Fear distorts space

December 29, 2012 4:54

Snake crawling to the person may be more than he seems. Fear can distort the perception of approaching objects, making the distance to underestimate the threat.

King Cobra

The results of our study suggest that emotion and perception is not completely separable in the mind — says psychologist Stella Lorenzo at Emory University. — Fear can affect the very basis of how we perceive the world around us. These results are important for understanding the clinical phobias. "

Usually a person is well developed as understanding when approaching the object will be selected him closely,

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Swiss scientists are preparing to release a new humanoid robot

December 29, 2012 5:52

Together with the numerous fans of the project we hope that in the spring of 2013 at the International Exhibition of Robotics "Robots on the road" in Zurich, we present a new robot-baby (Figure AI Lab).

Now dozens of laboratories around the world are being developed humanoid robots. One of the priorities in this area is to create the most realistic propulsion system, which finally went to the typical angular and sharp movements.

Swiss researchers from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) at the University of Zurich announced that in March 2013

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In the village of Jubilee found anomalous zone

December 27, 2012 2:09

New Year's Eve has always been considered magical and mysterious. And it seems for good reason. In anticipation of the holidays the old-timers of the village Jubilee that Gremyachinskoe area complained of strange noises in their apartments. Our film crew has just returned from a trip to this mysterious place, visited with experts in paranormal phenomena. Journalists have a crawl space in the range of infrared and ultraviolet spectra. And be sure — something!

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Philadelphia Experiment — 70 years of mystery

December 22, 2012 18:27

At this time back in 1984 to the world screens out quite a stir film "Philadelphia Experiment," based as it is today considered on a true story of seventy years ago.

Photo: www.pokon21.narod.ru

This experiment there is no official data, the U.S. Navy does not comment on the many notes in the press, and yet the majority of researchers world of secrets and mysteries are sure that October 28, 1943 the U.S. Navy had a really unusual experiment …

It is believed that during the top-secret U.S. military experiment allegedly disappeared and then appeared

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Chinese satellite structure found on the Moon

December 18, 2012 15:43

Chinese lunar satellite Chang'e-2 is an unmanned lunar probe and launched October 1, 2010 as the successor of the lunar probe Chang'e-1. Examiner edition is a photo where clearly visible buildings and structures on the surface of the moon, which are clearly artificial.

Chinese satellite structure found on the Moon

Canadian edition agoracosmopolitan.com resulting data and video of Alex Collier, who is known for that retells the message coming from space from aliens. He states that also received the first pictures of friends from China.

He said: The Chinese lunar mission "Chang'e-2? began

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War in Space. The explosion on the moon of Jupiter

October 23, 2011 16:24

It seems that in space is a real war. Being used weapons of such destructive forces that Earthlings never dreamed of. Jupiter and everything that happens there is generally quite cryptic. It is not so long ago, it was a blast from the area and destroyed the comet Elenin. It was after this, the comet Elenin changed the trajectory and subsequently collapsed.

Secrets of Tibet. Expedition that found E. Muldasheva?

December 17, 2012 5:56

The outcome of several expeditions to the Himalayas, organized weekly "AIF" Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Health Ministry and ZAO "Oyltreydmarket" became more sensational in the mountains was found "live" and "dead" water and discovered a complex of pyramids. The review, including mirrors, the city of the gods, and the valley of death, is based on several interviews with the leaders of the expedition ER Muldasheva

Living and dead water

— So, you know that somewhere there is a living water, and focused her advice?

— You could say that. First, based on a series

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Illustrious features

December 15, 2012 22:58

Passing up the rays allow us to see the direction of the magnetic field lines of the Earth. Frame is unique in that is well visible red glow at high altitude, usually hidden from observers. Photo: TOMMY ELIASSEN / BARCROFT MEDIA / ALL OVER PRESS

Decorating the sky over the Arctic and Antarctic, generated by solar activity — the most spectacular aspect of magnetic storms, not the harmless natural phenomenon.

Northern lights should be called polar because they are observed in both the Earth's magnetic poles — North and South. This phenomenon occurs

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A few steps away from the magic! Incredible achievements of the year

December 14, 2012 20:56

Obviously, the opening and amazing inventions of the scientific world are getting closer to the fairy magic.

Progress does not allow us to stand still, and makes keeping up with the times. Let us sum up this year and find out what amazing and incredible heights modern science has made during this period.


Who among us does not want to acquire the ability to read minds? Just imagine how it would be interesting to connect to the brain interlocutor and view his thoughts, like a movie on TV. It seems incredible,

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Hronovizor — a threat to humanity?

December 13, 2012 1:10

Imagine a TV remote which channels are in place centuries, years, days, hours, minutes, and geographic coordinates.

You type in a certain time, you specify the desired position, and in front of you there is a live picture of the past or the future.

This TV will be called magical hronovizorom.


If a person takes a time machine into a different time, hronovizor only gives him the opportunity to observe the image of the past or the future, remaining in his time. This way of studying a particular

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