Time and space — just an illusion

November 20, 2012 5:38

Quantum physics has shown that space and time — it is an illusion of perception, so our bodies can not be a reality if you just take a place in space. Consciousness creates reality.

Girl phenomenon Lisa Chumakov, I learned to see your hands!

November 16, 2012 17:11

"My child has a sixth sense." Photo: Press Service TV-3

— Guess which hand? — Lisa I show two clenched fists. Girl focused — for it is not just a guessing game, and the test to read thoughts.

She should get the information out of my head, even if I do not want to share it. "He is in his left hand, where the clock" — give a false mental setup. Lisa guessing. After all, she just sees the object in his right hand, why do I think so? But still shows on the

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The world is an amazing place — Great Blue Hole

November 17, 2012 22:52

Great Blue Hole. Photo: fresher.ru

Great Blue Hole — one of the geological wonders of the Yucatan Peninsula near the (territory of Belize in Central America), which is a circular crater diameter of 305 m and 120 m in depth. The best views of the open pit from a height. Pictures taken from a helicopter, clearly visible boundary of light and dark water, the transparency which allows you to see one of the longest in the world of coral reefs — Lighthouse Reef Atoll, part of the Belize Barrier Reef.

It is assumed that

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Feel like a robot

November 15, 2012 18:42

In Spain, are already developing a robot "Avatar" or "surrogate".

Control by thought, blurring the line between human and robot to merge with the machine to return to an active life avatar leaving cinemas to take place among us. While it is mainly a laboratory, but the day is near when the new items can really improve the quality of life of people — mainly those whose physical abilities are limited.

At the University of Barcelona in the European research project, scientists bring together man and machine, using, in particular, skin electrodes and

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Riddle lunar mission Apollo

November 14, 2012 21:49

In 1960 Brookings Institute — one of the leading U.S. think tanks — has prepared a report entitled "Forecast consequences peaceful activities in space for humanity." Apart from the various statistical and research data, it contained isolated from their context to assess the possibility of opening NASA extraterrestrial intelligent life or traces of its activities. The report provides an unequivocal recommendation to classify such data.

This question puzzles me …

Richard C. Hoagland, one of the authors of the best-selling book "Dark Mission. The Secret History of NASA », believes that within five years after

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Perfume makes contact

November 12, 2012 21:54

The invention of electricity, and then create on its basis of various transmission and storage: the telegraph, radio, computers — not only enable humanity to a new level of development, but, apparently, destroyed impenetrable wall that separates the world of the living from the dead.

Photo: vk.com

In the legends of almost all nations, and the priests could no technical means to speak with the dead. But most scientists believed these myths and legends just a fairy tale. Do not trust professionals and people with extraordinary stories, psychic abilities, telling of the "voices of the

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On the moon found the human skeleton: To disappear abducts UFO?

November 16, 2012 6:15

It is believed that the first earthlings walked on the moon were U.S. astronauts Neil Armstrong and E. Aldrin. However, said one of the leading astrophysicists China Dr. Mao Kan, the astronauts had a predecessor or predecessors, far ahead of them. Chinese scholar said that he had received from a "reliable source" in the U.S. picture, which clearly shows the skeleton of a man lying on the lunar surface. Judging by the location of the bone, and his death was violent.

Some parts of the skeleton are missing. Dr. Kang Mao believes that the remains were

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