory in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, December 31st, 2011. It shows a lot of bumps in the eastern segment of the sun, producing a sort of steam. Rivera compared them with a group of trees, and said that the sun with his current activity — it is definitely something for

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Avatars leaving cinemas to take place among people

January 22, 2013 2:45

Control by thought, blurring the line between human and robot to merge with the machine to return to an active life avatar leaving cinemas to take place among us. While it is mainly a laboratory, but the day is near when the new items can really improve the quality of life of people — mainly those whose physical abilities are limited.

At the University of Barcelona in the European research project, scientists bring together man and machine, using, in particular, skin electrodes and stereo glasses. Thanks to this symbiosis actually feels connected "in

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Quantum universe

January 8, 2012 4:34

Hugh Everett, of course, tried to discuss his theory of the "many worlds" with other physicists, but received in return only surprise or indifference. One physicist Bryce DeWitt of the University of Texas, even spoke out against Everett's theory, saying: "I just can not feel the split." But such a reaction Everett recalled the reaction of critics of Galileo, who said that they did not feel the movement of the Earth. (Over time, DeWitt moved to the side of Everett and has become one of the leading proponents of this theory.)

For several decades,

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Brownie and his relatives

January 7, 2012 7:55

Who has not heard stories about the house? Little people who live in old houses. Residents, however, need to be friends with them, and even sometimes leave something edible.

Sometimes the house is called "Barabashka" probably due to the fact that they knock and bang in the night. However, not everyone knows that the world is not as simple house and it passions run worse than Shakespeare.

Starting a conversation about the world of house, it should be noted that house our ancestors called a large group of gods and spirits. Some settled in the

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Earth hole

January 6, 2012 13:09

Space Day stories on REN TV 05.01.2012 Anomalous zones of the Earth.

Stephen Hawking compared the coming of aliens to the bloody discovery of America

January 6, 2012 16:55


The famous physicist urged not to communicate with the aliens. The famous British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has called to do the colonization of space, but avoid contact with aliens.

"Come into contact with an alien civilization — a very risky business. If aliens decided to visit the Earth, the effects can be comparable to those that occurred when Europeans discovered America. For indigenous people of the Americas is opening a disaster "- said Hawking.

However, he believes that in order to survive, humanity must take space colonization, as our planet in the

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The bunker Wolfsan No bombs fell?

January 6, 2012 12:18

In 1940 in a remote corner of the forest Mazury Lake District, where converged once the border of East Prussia, the Nazis occupied Poland and the Soviet Union, seven kilometers from the ancient town of Rustenburg (now Kętrzyn), turned accelerated construction under a thick veil of secrecy. Here in record time, in absolute secrecy was built mostly military headquarters of Nazi Germany "Wolfsan" — "Wolf's Lair".

"Wolfsan" — is about 80 different buildings, located on a relatively small wooded area. Among them, seven heavy bunkers, several medium and dozens of light, named barracks. They were a

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Flying ball of light seen in Estonia

January 5, 2012 3:01

Flying ball of light seen in Estonia Reuters / Scanpix

Tuesday night at 20.18 in Southern Finland saw a glowing ball of considerable size — he was flying through the sky for more than ten seconds. According to the society of astronomers Ursa, body on fire over the Narva. Delfi page in Facebook, as well as the comments on the article in the form of letters began to come to us evidence of readers who claim that they have seen on Tuesday night in the sky, an unidentified glowing object.

Readers reported seeing

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January 5, 2012 0:34

For many years, researchers have debated the ghosts with physicists and skeptics of the existence of ghosts and phantoms. But until now, neither one nor the other agreed.

Recently, I met up with her boyfriend, with whom in the 80 years of the Commission met in the paranormal at the Geographical Society. The former chief engineer of a large research institutes now worked there as a security guard.

-I have an interesting story for you, — said a familiar — we caught the ghost, more precisely, even a couple.

-Let us — without much enthusiasm

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