President of Turkmenistan has decided to transform the country into a blooming garden

Three million seedlings of deciduous, coniferous, fruit trees and vines will be planted in Turkmenistan in 2013 by presidential decree, according to local media on Saturday.

Such a decision "in order to turn Turkmenistan into a blooming garden" was received by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed the relevant decree on Friday at a government meeting.

Document requires the ministries, departments and the mayor of Ashgabat country has planted between cities Anau and Baharly (near the capital) 1.5 million seedlings. Another 1.5 million saplings planted charged khyakimliks (Administration) of provinces (regions) in their territory.

The head of state instructed the Ministry of

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Emaciated cub rescued orphan game wardens in Primorye

Game wardens caught in Pozharsky district of Primorye emaciated from hunger-orphan cub, it was decided to send him to a rehabilitation center wildlife in the Khabarovsk region, said on Monday the regional administration.

"Hunters caught a tiger for 60 kilometers from the village Svetlogorye Pozharsky Municipal District of Primorsky Krai. Animal is in serious condition, his body emaciated," — said in a statement.

Notes that the experts of the Department for the protection, control and regulation of wildlife decided to send the cub in wildlife rehabilitation center "cliff" Khabarovsk Krai temporary overexposure to his recovery.

Tiger cub found in

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Earthquake in Japan — 4.4

TOKYO, November 26. Earthquake of magnitude 4.4 occurred on the west coast of the central Japanese island of Honshu.

As the national meteorological agencies of the country, the epicenter of the earthquake was located in Niigata Prefecture. Because of the small depth of — 10 km, tremors were felt in five prefectures, including the Capital Region.

About the destruction or injuries were reported. Tsunami threat was not announced.

Recall, November 24, an earthquake of magnitude 6.1 occurred in the southern part of the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. The National Meteorological Administration announced the tsunami threat, but a few minutes

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Thousands of Koreans evacuated due to leaking chemicals

In South Korea, a chemical leak at the plant of Kumi in the southeast of the country led to the evacuation of more than three thousand residents and hundreds of residents of nearby villages. Leak was the result of the explosion, which occurred at the plant another 27 September. However, as reported by ITAR-TASS, in two nearby villages, home to about 1200 people, the acrid smell of chemicals in the air is felt to this day. Enterprise territory a zone of alienation.

The government's decision followed after that, as more than 3 thousand residents sought medical treatment after being

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Raging Elk throws for cars

Sarapul interdistrict veterinary laboratory on the basis of studies have established disease — rabies elk. According to witnesses, the animal swam across the Kama River, in the village was Kolesnikova Karakulino district. Out on the coast, it led itself inappropriately, aggressively, throw on cars, resulting in a vast stock removal forelimb wound and died from loss of blood in the ravine, near the time farm of one of the villagers. Experts gosvetsluzhby Karakulino area were taken immediately to the delivery of the pathological material in the veterinary laboratory, as well as to identify the source of infection, Disinfect the

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The settlement does not smell Daisies daisies

New details about the environmental disaster in the village of Daisies. Fetid lake Priozersk district have nothing to waste the local pig dung. This conclusion was made after yesterday prosecutors raid. According to them, do not merge pig farm manure, and the musty water.

True, the complaints of residents and environmentalists say the opposite. Chamomile smell nothing but pig waste that whole tank drained into artificial career. Here are pictures taken by the operator of "Latest" two days ago. Add specialists Environment believe that as soon as the rains begin, the waste that is dumped pig farm,

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Deep river Lena threatens haying Yakutia

Flooding of flood plains and meadows near the village of Vitim and Yakutsk expected because of higher levels of the Lena River in Yakutia, reported EMERCOM republic.

According to the meteorologist, on the Lena River near the village of Vitim continuing rise in water level. In the coming days he will reach 650-670 cm above the level of the post.

"In the Lena River in Yakutsk August 1-2, the water level will reach 500-530 cm above the level of the post. Expected flooding plains and grasslands. EMERCOM Russia in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) recommends villagers Vitim Lensky District and

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Talks between Russia and NATO on missile defense come to a standstill, said Serdyukov

Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that the negotiations on the issue due to the U.S. missile defense stalled. In 2010, in Lisbon, NATO and Russia signed an agreement on cooperation in the common project EvroPRO.Rossiya insists on a full provision of legal security orientation deployed systems against nuclear Russian forces.

NATO side with these conditions do not agree. May 20 at the NATO Summit in Chicago Russia plans to announce the achievement of the initial operational readiness. Serdyukov said that in recent years the two parties can not come to a common agreement and that some members believe

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Mysterious sea birds came to Sevastopol

Massive and unexplained deaths while migratory birds — blackbirds — registered in Sevastopol. Dozens of dead birds lying on Kamyshovskom highway, Cossack Bay and other coastal areas.

As explained by anxious residents ornithologist, an expert on Biodiversity Conservation Society birds Oleksandr Grinchenko, "argued that the blackbirds died from infection or poisoned food, is premature. This migratory birds have arrived and they, most likely, from North Africa, where the epidemic is not registered ". Investigation of the facts involved in the Sevastopol state veterinary hospitals doctors. The first examination showed that the blame for the deaths, most likely, frost. Cyclone

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In Latvia there were dangerous algae

Blue-green algae, found this week in the Gulf of Riga, near Gipki probably brought from Estonia, where the water teplee.Po to the director of the Latvian Institute Hydro Andes Ikauniece, algae found inspector of the State Service of the environment, which samples were taken at the institute . Suspicions were confirmed.

Most likely, the algae did not grow off the coast of Latvia, the expert suggested. It is likely that they could have to place over the coast of Estonia, where the water is warmed up more. Satellite observations show that the Latvian waters no large formations

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