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Smart House, which itself generates electricity, shown in Tokyo

"Smart" home (home energy management system — Home Energy Management System, HEMS) is shown in the opened Wednesday in Tokyo exhibition Nano tech 2013.

"Energy management system — the brain of the house. It analyzes data on the development of solar energy, sends it to the battery or electric runs. At night the house battery system adds to" purchase "electricity from the network during the day — from home solar panels," — told RIA Novosti consultant stand of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Japan Tomoko Okada.

Morning and evening, when demand rises sharply, HEMS manages appliances — heats

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Oil spill in the Red Sea resort threatens beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh

Oil slick, stretching for 300 meters along the Red Sea coast, environmentalists found on Monday near the town of El-Tor in the south of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, according to a news web site Youm7.

Oil may fall into a unique national marine reserve of Ras Mohammed, and close to the beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh, according to RIA Novosti.

According to the director of crisis management and special operations province of South Sinai Adil Kassab, experts have begun to localize and eliminate the discharge of oil.

The governor of the province of South Sinai Khaled Foda has created a

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Brawl at Ravens end reconciliation with kisses

Ornithologists have found that vorony quarreled shortly after intense clashes begin to make up, touching each other's beak and feathers mutually scrubbing. This behavior was first observed in birds. In the behavior of primates, as well as other social mammals, is common practice reconciliation: after an argument, the participants behave with each other far more cordial and attentive. This is manifested particularly clearly, if the participants were skirmishes in the "friendly" allied relations within the group.

According to zoologists, such reconciliation make "friendship stronger" — in other words, do not allow the group to remain under the influence of

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In Samara, a top record cold, keep in 1937

MOSCOW, June 20 — RIA Novosti. Sunday was the coldest in Samara 19 June on record, and the record was closed before the war, lasted for nearly three quarters of a century, according to the website "Meteonovosti."

"The night before, in Samara was 8.6 degrees — now that's the absolute minimum temperature for June 19. Previous minimum lasted from 1937, when it was 9.2 degrees," — said in a statement.

Lowering the temperature was due to the sparse clouds, but soon the cloud cover over Samara will increase, which will create a greenhouse effect, and the next

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Americans warned of tsunami

Tsunami Warning Center in the U.S. (Tsunami Warning Center) issued a press release in which it said the danger of a tsunami on the west coast of the country, including the states of California, Washington and Oregon. Reported by the Associated Press. Americans urged to leave the coastal areas and to stay on high ground. Earlier, a similar warning issued Pacific Centre of the National Weather Service of USA (US National Weather Service). It extended to the State of Hawaii, as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and other countries. As the channel NBC, Hawaii registered a small earthquake.

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Japanese radiation reached Belarus

Measuring instruments in Belarus show traces of radiation originating from Japan, but the danger to people in the country do not have, said Tuesday at a press conference, Director of the Department of Hydrometeorology of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Maria Germenchuk.

Earlier the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov said that in the coming weeks, the particles of radioactive substances in trace amounts because of the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" can be spread around the world, but there was no risk to human health, they do not represent. He stressed that this number is in

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News 13th day of the Olympics

News for all fans and lovers of the Olympics — our team won the twelfth gold medals won by Natalia Vorobieva in wrestling women. Natasha still in a tight battle won up over Bulgarian rival and won the gold! Start a fight seemed to give her a little effort.

My opponent could not even move it from the carpet. But at the end a little bit tired and Natasha, making us a little nervous for her. But in the end she did it! We did not expect success in this sport, as women's boxing. Russia recently became involved in

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Wind storms and blizzards are expected in the Kola Peninsula

Strong wind, snow, blizzard and ice are expected from Monday evening in the Murmansk region, told RIA Novosti the head of the Situation Centre Roshydromet Yuri Varakin.

"With the arrival of the cyclone from the Barents Sea to Murmansk region on Monday night is expected to wind speed of 20-25 meters per second, snow, blizzard," — said the source.

According to him, maybe snow buildup on wires, drifts on the roads.

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In Britain, there was the first victim of the storm

As predicted by forecasters, the British Isles blew cyclone rains and storm wind. Heavy rainfall caused flooding in many counties. Somerset during the disaster has lost one of its citizens. His car was picked up and carried away the water under the bridge, a man could not get out of the car and died from his injuries.

As reported by weather forecasters, hurricane winds with gusts up to 160 km / h and heavy rains continue to rage in the coming days. Warning about the dangers of flooding remains important for the country, for the territory, which has already

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The accident in eastern China in the river poured tons of chemicals

Loaded with 30 tons of a chemical methyl tank fell off the bridge. Two drivers were injured. Chemical leaked into the river. Cause of the accident and the extent of water poisoning investigated.

The accident occurred in the morning on September 13 in the eastern district of Longquan, Zhejiang Province, according to local media.

As a result of a fall from a three-meter bridge, formed hole in the tank and start a chemical fountain translate into anabranch Outszyan. The leak continued for several hours, until it was closed up. How many tons of chemicals spilled is not yet known.

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