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New York covered the ice storm

Heavy snow began today in the north-eastern United States. Thus, according to weather forecasts, in the next day in New York may fall to 15 inches of rain. Cyclone covered the U.S. East Coast last night, and in the morning in some states began intensive snowfalls. The most tense situation has developed in Philadelphia. Seriously reduce visibility, traffic difficult. However, local media about any major accidents are not reported. In upstate New York closed dozens of schools, authorities alerted the maximum number of snowplows. The authorities of the neighboring state of New Jersey ordered the police to bring the roads

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Customs officers detained in Dubai cargo 100 tusks of elephants killed

Customs officers of the United Arab Emirates, was detained at the port of Jebel Ali in Dubai cargo 100 tusks of African elephants killed by poachers, said on Monday night by the Associated Press, citing local media.

According to them, the poachers tusks hidden in boxes with green beans.

The cost of the seized ivory has made no less than 15 million dirhams (4.1 million dollars). The tusks were imported from an unnamed African country.

African elephants victims of poachers because of ivory, which is used to make luxury items, and is used in oriental medicine. In Kenya alone, poachers

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Under the rubble in Japan have found a unique video tsunami

While parsing the rubble after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan rescuers found digital media with a unique video shooting.

The footage — the first moments of disaster in Tagayo, Miyagi prefecture.

Video source Xsupervids1 via YouTube

Wasps stung to death by a forester

In the Omsk region medics nothing could help the man, who went into the woods and accidentally stumbled on a nest of hornets.

Huge wasp killer avenged destroyer so that after 20 minutes, despite the injections, which doctors had to do, the man died. All the details of the meeting with the deadly insects in Eugene Novikov.

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The cyclone brought down tons of water to Pyatigorsk

In Pyatigorsk cope with the consequences of a powerful cyclone to calculate the damage the weather. Heavy rain hit the city the day before. As a result, in an area of Pyatigorsk flooded basements of several apartment buildings and more than a hundred private holdings.

Thousands of dead birds in South America

In Moscow at the weekend weather expected

In this weekend's weather in the capital region would be volatile. Here broke through the rain clouds dissipated by Saturday, precipitation will be local, short-term. Sunday storm back, sky is the clouds, precipitation will again. Daytime temperatures plus 9.4 degrees.

As told in the "Morning of Russia" leading specialist of the PHOBOS Zavodchenkov Vadim, north-west ETP also breaks cyclone rains here. True, the bad weather will not last long, because Sunday cyclone leaves the region, the weather is going to improve. Daytime temperatures plus 5-10, in the Kaliningrad region to 8-13 degrees.

The inclement weather also waiting people of the

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Hurricane Dagmar in Norway

Norway's strongest hit 30-year storm "Dagmar". Force winds in some places reached 42 meters per second ear. In many villages destroyed homes, toppled trees and overturned cars.

No light are tens of thousands of subscribers. Hardest hit were the coastal areas. The weather in Norway improved, and the hurricane moved to Sweden. Broken car traffic. Blocked major highways.

Channel PIC  

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Chemical Plant LUKoil caught fire in Budennovsk

Major fire broke out in the middle of the day at the "Stavrolen" in Budennovsk, Stavropol Territory. According to preliminary data, injured six people, two of them are very badly burned face. Just change the factory employed about two thousand people.

The fire originated in a warehouse of finished products. Fire area of 1 sq m In place of work all the fire departments.

Toxic smoke has enveloped the area. On the radio, local residents were asked to tightly close the doors and windows in the apartments, unless absolutely necessary, do not go out. According to the city there are

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In Belarus, warming is expected

Belarus has maintained the influence of western periphery of the cold anticyclone centered over the Urals. Until the end of the day Precipitation is expected. On some sections of roads remain icy. Southeast wind moderate. The air temperature in the heat of the day will be -4 .. -9 ° C. In the next day, March 1, weather Belarus will also be determined, mainly, the field of high atmospheric pressure formed in the cold air mass. Expected without precipitation. On some sections of roads icy. Wind northeast, weak. Night temperature -10 .. -17 ° C, sometimes -18 .. -22

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