In the sky — flying man

December 18, 2011 23:57

Batman does not happen only in the movies, sometimes creepy like creature with wings instead of arms is quite possible to find, in my seaside taiga

Batman does not happen only in the movies, sometimes creepy like creature with wings instead of arms is quite possible to find, in my seaside taiga. With the so-called "flying man" Primorye met another famous traveler and explorer Vladimir Arsenyev. About the meeting, he said: "My dog trailed behind. On the trail, I saw a bear track, very similar to the human one.

Alma bristled and growled, and

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Strange thing. Killers from the Moon

December 17, 2011 16:07

Recently, in the secret archives of NASA discovered an unknown account with negotiations astronauts. On the tape clearly heard that the crew of the spaceship on the moon faced with something inexplicable. Very soon the film is gone, and NASA announced that more than 700 hundred boxes of videos and audio recordings of space missions, literally vanished into thin air. Stole hundreds of priceless materials, but the most incredible is that the video has disappeared unique mission to the moon, which no one knew anything …

It is considered that the development of

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A womans hair in the Slavic tradition

December 18, 2011 17:14

Hair — an asset not only of female beauty, and wisdom, and mental strength.

They, like our natural antennas, are conductors of energy and strength. Not for nothing, they used to be called Cosmo. Obviously, a beard, was the relationship with the cosmos, a new space intuitive information. Most likely, it still comes. The question is: what is the state of our antennas?

Girls with childhood braided plait, which covered the spine, thus protecting the energy centers (chakras).

Hair are not only different colors, but different structures: straight, curly, thick, thin.


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Huge white city floating in space

December 16, 2011 14:17

Astronomers have long stepped away in their studies near and distant stars and galaxies. Hundreds of professionals and millions of fans every night sent to the starry sky their various telescopes. The main telescope is a planet — orbital space agency NASA telescope "Hubble" opens for astronomers unprecedented horizons far space. But, with the great discoveries, "Hubble" and at least presents the greatest mysteries.

In early 1995, a German astronomy magazine published a short message that immediately responded to a number of scientific, religious and popular publications of the planet. Each of

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People — sensors and Empathy

January 17, 2013 19:25

We are not talking about ordinary people at all, but rather the extreme, some human qualities, which to some extent may have one, but for some living these qualities are dominant, for that is the major part of their mission and purpose of life on earth.

These people can be named the "bare nerve" or "a man without skin." And, both would be true. Because these people — really have nerves of the Earth. These are very sensitive. Rather, over-sensitive.

Deliberately (consciously) or unconsciously (subconsciously) they absorb all of the energy currents

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Ominous plazmozavry Antarctica

December 14, 2011 17:40

American polar explorer Robert Peary first reached the North Pole, but with the South he was lucky: he was ahead of Norwegian Ronald Amundsen. Peary discovered cherished point pennant contender left just a week before. Back, he decided to come back, do not go the route of the Amundsen — went through the region of the magnetic pole, and died …

Half a century later, a Soviet expedition, who founded the station in Antarctica, "peace", sent a team of six researchers into the continent in order to reach the South Magnetic Pole, only

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Hyperspace: not the same as in the Star Wars

January 17, 2013 10:47

Hyperspace, it appears, will not look as it was shown in the famous sci-fi movie "Star Wars"

Kind of "Millennium Falcon", which is dispersed to superluminal velocity, in order to make the "jump into hyperspace", became one of the most iconic and memorable moments of the trilogy of "Star Wars." However, students from the University of Leicester have made calculations, and found that in fact Han, Luke and Leia would see the light coming from the stars in the outer side of the spacecraft, gradually stretched into long, thin strips.

Four students, led by Dr.

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Alien, born on Earth

December 11, 2011 14:05

One day he told us that he once lived on Mars

It is noticed that on our planet increasingly were born especially gifted children who received the title "Indigo". One of these "Indigo" — a child named Boris — live in town Zhirinovsky Volgogradchine. A boy was born January 11, 1996 and is already 4 years old and a passion to visit famous places in the anomalous zone Medvedetskoy Ridge — Blue Mountain, that near the very Zhirinovsky. Why so? Yes, you see, to him it is the required energy needs.

Parents Boris, cute,

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On the moon, discovered an alien spacecraft

December 10, 2011 3:30

Interesting videos and pictures of UFOs on the moon were found on the network, what is the crashed alien craft or another duck? That is the question that evokes the minds of thousands of researchers evidence of the presence of UFOs on the moon … I present to you an overview of these pictures and video clips.

Pictures of image reconstruction of unidentified objects on the Moon

In the pictures taken during the first

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Wightman Vaitmar, Wim …

December 10, 2011 18:57


Vimal is not fictional fiction, but a real fact of the existence of high-tech tools peredvizheniya.Rassmatrivaya recent progress from a position letatayuschih devices, to some extent, it can be concluded that humanity has reached certain results. We have learned to fly in the air. We have learned to carry more freight by air. In the space to put a man. From the standpoint of the modern man, it looks like progress.

Vimanika Shastra

But in addition to this position, there is always the position of the elapsed time from

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