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In New York, is expected to record heat for the last 80 years

In New York, almost expected record heat for the last 80 years, according to Bloomberg.

The official said the National Weather Service, Tim Morrina, on Thursday the temperature in New York could reach 99 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius) and beat the historical record in 1933.

In this case, Morrin said that in the weekend weather should return to normal. The thermometer will hover around the mark of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20-25 Celsius).

"It is the Sabbath will be 20-25 degrees. Roller coaster, you can say, "- says Morrin.

According to him, this week the temperature has

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Destructive storm in the Aegean Sea

Imperceptible at first precipitation and storms in the Aegean Sea have led to a critical situation. Particularly affected the Greek island of Syros.

Local meteorological services in Greece did not attach much importance storm warning.

Per night from Thursday to Friday on the island of Syros has dropped about 123, 3 liters of rain per square kilometer. In addition, in the Aegean Sea was raging storm with winds of 10 to 100 km / h

Syros streets covered with water, traffic paralyzed, many homes damaged. And, in spite of this, the media has not received reports of the incident.

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Record warm weather in some parts of southern Russia

Record warm weather in some regions in the south of Russia, said "MK".

For example, in Krasnodar yesterday forecasters recorded + 19 gradusov.V region bloomed dandelions. Local people will not remember that something similar happened on the eve of the New Year.

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To Argentina hit a powerful storm

In the capital of Argentina — Buenos Aires — the strongest storm hit, leaving some areas literally in ruins. Disaster victims are at least two people.

Badly damaged city center: hundreds of homes destroyed, thousands were without electricity. Patchy winds reach speeds of 80 kilometers per hour. In the streets are fallen trees, debris and broken roof car. In the area of Flores blown away refueling, so that it fell on a parked car, and several people were trapped in their cars. At this point in the capital and its surroundings, dozens of rescue crews.

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European Russia are waiting for the snow and ice in Siberia remain cold

In the regions of the European part of Russia on Tuesday and Wednesday is expected sharp weakening of frost, which will be accompanied by heavy snowfall, wet snow and ice, in the south of Siberia and the Far East will remain abnormally cold weather, reports Roshydromet.

"After a long period of abnormally cold weather, which lasted for about ten days in European Russia from December 25 under the influence of the North Atlantic cyclone expected sharp weakening of frost, snow, sometimes strong winds with gusts of up to 15-20 meters per second, ice, wet adhesion snow, snow drifts on the

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In Peru, a landslide killed people

In Peru, 5 people were killed and three were missing in landslide in the department of Cusco in the south-east. It was reported on Sunday at the local department of civil defense.

The flow of mud and stones came down the hillside and swept along the way the two houses on the outskirts of the city of Cusco. The cause of the tragedy became heavy rains continuing in the region the past few days. At the scene being rescue. Rescuers managed to free from the rubble seven people, according to ITAR-TASS.

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With the warming of the monsoon over India will be less

Studies show that the frequency of the summer monsoon in India, which are so important to irrigate the fields and pastures of the country in the next two centuries drastically reduced. Such a change in the system of precipitation will be fatal to the Indian economy, according to researchers from the University of Potsdam in Germany.

Reducing the number of possible monsoon due to the global increase in temperature and change the force of the spring flows in the Pacific Ocean, known as the "Pacific hobo» (Pacific Walker). This usually brings over an area of high atmospheric pressure in

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Snow depth in Minsk beat postwar record

Drifts have reached 35 centimeters. In the postwar period meteorological closest mark was only in 1958, when the snow cover is 33 cm.

In the coming days, forecasters predict a new storm, and by the end of the week waiting for the capital and ice thaw, reports STV.

January 4, Belarus will remain in the area of low pressure at night through the republic will be inactive atmospheric front. Expected clouds. At night, in large parts of the daytime places will be sunny. Night and morning fog in some areas, frost. On the roads in some places sleet. South-west wind

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Northern Rivers can not sleep

In most rivers of the Russian North established freezing. However, the thickness of ice in the main does not exceed 10-15 cm in many areas there are large open water, — experts Archangel meteorologist. Unstable weather, with frequent thaws slowed the growth of ice. On the Northern Dvina complete freezing has not occurred in the upper and Delta continue slush and ice drift. "The establishment of ice formation is delayed relative to the previous year and almost the norm for 15 days", — states hydro. Monitoring Arkhangelsk colleagues coincides with the data of Murmansk weather center. "As of

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