Secret area. In contact with the Galaxy

January 15, 2013 0:41

Something or someone is watching us from space. God? Aliens? Higher intelligence? No answer yet. One thing is clear — the heavenly guests unceremoniously adjust the program of the future.

How long a person can not sleep, and because of this he will be?

November 26, 2011 14:55

In 1965, the high school student Randy Gardner decided to perform an experiment to stay awake as long as possible. He did it — he did not close his eyes 11 days (and got into the Guinness Book of Records). Randy was recently broken record, but because of damage to health, this category has been excluded by the organizers. The longest of unconfirmed records — 28 days.

What happened to Randy, until he was asleep? Naturally, at first it felt very, very tired and was irritable. On the fifth day he developed

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Extraterrestrial us: instead of mail — interstellar hydrogen

November 26, 2011 12:29

Recent studies suggest the existence of NASA billions of extraterrestrial civilizations. Kepler space telescope has discovered exoplanet in 1235 of which 54 are likely to be found in the so-called zone of life, that is comfortably situated in their stars, just like our planet. Where exactly are these habitable planets and when they get in touch with us, and would come out at all, leading "Morning of Russia" have learned from the Chief Scientist of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Zaitsev.

Other civilizations yet been found, the

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Astronomers have seen the formation of an exoplanet

November 21, 2011 12:21

The planet formed in the disk LkCa 15 (illustration Karen Teramura, UH IfA).

Astronomers Adam Kraus (Adam Kraus) and Michael Ayrlend (Michael Ireland) University of Hawaii at Manoa (USA) and Macquarie University (Australia), probably removed the planet at the time of its formation.

The object of the new study was the star LkCa 15 — analogue of the Sun, which lies in the approximate (145 ± 15 pc) to us the star forming region in Taurus and Auriga. Weight LkCa 15 is estimated at 0,97 ± 0,03 sun, and its age is only (2+2-1) Million

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The door to the dream

November 17, 2011 23:32

The door opened, and she ran into Charlie. The door is then closed, and since then we have not seen him

In the spring I was visiting a friend in New York, and she told me the story of one of his American childhood friend. We have long puzzled over what had happened and how to treat it, but could not decide. Anticipating the story, I will say only one thing: the family, which will be discussed now lives quite happily — all alive and well, that's just a friend of my friend never

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Eclipse of November-December 2011

November 17, 2011 13:15

The current "eclipse season" opens solar eclipse November 25, 2011. He will be a lunar — 10 December.

Eclipse — this is not the time, and period. The influence of the eclipse begins two weeks before the date of the first eclipse and continues after the second week. Events related to the eclipse occurs during this period, not only on the date the eclipse.

Both belong to the eclipse of Saros series 14N in the North Node of the Moon. Eclipse of one series are repeated every 18 years, and what happens now will be a

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Methodology Output in the Astral

November 16, 2011 20:51

Preliminary relaxation Take a deep breath and as you exhale, close your eyes. Feel the wave of relaxation spreads throughout the body. Take another breath and every cell of the body, every nerve feel pleasant languor. Lie so nice, so quiet. As well forget about the cares and worries and surrender to the power pervading relaxation.

With the next breath, feel the leg muscles begin to relax. With each breath, toes more and more relaxed. Feel the relaxation of all the increases, and goes from the toes to the ankle.

Feel the relaxation rises

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Indigo children know the past of the Earth

November 15, 2011 21:44

People with psychic powers: the messengers lost civilization? Recently, the world became increasingly children are born with extraordinary abilities. World calls these kids differently. In France they are called "Teflon Child," because they do not fit the generally accepted patterns of behavior. In America, they — "indigo children" and "children of the light."

Many scientists believe that the emergence of these children shows that the coming spiritual transformation of humanity, which begins to develop a new mindset. The case has come to the point that on January 30 in the United States

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November 14, 2011 8:40

The guy from the Argentine town of Matias remembers all his past lives, he knows a lot about the origins of the universe, our planet, our solar system, and about ourselves. He claims that when he shared Akashic that collects and stores all the information. Mathias decided to share with us their knowledge.

My name is Gustavo Matias De Stefano. I was born in August 1987 in Venado Tuerto, Argentina.

I am one of the many new babies born since 1987 in order to bring in a new anchor and understanding, I am one of

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Ninth planet Earth saved

November 11, 2011 22:06


She was a shove out of the solar system. In our solar system once there were nine planets, five of whom were giants. Ninth planet was literally push out the limits of the system, which saved the Earth from catastrophic destruction. So says astrophysicist David Nesvorny of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. When the sun turned 600 million years, and it has already started to gather around him the heavenly bodies, the major planets of hydrogen and helium — like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune — moved more erratically. At

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